Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ace of Spades

Estrume'n'tal... Ace of Spades (.mp3 audio 02:49). One very heavy cover of the Link Wray classic by Estrume'n'tal, "... Brazilian band of dirty, heavy, fast, bad surf rock."

El Gato

Buddy Dughi... El Gato (.mp3 audio 02:41). From the album Buddy Dughi Plays Hot Rod Surf.

Vee Speers: Bordello

Vee Speers: Bordello Vee Speers: Bordello. "...The romantic decadence of Paris nightlife in the 1920s and 30s (eternalized most famously, perhaps, by the photographs of Brassai) comes to life afresh in this series of sensuous photos shot on location in former bordellos where the lavish decors have survived intact.
Vee Speers, an Australian fashion and fine-art photographer who has lived near the infamous Rue St. Denis red-light district in Paris for 14 years, has created edgy photos that play with seduction, sensuality and femininity. From Lens Culture. Also... Works by Vee Speers at La Galerie d'Art de Belgique and Bordello at Zone Zero.

Monday, November 28, 2005

We Don't Need Your Revolution...Just Your Stencils

We Don't Need Your Revolution...Just Your Stencils. "...La technique primitive qui botte encore des culs et qui en bottera encore." From Run The Outside - graffiti, stencils, stickers, throw ups, billboards, and so much more. (fr)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

James 'Buddy' Snipes

James 'Buddy' Snipes at Garde Rail Gallery. "...Alabama's James 'Buddy' Snipes is what we call 'the real deal.' One of the few Southern African-American self-taught artists still making art, Buddy is not only still producing, but still creating, innovating, and using new methods to tell his story of rural southeastern Alabama, which makes him one of our most important living folk artists."

Karoline Wittmann

Bei den Schafen - Streichelzoo Karoline Wittmann... Bei den Schafen - Streichelzoo (1960, Öl auf Leinwand). From the exhibit Karoline Wittmann: Malerin der Ersten Stunde at Galerie Andreas Baumgartl, München. "...Das Gemäldeoeuvre Karoline Wittmanns weist die unterschiedlichsten Themen und Gattungen auf, die sie stets weiterentwickelte und auch miteinander verband. So lassen sich in ihren Bildern sehr häufig fließende thematische Übergängefinden. Porträts werden zuweilen durch Stilleben ergänzt, 'Natura Morta' - Darstellungen wiederum werden von Blumenstücken 'belebt' oder mithilfe eines (toten) Tieres 'vervollständigt.' In zahlreichen Landschaften erscheinen Menschen und Tiere, und Personengruppen werden in Interieur-Ansichten gebettet. Diese 'interdisziplinären' Übergänge zeigen die Überzeugung Karoline Wittmanns, dass Menschen, Tiere, Pflanzen, Dinge, Landschaften und Räume immer zueinanderund miteinander in Verbindung stehen. Ihre Freude an diesen Verbindungen drückt sich auch in den vielfigurigen Menschenansammlungen, den Szenen aus der Welt des Theaters, des Zirkus und der Rummelplätze aus, die einen kleinen, aber ganz besonderen Teil ihres Werkes ausmachen. Und somit sind die Bilder von Karoline Wittmann nicht nur als Kunstwerke per se zu betrachten, die Malerin erzählt mit ihnenauch in liebevoll-dokumentarischer Weise von einer längst vergangenen Zeit."

Friday, November 25, 2005


Billy Gibbons' Cadzzilla - set to appear at the 14th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2005. (jp) Also... one pretty sweet Hot Wheels Cadzilla at Kustom Diecast & Hot Rod Kits. "...Le site de hot rods et des voitures customs miniatures." (fr)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Josef Váchal: Magic of Woodcut Graphic

Josef Vachal: Magic of Woodcut Graphic, 1911-1958 Josef Váchal: Magic of Woodcut Graphic, 1911-1958 at Galerie Art in Chrudim, Czech Republic. "...Josef Váchal is one of the most extraordinary Central European artists of the 20th century. Painter, graphic artist, draughtsman, carver, typographer, writer and poet Josef Váchal (1884-1969) was a very original and versatile artist. He was an eccentric artist endowed with extraordinary imagination, resulting from his anxiety of the unknown. Throughout his whole life he was interested in religion and heresy, spiritualism, occultism and theosophy. Váchal is known for his unique books, prints and ex libris, especially woodcuts. He started publishing limited editions of his unique books, creating his own typography, typeface, illustrations and bindings, whereby he represented a highlight in the history of Czech book design." See also... Josef Váchal, 1884-1969 - a comprehensive site on his works. (cz)

Robin Boy Wonder

Fifty Foot Combo... Robin Boy Wonder (RealAudio 02:41). From the album Go Hunting by Fifty Foot Combo of Belgium.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Cameraman Has Visited Our Town

The Cameraman Has Visited Our Town (1989). A film by Tom Whiteside. "...H. Lee Waters (1902-1997) operated a photography studio on Main Street in Lexington, North Carolina for more than 60 years. For most of that time, his work covered the standard range of commercial still photography - weddings, portraits, school groups. But during the lean years of the late Depression Waters hit the road with a 16mm camera and projector and created 'Movies of Local People.'"

