Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mustang Sally Bought A GTO

John Lee Hooker... Mustang Sally Bought A GTO (RealAudio 02:23). Also... All Rise for the Judge (.wmv video 01:05) - a commercial for the 1969 Pontiac GTO 'The Judge' featuring Paul Revere and the Raiders. From the Pontiac Power Page.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Snowball in Hell

A Snowball in Hell A Snowball in Hell - Art Inspired by the music of They Might Be Giants at Garde Rail Gallery; Guest Curator: Kevin Titzer. "...I have been a fan of They Might Be Giants ever since I was first introduced to their music in high school. I immediately enjoyed the bands music, but it was the open ended narratives in their lyrics that truly hooked me. The songs were chocked full with a huge cast of bizarre characters and their misadventures. To me, the shy kid sitting in the back of class doodling, they were a godsend. Listening to those tunes informed my own sense of storytelling and was a big influence on my work very early on. From gig posters, to album covers, to their videos, the band has always had a wonderful visual style. They would utilize underground artists that I would not have been exposed to any other way. In a sense, this show is a bit of a thank you letter to the band."

Stephan Vanfleteren

Stephan Vanfleteren... Poverty in Belgium. "...In First World countries, the new forms of poverty are caused less by material need than by an absence of human contact, by loneliness and isolation. Those who are most at risk are people who are unable to adapt to the constraints of an ever more rationalized working world." From Stephan Vanfleteren Photography.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hana Purkrábková

A Small Society Hana Purkrábková... Malá společnost (A Small Society). Sculpture by Hana Purkrábková. "...She is a unique person in the field of Czech figurative sculpture. Her typical material is raw fire-clay with patina or fine colour tones, as well as in bronz sculptures. She concentrates on the physiognomy expression of her ceramic and bronze objects, which she manages with her masterful technique."

Miss Naomi's Erotic Art

Miss Naomi's Erotic Art. "...At the age of 70, Naomi Wilzig (aka 'Miss Naomi') owns the largest collection of erotic art in the United States. She began her collection in 1991, after her son asked her to find him a piece of erotic art. Miss Naomi's collection has since grown to be the second largest in the world, with over 4000 pieces crammed mainly into her home."


Minimiam - photographie Akiko Ida et Pierre Javelle. (fr)

Wayfaring Stranger

Jack White... Wayfaring Stranger (.mp3 audio 04:25).

Monday, September 26, 2005

Yoga Is As Yoga Does

Elvis Presley... Yoga Is As Yoga Does (RealAudio 02:09).

What Am I Supposed To Do

Ann-Margret... What Am I Supposed To Do (RealAudio 02:50). Penned by Anita Carter.

Sue Coe at Galerie St. Etienne

Sue Coe... Untitled (The Last Drowning Sheep) (2002, Graphite, gouache and watercolor on white Strathmore Bristol board, mounted on heavy off-white textured paper, Page 7 from Ghost Sheep. Reproduced in Blab! No. 13, Autumn 2002, p. 61). From the exhibit Sue Coe: Sheep of Fools, September 20, 2005 - November 5, 2005 at Galerie St. Etienne in New York, NY. "...Sheep of Fools (a pun on Sebastian Brant's fifteenth-century catalogue of human vices, Ship of Fools) is Coe's third cohesive body of work devoted to animal subject matter. Her first and to date most extensive such series was Porkopolis, encompassing a ten-year investigation of factory farms and slaughterhouses. Beginning with pigs but eventually expanding to include cows, goats, sheep and poultry, this series was published in 1996 under the title Dead Meat. Coe's adoption of an abandoned pit bull helped inspire her next book, Pit's Letter (2000), a novella about vivisection that traced various connections between human and animal abuse. Sheep of Fools is a direct outgrowth of Coe's two preceding series."

Sunday, September 25, 2005

An Air of Abstraction: Aerial photographs of the WWI Battlefields in France

An Air of Abstraction An Air of Abstraction: Aerial photographs of the WWI Battlefields in France. "...Here we present a set of Battlefield Photographs ordered and used by the French Army during WWI. The photos are vintage aerial photographs of the French battlefield in the Verdun region form 1916 until 1917. The photographers are unknown." New at AnamorFose Photo Gallery.

Monk and Coltrane

Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane... Evidence (.wma audio 04:41). Live at Carnegie Hall, November 29, 1957.

The House of Gaijin-San

Yutaka Otsuka... The House of Gaijin-San. "...Visiting guesthouses around Tokyo, I've taken photos of rooms and residents there. I put together what they talked and pictures, and made a book on each guesthouse. There are ten books so far and each of them is composed of approximately forty pages including pictures and text."

Beijing 2004

Mick Feuerbacher... Beijing 2004. "...The series 'Beijing 2004' is a collection of street photos and portraits taken during a trip to China in May 2004. All images were taken with Leica M6 and M4p cameras with and 35mm and 21mm lenses." From Mick Feuerbacher Photography.


