Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ann Texter Photography

Holga Photos (78 images). From Ann Texter Photography. b/w holga photographs, polaroid image transfers, toy camera photographs, and more by Ann Texter of Georgetown, Texas.

It's GO! Time

It's GO! Time The Nebulas... It's GO! Time (.mp3 audio 02:27). From The Nebulas - Instrumental Surf Music.

Friday, October 28, 2005

New Heiwa Pachinko CM

In the past we linked to the Heiwa Zebra and Lion .wmv video | Real Video. Here is their latest... The Heiwa Warlord Merry-Go-Round .wmv video | Real Video.

Drive 'Elvis'

Drive 'Elvis' (QuickTime) - a fun CM for laundry detergent by Armando Bo at Therapy Films.

Graffiti Brasil

Graffiti Brasil. By Tristan Manco, Caleb Neelon, and our friends at Lost Art. "...From the startlingly distinctive achievements of the internationally renowned twin-brother painters Os Gemeos to the visual powers of the ubiquitous daredevil Pichadores, Brazil's graffiti captivates with entirely fresh ideas, techniques, and messages. Whether one's taste is for the extraordinary creative extremes generated amid urban deprivation or for crafted murals at their most elaborate, Graffiti Brasil offers both stunning photography and in-depth history and insight."

Tube Poker

Tube Poker - a short film by Simon Levene. "...This is Poker with a difference - cards are replaced by people. Whether male or female, young or old, everyone is worth a certain value. The game can be played by two opposing players on any train with five seats in a row."

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bombora Stomp

The Bomboras... Bombora Stomp (.mp3 audio 02:14). From the album It Came From Pier 13!

Haulin' Hearse

For Halloween... Video for 'Haulin' Hearse' (.wmv video | QuickTime) starring The Ghastly Ones and Necrobella (Kate Bailey), The Ghastly Ones' go go ghoul.

Rudo Prekop and Vasil Stanko

Pocty no. 6 Vasil Stanko... Pocty no. 6. From Vasil Stanko's series Pocty osobnostem a jiným událostem (1989) at Black&White - photography by Rudo Prekop and Vasil Stanko. (cz)

Neil Faber

Neil Faber at Richard Heller Gallery. "...Taking a simple but expressive line drawing style that is reminiscent of children's book illustrations, Neil Farber's work blurs the boundary betwen childhood fear and grown-up fantasy. The artist has created a world populated by an odd cast of characters that includes waif-like children, cats, dogs, and ghosts, combining innocence with a complicated and often foreboding sense of the absurd. Indeed, it is out of these contradictions that the work's dark humor is born."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Richard Greaves

Mario Del Curto... Richard Greaves. "...After studying theology and hotel administration, Richard Greaves (1952) worked as a chef and graphic designer in the Montreal region. In 1982, he decided to change his life and moved to a small village in the Beauce region of Quebec. On the land and in the forest nearby his house, he created many assemblages with recuperated materials. About the objects he assembles, he has written, 'I very much liked and observed old objects, used objects, objects worn down by the force of time and human history. I am a being that has served, been transformed, an object that wants to be understood and enlightened, and that likes to be used.'" Also... Chez Richard Greaves. A photo album at animula vagula - rives et dérives de l'art brut. (fr)

She's An Adultress

The Sprague Brothers... She's An Adultress (.mp3 audio 02:08)

RIP: Reggie 'The Crusher' Lisowski

RIP: Reggie 'The Crusher' Lisowski RIP: Reggie 'The Crusher' Lisowski. "...'I think the working people identify with me, because years ago I worked when I wrestled, too,' he said in 1985. 'I worked in a packing house. I worked at Ladish, Drop Forge, Cudahy Packing House. I was a bricklayer. But finally, I got away from punching the clock.'" Also... The Crusher by Tne Novas (.mp3 audio 02:02). Thank you, Ron and Jean at Radio Rumpus Room.