Brian Ulrich

Not If But When - Photographs by Brian Ulrich. Great!

Arno Nollen

Lies - Serie 2 Arno Nollen... Lies - Serie 2 (2005, B/W photo, baritepaper, edition of 5). From an exhibit of Works by Arno Nollen at Zeno X Storage - Borgerhaut in Antwerp, Belgium. Also... Arno Nollen's short film 'Moeders blouse' (.wmv Video | QuickTime) and more Photographs by Arno Nollen.

Fields of the Wood Bible Park

We're digging the 30' x 50' Bible and the World's Largest Ten Commandments at Fields of the Wood Bible Park in Murphy, North Carolina. "...where God's Word is PROUDLY displayed amidst all God's creations."

Monday, November 21, 2005

RIP: Link Wray

RIP: Link Wray RIP: Link Wray. Listen to Rumble (.mp3 audio 02:24) and Switchblade (.mp3 audio 03:08) by Link Wray & His Ray Men. Pure menace!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Hanging in the Air Jans Muskee... Hanging in the Air (2004, Oil pastel on paper). From the exhibit PLAYTIME (after nature #2) - figurative paintings, drawings, and videos at Aeroplasitcs Contemporary.

The Supersónicos

The Supersónicos... Freq Perkins (.mp3 audio 03:47). From The Supersónicos - surf music from Uruguay.

See You Later, Equator

The latest show at Radio Rumpus Room is 'See You Later, Equator' - 1960's (and a bit of 1970's) rock and roll by bands of the southern hemisphere. We think it's one of Ron and Jean's best shows yet! Hear it in the next 2 weeks in the RRR Audio Archives.

L.A. Willette

L.A. Willette... New York Observer Girl (Acrylic/G.P./Paper). From the exhibit The Power of Women - works by L.A. Willette at Art at Large Gallery in New York, NY. L.A. Willette recently passed away at the age of 55. More Works by L.A. Willette at his personal site.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Bustin' Surfboards

The Tornadoes... Bustin' Surfboards (.mp3 audio 02:29). From The Tornadoes.

Storms Never Last

Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter...Storms Never Last (RealAudio 03:01).

le Musée de Buffo

Sunshine and Noir

Sunshine and Noir Sunshine and Noir. Holga photographs by Thomas Michael Alleman at PhotoEye. "...A cheap toy camera with a plastic lens, the Holga’s bizarre optics obliterate the hyper-detailed, documentary specificity that made my earlier cityscapes seem somehow banal and, psychologically, far less richly-textured. This chapter of the Los Angeles project was begun in October 2001, and is very much a work in progress." More at Thomas Michael Alleman Photography.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


The Pixies... Number 13 Baby (Live in New York City, 2004/12/14, .mp3 audio 03:41). From The Show and Pixies Discs. The Pixies will be in Japan for a series of concerts in early December. "...un site entièrement dédié à cette forme artistique à mi-chemin entre livre et cinéma. Notre collection contient actuellement 2870 flip books aussi appelés flick books ou folioscopes, datant de 1882 à nos jours et portant sur les thèmes les plus divers." Via Omer at LeWUB. (fr)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Coming of Age: Egon Schiele and the Modernist Culture of Youth

Two Seated Nude Boys Egon Schiele... Two Seated Nude Boys (1910, Watercolor and charcoal on paper, Initialed lower right, and with B. Moser collector's stamp, lower left). From the exhibit Coming of Age: Egon Schiele and the Modernist Culture of Youth at Galerie St. Etienne in New York, NY. "...Like all great artists, Egon Schiele (1890-1918) transcended the specific circumstances of his personal and historical background, while nevertheless being indelibly marked by them. Reaching creative maturity shortly before his twentieth birthday, he is surely one of the youngest modernist superstars. However, Schiele was not entirely alone: the fin-de-siècle culture that spawned him and his Expressionist comrades was uniquely oriented to youth. It was within an overall culture of youth that Schiele, the quintessential artist of adolescence, flourished. This fall, as two major Schiele retrospectives, one at the Neue Galerie in New York (October 21-February 20) and a second at the Albertina Museum in Vienna (December 7-March 19) celebrate the artist's imprint on our present-day mindset, the Galerie St. Etienne reexamines Schiele within the context of his own milieu."