BOOK. "...For thirty-six weeks covering a total of 60,000 miles, a sketchbook was sent between the four artists of OAR, a collective comprising Mac Premo and Duke Riley of Brooklyn, New York, and Oliver Jeffers and Rory Jeffers of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The result is book, an intimate look at transatlantic friendship and an examination of the gap between intention and interpretation. book will be on view from September 9 through October 9 at 15 Nassau Street in Downtown Manhattan. The exhibition is co-presented by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council as part of the program, What Comes After: Cities, Art and Recovery."

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes

Skeets McDonald... Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes (1952, Capitol F2216, RealAudio 02:40). Also... a version by Perry Como (RealAudio 02:39) and Ray Price (RealAudio 02:43).

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Last Days of the Race Track

Tamás Dezso... The Last Days of the Race Track at the Mai Manó Gallery of the Hungarian House of Photography. "...When it was opened in 1933, the Race Track in Kerepesi Street was the most modern and beautiful racecourse in Europe. A french investor will build a 3-story shopping center of 30.000 square meters in its place. During its 71 years, the Race Track saw several booms and went through many difficulties. Its fate was sealed in 1989, when the sudden spread of other types of gambling led to a decrease in visitors, and horce racing could not keep abreast of the times. Hungary is the only country when horce racing is not profitable." More at Tamás Dezso Photographer.

Carola Vogt and Peter Boerboom: Landscapes

Carola Vogt and Peter Boerboom: Landscapes at Galerie Priska Pasquer. "...Um Marken der Zivilisation, die sich in die Natur >vorschieben<, geht es in den Fotografien von Carola Vogt und Peter Boerboom. Sie schildern Orte, an denen die >schöne Landschaft< mit anonymen, oft unerklärlichen architektonischen Versatzstücken verwoben ist. Mit ihrer Arbeit bewegen sich Vogt und Boerboom in einem Zwischenraum, der die Landschaft weder romantisch verklärt erscheinen lässt, noch verfolgen sie einen üblichen kulturkritischen Ansatz." (de)

Kasia Krynska Kalua

Works by Kasia Krynska Kalua. Photography and more by Kasia Krynska Kalua of Warsaw, Poland.

Feathers and Cash

Word has it Charlie Feathers' Defrost Your Heart (1956, Sun 231) will be featured in Walk The Line, the Johnny Cash bio-pic covering Cash's career from his start at Sun Records in the 50's to his marriage to June Carter in the late 60's. We're wondering if the film will show... JC breaking all the footlights on-stage at the Grand Ole Opry. JC burning down a good portion of the Los Padres National Forest in California. JC sharing a Nashville apartment with Waylon Jennings (a recipe for trouble). JC going into a cave to die. JC hanging out with Pop and Maybelle Carter. Etc.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The Mulchmen... Chiwawah (RealAudio 02:45)

Green Bay Packers' Glory Years

The Green Bay Packers' Glory Years The Pack can't even beat the Browns this year so best be going to The Green Bay Packers' Glory Years, now online at the Wisconsin Historical Society. "...Every page of every yearbook produced during the Packers' glory years under Vince Lombardi is included, beginning with the very first, 1960, and continuing through Lombardi's departure in 1967. These contain hundreds of now-historic photographs of Packers giants such as Jim Taylor, Paul Hornung, Jerry Kramer and Bart Starr. A special 68-page Packers publication, The Lombardi Era of the Green Bay Packers (1959-1967), contains pictures and rosters of all the teams, as well as tributes to Lombardi by sports writers and photographs of him on and off the field. Schedules and rosters from the 1964, 1965 and 1966 teams (three straight league championship years) are included, as well as a 1963 letter from Lombardi to season ticket holders and the 1967 official Packers press kit prepared for the media, with all the vital statistics of the team."

The Hasegawa General Store

Petty Booka... The Hasegawa General Store (.mp3 audio 02:49)

The Jerms Story

The Jerms Story, by Jake (aka Tom) Jacoby. "...It was 1963 in Topeka Kansas. Four guys who went to Highland Park High decided to put a band together. Galen Senogles (guitar), Larry Burton (guitar), Mike Doyle (drums) and myself on bass. We played parties and some bar gigs and started to make some money. Galen had an uncle who was a commercial artist for a major magazine. He put together some art work and the little guy who was the 'Jerm' was born. He also did some caricatures of us later on. He was very instrumental in the continuity of ads and posters." From Kansas Musical Artists.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Green Door

The Jerms... Green Door (RealAudio 02:57) and The Peter Pan Players... Chip The Chimpanzee (RealAudio 02:04). From the album Andy & Pat's Groovy Cosmic Love Hour Record Collection - Funky 45's at Big Beef.