Monday, October 24, 2005

New Reason To Cry

The Sprague Brothers... New Reason To Cry (.mp3 audio 02:49). Brilliant!

Another Time, Another Place

The Penetrators... Another Time, Another Place (.mp3 audio 03:14). From The Penetrators.

The Francesca Woodman Gallery

The Francesca Woodman Gallery The Francesca Woodman Gallery. A selection of photographs taken in Italy and the United States.

Inside John Peel's record box

Times Online... Inside John Peel's record box - which contained 5 Charlie Feathers singles. "...John Peel's record collection threatened to overtake his Suffolk home. But in a small, battered wooden box, the much-loved DJ kept a precious selection of 7-inch singles that meant more to him than any of the others. Here is an exclusive insight into the full list of 142 singles." Thank you, DMc.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pictures of Failure: Incarcerated Youth

Steve Davis... Pictures of Failure: Incarcerated Youth. "...To date, the majority of my photographs have been of incarcerated teenagers. They live in institutions officially referred to as 'schools.' In fact, they are jails for juniors - full of secrets and hidden from the public's eye. I am continually struck by the simultaneous vacuity of these institutions and the intensity and passion found in the faces of its young residents. It is these faces that I ask to do the talking. There is more to read from the eyes than from the architecture. There are exceptions. The Green Hill School's Intensive Management Unit, for example, demanded my attention as the most inhumane living environment I ever witnessed." From Steve Davis Photography.

Gordon War

Bienvenue sur le site de Gordon War. (fr)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Boom Boom

The Spiders... Boom Boom (.mp3 audio 02:58). Crazed Japanese GS cover of the John Lee Hooker classic. From the January 21, 1995 Broadcast of The Hound on WFMU.

Marcel Dzama

Marcel Dzama... Training Film (2005, Ink and watercolor on paper). From the exhibit Marcel Dzama: The Course of Human History Personified at David Zwirner Gallery.

Hawaii 5-0

Sammy Davis Jr.... Hawaii 5-0 (.mp3 audio 02:08).

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Who is TANXXX?

Who is TANXXX? (fr)

RIP: Sonny Fisher

RIP: Sonny Fisher. He passed away on the 8th. "...Sonny 'Rockin' Daddy' Fisher, like Johnny Carroll, deserved the tag of 'Wild Man From Texas' ; he was the first true Rockabilly Artist to ever be signed to Starday Records in 1955. He became a legend in Europe and when he invaded the Continent in the early '80s, he proved that he could still tear it up! Here's the complete story." Also... Sonny Fisher's Discography at Rockin' Country Style.

Astral Man

The Gore Gore Girls... Astral Man (.mp3 audio 02:55). From the 2002 album Up All Night (Get Hip Recordings) by The Gore Gore Girls.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


The Boss Martians... A-Bone (.mp3 audio 02:24). From the album Takin' Out The Trash: A Tribute To The Trashmen on Double Crown Records.

Taku Aramasa: Sakura

Taku Aramasa: Sakura Taku Aramasa: Sakura at Stephen Wirtz Gallery. "...Presented in Sakura are black and white pinhole photographs of the glorious displays of blooming cherry trees at the time of Sakura Matsuri, the annual cherry blossom festival in Japan. Aramasa employs the pinhole process for this series, a primitive photographic technique that functions like a miniature camera obscura, where light passes through tiny opening in a lensless camera and registers the image directly on film. The considered choice of this basic photographic method with its inherent immediacy reflects Aramasa's desire to directly mirror his experience of this spectacular event in nature. The images are soft rather than sharp, due to the lack of a focusing lens and the long exposures required, and this resulting 'blurriness' and distortion lends an effect of delirious motion to the imagery as the ephemeral blossoms fall from the trees and dust the landscape."