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Advertising Photos by A. Hameryckx

A. Hameryckx... Caprice, Shoe (ca. 1950, Belgium, Vintage silver print). From Advertising Photos by A. Hameryckx. "...A. Hameryckx was a Belgian photographer and designer who used photography in a very creative way for advertising."

Lash LaRue - King of the Bullwhip

Lash LaRue - King of the Bullwhip Lash LaRue - King of the Bullwhip. "...Lash LaRue practically had two careers. The first was on the movie screen; the second, until his death in 1996, was being perhaps the most approachable guest star attending western film conventions around the country. He was known as the 'King of the Bullwhip,' the title of what was arguably his best movie, but admitted that he did not come by his whip-cracking talent naturally.

'The whip came into being from a writer and producer and director by the name of Bob Tansey,' Lash explained in an informal interview at the 1981 Western Film Fair in Charlotte, NC. Tansey was considering LaRue for a supporting role in SONG OF OLD WYOMING (1945), the PRC Cinecolor movie which was the first starring vehicle for singer Eddie Dean and which made Dean the first series western star to appear in color. Lash was up for the role of the Cheyenne Kid, who would start as the bad guy and Eddie's rival for the affections of leading lady Jennifer Holt, but would discover the error of his ways and change sides in time to stop a bullet in the final showdown with the baddies." From The Old Corral.

Edward del Rosario

Edward del Rosario... Contest of Champions (2005, Oil on linen). From Edward del Rosario at Richard Heller Gallery.

RIP: Barbara Pittman

RIP: Barbara Pittman. "...Rockabilly singer Barbara Pittman never had a smash hit, but could occasionally find work performing. The Sun Records and Phillips International recording artist's popularity in Europe remained constant, and she last performed in England in March. 'She made her living singing. I never knew Barbara to do anything else,' said Pittman's sister, Carlene Day of Arlington."

The Bell Rock Lighthouse

The Bell Rock Lighthouse at The Northern Lighthouse Board. "...The oldest existing rock Lighthouse in the British Isles is the tower on the Bell, or Inchcape, Rock a long and treacherous reef lying in the North Sea, some 12 miles East of Dundee and in the fairway of vessels plying to and from the Firths of Tay and Forth." Also... "...commemorates probably Scotland's greatest single engineering feat of the early 19th century; its creator and builder, Robert Stevenson; the workmen and seamen who were engaged on its construction; and to John Rennie, who was appointed Chief Engineer to the project."

Monday, November 07, 2005

RIP: Mana 'China' Nishiura

Mana 'China' Nishiura RIP: Mana 'China' Nishiura - drummer for DMBQ and Shonen Knife.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

New Mikey

The Fuccon Family... New Mikey (.wmv video). From Oh, Mikey! Also... Yoshimasa Ishibashi Works Promo (.wmv video 08:00). Short clips from Vermilion Pleasure Night, Kyupi Kyupi, and Oh Mikey Project.

Found Polaroids

Found Polaroids at plrds - the Polaroid Photography Collective. Also... Polaroids from the Road.

Flamin' Moe

Flamin' Moe Los Vengadores... Flamin' Moe (.mp3 audio 03:23). From Los Vengadores. "...Este trio surf clasicamente exquisito ya lleva un par de años tocando en la escena porteña, tambien fueron invitados a tocar en Chile donde todavia se recuerdan los solos Vibrantes expulsados por Jarvis Wippin y su Fender Jaguar."

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Magdolna Vékás

Works by Magdolna Vékás. "...a member of the Young Photoartists' Studio from 1978 until 1983. She became a member of the Association of Hungarian Photoartists in 1982 and of the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists in 1987. In the year of 2000 she was awarded with the prize of Balogh Rudolf, the highest Hungarian award in photography."

Dressed For Thrills

Phyllis Galembo... Dressed For Thrills - 100 Years of Halloween and Masquerade Costumes. From Phyllis Galembo. More Works by Phyllis Galembo at Philip Stein Gallery.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My Screamin' Screamin' Mimi

Ray Campi... My Screamin' Screamin' Mimi (RealAudio 02:15). Ray Campi backed by Johnny Maddox, Henry Hill, and The Dobs (Domino 700, 1958) - his first (and only) single for Domino Records. From Color Radio and Doo Wop. Don't miss the original 1960 version of Wild Weekend by The Rebels (RealAudio 02:17).

Monster Swell

The Hypnotic IV... Monster Swell (.mp3 audio 02:38). From The Hypnotic IV - High Octane California Surf.

Aurèle Hardouin

Aurèle Hardouin... Circus Series. From Aurèle Hardouin | Photographer.

One Shot / Exister

One Shot / Exister One Shot / Exister. "...Cette initiative, proposée par le collectif Item, rassemble 21 collectifs de photographes, français et étrangers, autour du thème 'exister' décliné en quatre volets : apparaître, construire, changer, partir." From Collectif item. (fr)