Tsumetai Hana

The Brilliant Green... Tsumetai Hana (.mp3 audio 04:40)

Norbert Briar

Norbert Briar... Indoors #11: Sue Ann and Hillary With Still Life (2004-2005, color prints). From Norbert Briar: The Indoors Series at Aeroplastics Contemporary. "...In the Indoors series, two or more young ladies are depicted in relation to each other and, likewise, the elements of their surroundings. They are portrayed hanging out, passing the time, applying make-up to themselves and each other, sipping bottled water, stacking or unstacking art publications, inflating balloons, watching videos, and generally assuming leisurely or indolent postures within a simple, contemporary, residential setting."

The BLAB! Show

The BLAB! Show - presented by CoproNason Gallery, opening on September 24, 2005 at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.

Les dégonflés

More power to Les dégonflés - The deflated ones. (fr)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mój Nikifor

My Nikifor Mój Nikifor - nowy film Krzysztofa Krauze. Bio-pic for one of Poland's greatest outsider artists. (pl) See also this Review of My Nikifor at Polish Culture. "...Who was Nikifor? First and foremost he was a fascinating figure of 20th century European art, an illiterate street painter who gained fame of the magnitude enjoyed by the most outstanding of Poland's contemporaneous artists. He produced art in the most adverse conditions, as he lived most his life in acute poverty, homeless, solitary, misunderstood. In spite of adversity, he decided to become a painter and attained this goal. Throughout his life, Nikifor remained a son of Krynica, where he lived and created. He was a colorful figure, setting up his 'portable studio' everyday at various places throughout the resort. He was a familiar sight to all the resort's residents and most visitors. Nevertheless, Nikifor remains a mysterious figure to this day, his life and work a source of many legends."

Works by Bertus Jonkers

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Tony Borlotti e i suoi Flauers... Superdonna (.mp3 audio 02:57).

Freeman and Amano

Works by Yoshitaka Amano Jonah Freeman... Making The Nature Scene. And... Works by Yoshitaka Amano at Galerie Edward Mitterrand. "...Revered in Japan for his participation in the worlds of manga, anime and video games, Yoshitaka Amano worked as a creator of such favorites as 'Speed Racer,' 'G-Force' and later 'Final Fantasy.' He is considered to have inspired a whole generation of contemporary artists such as Mariko Mori, Takasha Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara."

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Johnny Tillotson sings in Japanese!

Johnny Tillotson had a huge hit with Poetry In Motion (RealAudio 02:31). We prefer his Japanese hits Bara ga Saita (RealAudio 02:28) and You and Me (RealAudio 02:35). Crazy!

The Art of the Archive: Photographs from the Los Angeles Police Department

The Art of the Archive: Photographs from the Los Angeles Police Department The Art of the Archive: Photographs from the Los Angeles Police Department at Kunsthaus Zürich. " a city as aware of pictures and imagery as Los Angeles, the photographers working for the Police Department had a more heightened awareness of their own professional and aesthetic standards than their counterparts elsewhere." Also... Photographs by Miroslav Tichý. "...the extraordinary photographs of the Czech artist Miroslav Tichý (*1926). Having chosen to live away from cultural and social centres, between 1960 and 1990 Tichý – exclusively using home-made cameras – created a highly original photographic œuvre of astonishing formal quality. His subject matter: the appeal of the female form."


Remigijus Treigys... Daiktai (Sofa, 1994, tonuotas sidabro bromidinis atspaudas ant popieriaus). From Photographs by Remigijus Treigys at Arteria. (lt)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Paintings by Charles Munch

Paintings by Charles Munch Paintings by Charles Munch at Tory Folliard Gallery in Milwaukee, WI. "...The paintings by Charles Munch are deceptive in their simplicity. Each color and line has been carefully orchestrated, creating a complex drama. The artist removes all the superfluous detail, allowing the color and line to convey emotion. His paintings explore the question of how humans fit into the natural world. The artist has enjoyed over eighteen museum exhibitions and his works are in the Milwaukee Art Museum's permanent collection."

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Priming The Well

The Porch Ghouls... Priming The Well (.mp3 audio 02:19). From Orange Recordings.

Charlie Feathers: The King of Rockabilly

Charlie Feathers: The King of Rockabilly. Yes! Wanda Feathers' new site in honor of her father.

Premonitions Following an Evil Deed

Premonitions Following an Evil Deed Premonitions Following an Evil Deed - a film by David Lynch, 1995 (.wmv video 00:52). "...Three cops arrive at the body of a young boy in a field. A worried-looking woman is in a living room. Three women are in a garden. Three grotesque figures, one carrying a steaming frying-pan, are beside a naked woman submerged in water in a glass tank, and one of the hideous creatures is tapping the glass with a stick. Then flames of fire fade back to the woman in the living room, and one of the cops arriving and entering the room. Finish." From Chaotic Cinema - Surreal & Cult Films.