Sixies Japanese Garage-Psych Sampler

Sixies Japanese Garage-Psych Sampler. Fantastic! RecordBrother comes through with a brilliant collection of mid and late '60s Japanese Garage-Psych. Track no. 6, 'Why Baby Why' by The Beavers, is classic! "...Japan's love affair with American pop culture [now surpassed by Americas love affair with Japan's pop culture] was in full bloom when these singles were made (1966-69) and all rock the garage baby, played a couple of these at the bar the other night and two somewhat reserved looking Asian cuties started to rock out doing the head bop and swing, smiling and shoulder swayin'."

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hula Blues

Jim & Bob, The Genial Hawaiians... Hula Blues (.mp3 audio 02:37). From Classic Hawaiian Music.

Gary Komarin

Gary Komarin: French Wigs and Stacked Cakes at Dean Jensen Gallery. "...Over and over, Komarin produces works with such recurring subjects as French wigs, stacked cakes and palm trees. But his paintings and drawings really aren't any more about these things than Giorgio Morandi's still lifes are about clay bottles. Komarin's paintings are about painting. As quirky as their subjects might be, they seem to have been almost arbitrarily chosen.

Charles Van Schaick

Charles Van Schaick... Baby in Coffin (Appears in the book, Wisconsin Death Trip, by Michael Lesy). From a search of Photographs by Charles Van Schaick at the Wisconsin Historical Society. Charles Van Schaick was a studio photographer who worked in Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Doo Rags de Olaf Ladousse

Doo Rags de Olaf Ladousse Doo Rags de Olaf Ladousse. A photoset on Flickr created by Papel Continuo.

Gimme Danger

The Stooges... Gimme Danger (RealAudio 03:24). 1973, from the album Raw Power.

TV Spots from Ashtray Mouth

TV Spots from Ashtray Mouth - Kissing a smoker is just as bad.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Leave Jike Mary Alone

Sam 'Lightnin' Hopkins... Leave Jike Mary Alone (RealAudio 06:06).


MAKINA (Vera Makina Császár). "...Makina pretends sometimes as if she was just scrawling but if you give her the big chance, that is you look at her pictures with the proper interest and attention, it turns out quickly that in fact she is a satirical artist with an extraordinary sense of humour whom I am not willing to compare with anybody."

George Widener

Month of Sundays George Widener... Month of Sundays (Ink on stained napkins). "...30 years of Sundays in the 23rd century. George remembers his grandma saying about people who move slowly, 'it takes a month of Sundays.'" From Works by George Widener. Also... More about George Widener at the Savant Syndrome Pages of the Wisconsin Medical Society. "...George was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1962. He showed clear signs of autism as well as giftedness as a child. However a combination of growing up in a poor, multi-racial Appalachian family and the public lack of understanding of autism (in this case high-functioning autism known as Asperger's Disorder) in the 1960's allowed him to remain undiagnosed until he was into adulthood. As a result, George spent years living hand to mouth, often working 'day labor' jobs and staying in homeless shelters. He also spent his time in libraries reading and making his drawings. George has thousands of specific historical trivia and facts in his memory, often strange and even tragic details which he finds obsessively fascinating."

Glamorous Piles & Puffy Saddlebags

Gregory Jacobsen... Glamorous Piles & Puffy Saddlebags at Zg Gallery in Chicago. "...I try to start painting nice people, with regular features. Then I look at it and it doesn't have the emotional impact I want, so I have to go in and scratch out their nose, and mess their face up a bit. I don't know; it might be a sort of expressionism - it conveys this intense emotion, like maybe the peak of climax or the moment before death. There's also this patheticness, and for me, sex ties in with being very pathetic. I mean, sex is really silly; it's just thump-thump-thump. But I would love to paint beautiful people and still maintain that tension, like Balthus." More Works by Gregory Jacobsen at his own site.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Roving' Eyes

Roving' Eyes Bill Haley and his Aces of Western Swing... Roving' Eyes (1948, RealAudio 02:03). Pre-rock'n'roll Bill! From the Country Swing Special at The 20-2-40-Style-Syndicate. Absolutely great! Fashion, dance, music, movies and more in 20's, 30's and 40's Germany. I'm diggin' Nat Gonella and his Georgians... The Skeleton in the Closet. "...British Nat Gonella, idol of the swing-youth, enjoyed his great success because of his funny way and tomfoolery. The Nazis mistook him for a black because of his voice and forbid his band accordingly as a 'nigger-jazz-band.'"

