Saturday, January 21, 2006

Gyula Fazakas: Night Flower Scent

Gyula Fazakas: Night Flower Scent at Origo Galéria in Budapest, Hungary. "...I enter a wonderful oneiric castle. This wonderful building is Gyula Fazakas's imaginary world, woven of fairy threads and painted by a magic brush, made up of elements of the past, present and future of his personal reality. Curiosity and anxiety are luring me deeper and deeper and eventually I am captivated by the castle. It is not me opening the doors of the castle; flood gates open up by themselves in my soul. Being vulnerable and unsheltered gives one a trembling feeling. The storyteller reopens my old wounds. Influence by his memories, feelings, and sentiments; dreams, desires, carefully treasured pictures driven into the obscurity of oblivion deep inside seem to wake up. The stories have lost their beginnings or endings, they have become boundless. It is not my eyes I see with, my questions do not require answers. However, the rational shell will be broken into tiny pieces by the possibility of boundless freedom - and I take the risk."


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