Monday, August 29, 2005

You Are My Flower

Slowdrag... You Are My Flower (.mp3 audio 03:12). We like Koralee Tonack.


Johnny Cash... Thunderball (.mp3 audio 02:50). JC's alternate theme for the 1965 Bond flick.

Jacqueline Devreux

La dechirure Jacqueline Devreux... La déchirure (Huile sur toile). From Works by Jacqueline Devreux. "...La photographie choisie à l'aide d'un programme photo très simple, j'entame une série de recherches, couleur, lumière, matière, espace. La photo déconstruite, de multiples pistes surgissent et me conviennent pour enfin aborder le portrait peint." Part of the exhibit Figuration au Pluriel - 5 artistes figuratifs présentent leurs dernières créations. Works by Dany Danino, Joëlle Delhovren, Jacqueline Devreux, Nathalie Pirotte, and Dominique Van den Bergh at (be)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies

Pernell Elvin Roberts Jr.... Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies (RealAudio 03:18). That's right! Pernell Roberts - Adam Cartwright on Bonanza.

Keep On The Sunny Side

The Whites... Keep On The Sunny Side (.mp3 audio 03:32).

I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow

Emry Arthur... I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (.mp3 audio 03:20). One of the earliest versions, recorded by Kentucky singer Emry Arthur in 1928 (Vocalion Vo 5208).

It Ain't City Music

It Ain't City Music - a film by Tom Davenport (RealVideo 13:49). "...A light-hearted celebration of grass-roots America and its music filmed at the National Country Music Contest at Lake Whippoorwill in Warrenton, Virginia, in 1972. 'Any country song you hear nowadays, the guy's either in jail or just got divorced,' notes a man who continues, 'but it's their lives and they write songs about it.'" From Folkstreams.

Friday, August 26, 2005

The Fate of Dewey Lee

The Carter Family... The Fate of Dewey Lee (RealAudio 02:59). "...On January 31, 1931, Dewey Lee was shot at a party in the Wise County community of Ramsey. Joe Jenkins was eventually convicted for the slaying. Newspaper reports say Lee pulled a gun while arguing with another man, and as Jenkins fought to disarm Lee, the gun went off. Other accounts gathered by folklorist Doug DeNatale mention competition between Jenkins and Lee over a woman, and some local folks thought the party was a trap for Lee. In any case Jenkins' claim of self-defense failed to sway the court, and he was sentenced to five years in prison.

'The Fate of Dewey Lee' was written by the famous Southwest Virginia country music performer and songwriter A. P. Carter. The Carter Family recorded the song in 1935 despite somplaints by the Lee family, and to a small degree it passsed into oral tradition."

From Deathly Lyrics: Songs of Virginia Tragedies.


Sleepwalker Maya Kulenovic... Sleepwalker (2005, oil on canvas). From Maya Kulenovic: Paintings. "...Most of my works bear some reference to war, mortality and fragility of culture. The extreme experiences of war and genocide, as collective madness, evoke an element of chaos and transform our collective consciousness, bringing out both its creative and destructive elements. I think of my paintings as investigations into the unreliable nature of safety, possessions and knowledge - and the search for spirituality of some sort, as a promise of compassion."


Dave by Cheech and Chong (RealAudio 01:28).

Freaklüb Luves You

Freaklüb Luves You. Freaklüb is an artist collective in Barcelona formed by G1 and Empty.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Doorbell

My Doorbell The White Stripes... My Doorbell (RealVideo 04:39). Directed by The Malloys. From XL Recordings.

The Underclass and Its Bosses

Donald Weber... The Underclass and Its Bosses (Ukraine, 2005).

Monday, August 22, 2005

Razvod Braka

Razvod Braka Milić Ljubomir l Paloma... Razvod Braka (.mp3 audio 02:07). From Yu-Mex: Mexican Music in Fifties Yugoslavia. "...a small homage to hundreds of performers who covered themselves with sombreros to become Slavic Mexicans." Brilliant! (via Otomano)

Personal Possession

Desmond Dekker and The Aces... Personal Possession (RealAudio 02:57).

Tulsa Queen

Emmylou Harris and The Hot Band... Tulsa Queen (RealAudio 04:47).

Jon Serl

Jon Serl at The Ames Gallery in Berkeley, CA. "...Jon Serl took up painting after many years as a farmhand, chef, and performer on the vaudeville stage. He always loved an audience, and to the end of his long life (he died at 99) he enjoyed the adulation of the art world and all those friends who came to listen to his fanciful tales."

Red Lips on Jon Serl

Red Lips on Jon Serl - Sam Messer, by Denis Johnson. "...In December of 1990, Sam Messer met Jon Serl. Serl was ninety-six, Messer was thirty-four. Messer had heard that Serl was a great, self-taught painter and he drove to the desert town of Lake Elsinore, California to find him. Messer couldn't follow Serl's directions, but when he saw a large sign which read "HERE" he knew he had arrived."