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Love Comes In Spurts

Richard Hell & the Voidoids... Love Comes In Spurts (.mp3 audio 02:03). 1977, from the album Blank Generation.

Jennifer Harrison

Works by Jennifer Harrison Works by Jennifer Harrison. "...Jennifer Harrison was born in Hamilton, Ontario. Harrison paints scenes of old houses crowded together on the streets of Toronto. Her fascination with houses can be traced back to her childhood when Harrison discovered that she cared more about dollhouses than dolls. She also loved to construct buildings with LEGO and other toys. In 1992 Harrison was accepted to the Ontario College of Art and Design to study in the Department of Communication and Design. Disenchanted, she left after one year. Harrison’s houses emerge from geometric shapes defined with planes of color and thickly textured surfaces. For Harrison, houses are symbols of status, wealth, and history. She comments that she is intrigued with buildings because they 'serve as containers for events and personalities.'" At Berenberg Gallery in Boston, MA.

Susie Q

John Lee Hooker & Johnny Winter... Susie Q (.mp3 audio 04:27).

Louisiana Zydeco

Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown... Louisiana Zydeco (.mp3 audio 03:21). RIP

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, pts 1, 2 & 3

James Brown & the Famous Flames... Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, pts 1, 2 & 3 (1965, RealAudio 07:00).

Bohdan Holomicek

Bohdan Holomicek: The World of Attentive Eyes. "...His art is trying to catch on a small photographic plate the short, perishable moments which may never repeat themselves again. The moments which we may call by many names, but mostly just 'memories.' It is not a small task, to show us the world as it is, people with all their joys and pains, hopes and disappointments. Just look at those photos and you see they are created by the man-photographer, the man-poet."

Bottle-Cap Monument

Bottle-Cap Monument in Stevens Point, WI. "...It's not the most expressive bit of folk art ever, but this decorated shed in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, is an example of the kind of vernacular creativity that comes at great effort but goes away quickly, almost casually. The vintage is 1950s. The fate is uncertain, but the barn is said to be out of compliance with zoning rules and will be demolished to make way for new construction." New at Interesting Ideas.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Watermelon Sculpture

Fruit Carving. The gallery of watermelon sculpture by Takashi Itoh. "...Watermelon sculpture which entertains the infinite possibility from white and red and green colors."

Skank On Dub

Augustus Pablo... Skank On Dub (RealAudio 03:28).

Photographien von Thomas Karsten

Thomas Karsten... Denise aus: nicht in Büchern (2001, Silver Gelatine Abzug). From Photographien von Thomas Karsten in der Galerie Andreas Baumgartl, München. (de)

Jiří David

Jiří David... Bigboard on D1 Highway. From Works by Jiří David of Prague. "...After fifteen years of intense, professional work in the field of art, somewhere in Central Europe, I have lost any sort of coherent identity. I'm slowly and dubiously coming to a conclusion that this is not a negative fact, however, I don't know what to do about it."

Wolverine Blues

Jelly Roll Morton Trio... Wolverine Blues (1927, VICTOR, 21064, 38663-1 RealAudio 03:15) Recorded in Chicago, Illinois with Johnny and Baby Dodds... included today mainly because we're reading The Big Nowhere by James Ellroy.

Photographies / Histoires paralèlles

Photographies / Histoires paralelles Agence Chusseau-Flaviens... Eternal Spring - In the Heel! (sans date, Papier au gélatino-bromure d'argent). From Photographies / Histoires paralèlles, le Collection du musée Niépce. (fr)