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Luis Quintanilla: The Drawings of Jail

Luis Quintanilla: The Drawings of Jail Luis Quintanilla: The Drawings of Jail. "...On the night of October 5, 1934, Quintanilla was arrested in his studio for being a member of the Revolutionary Committee which intended to oust the Spanish government. He was taken to Madrid's Model Jail (Carcel Modelo) where along with a sizeable group of politicians, intellectuals, and workers he was locked up to await trial. Though more sympathetically than actively involved, he had indeed hosted a large group of revolutionaries who were awaiting the moment when they would go out onto the streets to oust the central government: though when the police arrived he vigorously protested that they had gathered in his studio merely to look at art. The 27 illustrations which appear on this website were reproduced from La Carcel Por Dentro, the book of jail drawings which was published shortly after Quintanilla was released from jail in 1935. 50 of the drawings appeared in the book and the originals were drawn with a pencil on 26 x 37 cm. sheets of paper." From The Art and World of Luis Quintanilla.

Never Been To Spain

Elvis Presley... Never Been To Spain (RealAudio 03:28). From the album Elvis As Recorded Live at Madison Square Garden (RCA LSP 4776, June 1972).

There's Nothing On The Radio

Graham Parker, There's Nothing On The Radio Graham Parker... There's Nothing On The Radio (.mp3 audio 03:30). Killer! Get's our vote for best song of 2005 so far. From the album Songs of No Consequence on Bloodshot Records. Man! I was listening to Graham Parker and The Rumour in High School. Squeezing Out Sparks is a classic.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jim Sumkay

Jim Sumkay - No Comment. Works by Belgian photographer Jim Sumkay. (fr)

Mystery Train

Bluemoon and Billy Morokawa... Mystery Train (RealAudio 02:18). Recorded live on Tokyo FM on Bluemoon's 'Always Elvis' program. Bluemoon is a pure Presley fanatic and Billy Morokawa is a Japanese Rockabilly legend. Elvis Presley's version of Mystery Train b/w I Forgot To Remember To Forget (Sun 223) turns 50 on the 20th. It was released on August 20, 1955.

Let Me Tell You About Love

Carl Perkins... Let Me Tell You About Love (RealAudio 03:06). A smokin' demo. One more from Moraine Music Group.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Why Not Me?

The Judds... Why Not Me? (RealAudio 03:27) plus the Demo for Why Not Me (RealAudio 03:17) which is MUCH better! From Moraine Music Group.

If You Knew

Neko Case... If You Knew (.mp3 audio 02:30)

Uros Djuric

Autoportret s Fender telekasterom iz '62 Uros Djuric... Autoportret s Fender telekasterom iz '62 (Self-portrait with Fender Telecaster '62, 1991, oil on cardboard). From Uros Djuric - Radovi, paintings by Uros Djuric, 1989-1998. Great!

Les Oiseaux de Sens

Les Oiseaux de Sens Emmanuel Berry... Les Oiseaux de Sens. "...Emmanuel Berry remarque un équilibre qu'il veut pour lui et les autres. Il engage là sa mélancolie qui n'est plus qu'atterrie, ses numéros, c'est-à-dire son intelligence. Il ne croit pas aux étoiles,il est déçu déjà de ce jeu de plume auquel je veux bien me prêter. Noms d'oiseaux, pas de noms d'oiseaux, pas de comptes. La tristesse seulement de ne pas voler sans le prétexte des démons. From Works by Emmanuel Berry at Image Ouverte. (fr)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance To The Radio

M.O.T.O.... Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance To The Radio (.mp3 audio 02:17). Fuzzy!

Joseph Szabo

Joseph Szabo at Gitterman Gallery. "...As a high school teacher on Long Island, New York for more than two decades, Joseph Szabo used photography as a tool to reach out to and connect with his students, giving him access to the world of teenagers adults rarely see. Szabo's images depict the importance of peer acceptance, the significance of the right pair of jeans, cars, cigarettes, friendships and first love. These photographs are a poignant reminder of what being a teenager is all about, a time we can all relate to; the fears, joys and insecurities of being 'almost grown-up.' These photographs also capture and preserve a particular time in American Culture, the fashion style and the mood of the 70's and early 80's."

Jack Kevorkian's Van

Dick The Bruiser Band... Jack Kevorkian's Van (.mp3 audio 03:05). Great parody of Grand Funk Railroad's 'We're An Ameican Band' by Dick The Bruiser Band, featuring the vocal stylings of Richard T. Bruiser. '...It's comin' to your town to bring your heart-rate down." From Dick The Bruiser Band at Motor City Rock - Preserving Detroit's Local Music Scene, 1980-1990. Big thanks to Ron at Radio Rumpus Room.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Smoke Your Own Fish

Smoke Your Own Fish. "...1952 Alice in Dairyland Beverly Ann Steffen and 1953 Alice in Dairyland Mary Ellen Jenks standing in front of a 'Smoke Your Own Fish' stand at the 1953 Wisconsin State Fair. The stand was sponsored by the State Conservation Commission of Wisconsin to promote the eating of carp." From The Wisconsin State Fair at the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Karel Cudlín

Karel Cudlín - Photographer.

Monster From The Surf

Monsters From The Surf... Monster From The Surf (.mp3 audio 04:12). From Monsters From The Surf - Garage Surfabilly from Washington DC.

Bunmeido Kasutera CM

Bunmeido Kasutera CM from 1961 (.wmv video 00:15). "...Kasutera ichiban, denwa wa niban, sanji no oyatsu wa Bunmeido." From Enjoy CM! August 28 is Television CM Day in Japan. (jp)

Molly and Tenbrooks

Bill Monroe Bluegrass Boys... Molly and Tenbrooks (RealAudio 02:43, 1947, Columbia 20612 CCO4887).

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Czech Photography of the 20th Century

Czech Photography of the 20th Century
Czech Photography of the 20th Century. "...With more than 1,200 exhibits from many collections, foreign as well as from this country, Czech Photography of the 20th Century is the largest comprehensive exhibition project here to date, presenting the main trends, personalities, and works of Czech photography of the last century. It follows on from a number of previous exhibitions featuring various periods of Czech and Czechoslovak photography compiled by Rudolf Skopec, Anna Fárová, Petr Tausk, Antonín Dufek, Jaroslav Anděl, Pavel Scheufler, Daniela Mrázková, Vladimír Remeš, Josef Moucha, Lucia Lendelová, Tomáš Pospěch, Helena Musilová, and other historians and curators of photography.
The exhibition originated as a special project under the auspices of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and is being held in collaboration with the City Gallery Prague."


The Champs... Tequíla (.wma audio 02:12). Yes! Happy to find this seeing as Pee Wee's Big Adventure was on the other night.

Most Likely To Succeed

Lisa Krivacka... Most Likely To Succeed (2005, Oil on Wood). From Portraiture: Patron + Artist + Subject at Ferrin Gallery.

Zdzislaw Beksinski

Untitled Zdzislaw Beksinski... Untitled (1965, ball-point pen). From Drawing by Zdzislaw Beksinski at Dmochowski Gallery. "...I found out about my real likes at the age of 35. Suddenly, when drawing one of a serial pictures, I made a discovery, it dawned on me, I saw the light like St. Paul. I felt as if had got clubbed. For at least two weeks I was sort of knocked out, obsessed with only one thought: 'So this is WHAT it's all about.' Of course, later I got used to it and everything was back to normal. But WHERE DID IT COME FROM? Where did I get infected? I had thought before that I tended to be a sadist and even dreamed of raping somebody, but I knew I would never do it as I hold violence in contempt, I am a man of manners and such 'low things' are not allowed."

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ponderosa Ranch - 1970

Mocking Bird Hill

Les Paul & Mary Ford... Mocking Bird Hill (.wma audio 02:17). State of the art in 1951. Very cool! Also... a nice turn, complete with dreamy steel guitar and yodels, by Slim Whitman (.wma audio 03:16).

Jaroslav Rössler

Jaroslav Rossler: Abstract Photography, 1923-1978
Jaroslav Rössler: Abstract Photography, 1923-1978. "...First Czech avant-garde photographer, member of the Devětsil club. Studied at the firm Drtikol and co. (1917–1920), where he also met his wife, Gertruda Fischerová (1894–1976). The couple lived in Paris from December 1927 until the summer of 1935; they later worked in Prague. Creator of the oldest Czech photograms. His artistic legacy is an abstract vision developed during a career of more than a half-century." From Art Gallery - Svetlana & Lubos Jelinek in Chrudim, The Czech Republic.

The General Lee

The General Lee... The General Lee (.mp3 audio 02:50). Song about the General Lee sung by the General Lee. "...I'm thunder on the highway, lookin' bad, bad, bad." From The Dukes of Hazzard Album. Also... loads of Versions of Ghost Riders On The Sky including inspired renditions by Walter Brennan (.mp3 audio 02:51), Loren Green (.mp3 audio 02:25), and Burl Ives (.mp3 audio 03:21).

Monday, August 01, 2005

Koko Joe - requested by Elvis

The Righteous Brothers... Koko Joe (.wmv video 02:34). Done live on "Shindig" as per Elvis' request. "...apparently Elvis would watch 'Shindig' and apparently he liked what we did and he loved that real hard rock and roll that we would do. So every week on 'Shindig' the producer would say, 'You know, I just got a call from Elvis or Elvis' people and Elvis wants you to do 'Koko Joe' again' or this and that. So we would have to do all these hard rock and roll songs 'cause Elvis wanted and they wanted to do anything in the world to make Elvis happy, hoping that he would do the show." From Elvis World Japan.

Calavera Clerical

Calavera Clerical Jose Guadalupe Posada... Calavera Clerical (woodblock, from Monografia; las Obras de Jose Guadalupe Posada. n.c. : n.p., 1930. Page 179.) From The Fantastic in Art & Fiction at Cornell University. "...Cornell's library holdings in several areas provide a deep well from which to draw for a project such as this one. The incomparable Witchcraft collection, the History of Science collection, a recent grouping of Russian Fables and Fairy Tales now on deposit in Kroch library and the serendipitous discoveries that seem so readily to occur once the search gets under way, have resulted in a data-base of nearly 300 images, distributed among several general rubriques or thematic clusters, with search and cross-referencing capabilities."