Sunday, December 31, 2006

Zvukovye Pis'ma - Musical Mail

Zvukovye Pis'ma - Musical Mail. "...The Institute acquired a small collection of extraordinary Russian sound documents: zvukovye pis'ma, or musical letters.
They were issued around 1950 in the Soviet Union. The musical letter is a bifold picture postcard with a supplementary sheet and a small flexible disc glued onto it. A topical song, either from the Soviet classical repertoire such as the 'Song of World Youth' and the 'Song of World Peace', or a love song can be heard.
Its text is printed on the postcard together with a picture of the composer or performer of the song. There is also space for a short message to the recipient."

Circling the Square: Avant-garde Porcelain from Revolutionary Russia

Circling the Square: Avant-garde Porcelain from Revolutionary Russia. "...celebrates an extraordinary moment in the history of 20th century art and design. It presents, for the first time in this country, a comprehensive survey of the porcelain produced at the world-renowned Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in St Petersburg, formerly the Imperial Porcelain Factory, during the years following the Russian Revolution of 1917. This is a rare opportunity to consider the achievements of a group of radical avant-garde artists – Futurists, Cubists and especially the abstract Suprematist painters in the circle of Kazimir Malevich – within the wider context of Russian revolutionary porcelain."

Peel P50 Factory Movie

Peel P50 Factory Movie (QuickTime Video 01:33). "...Originally recorded in 8mm film on the Isle of Man by the Peel Factory." From the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum.

Spiderman Theme

The Ramones... Spiderman Theme (.mp3 audio 02:06).

Saturday, December 30, 2006


The Velvet Underground... Loop (.mp3 audio 07:15). The first commercially available recording by VU. John Cale, Guitar and Feedback. From Aspen No. 3 (The Pop Art Issue, 1966, Roaring Fork Press, NYC).

Isabelle Hayeur

Linda Isabelle Hayeur... Linda (2006). From the series Maisons modèles (Model Homes, 2004-2006) by Isabelle Hayeur. "...I photographed different types of dwellings, modest homes as well as more upscale residences. They mainly come from the new housing developments popping up on the periphery of Montreal , and from the facilities of a pre-fab home manufacturer. A computer graphics program was used to alter each house and then re-position it in a new context. Similarities can be drawn between my virtual models and the models found in the catalogues and websites of contractors. The composition and framing are similar and my models also have women's names (a common practice in this industry.) My locations, however, are much more disturbing and strange, even disconcerting … The goal here is not to shape things in order to attract a clientele, but rather to attract critical attention to this phenomenon. Each of my models is a portrait that develops a different aspect of the relationship between our societies and the land they use. These houses thus model the way we really inhabit the world."

Shake That Rat

Nick Lowe... Shake That Rat (.mp3 audio 02:09). Off the Bowi Ep (1977, Stiff LAST1). NL plays all instruments apart from drums by Pete Thomas of The Attractions. Thank you, DMc.

Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm Gonna Be A Monkey

Ren and Stimpy... I'm Gonna Be A Monkey (.mp3 audio 01:28).

Jindrich Styrsky: "On the Needles of These Days" Photographs, 1934–1935

Untitled (from "On the Needles of These Days" p.6, 1934, printed in or before 1941, Vintage gelatin silver print). From Jindrich Styrsky: "On the Needles of These Days" Photographs, 1934–1935 at Ubu Gallery in New York. "...This - the inaugural exhibition of Ubu Gallery — consisted of a rare group of photographs by the Czech avant-garde artist, Jindrich Styrsky (1899-1942). These photographs were the basis for the artist’s surrealist masterpiece, On the Needles of These Days, published clandestinely in 1941 with original photographs and more widely in 1945 with gravure reproductions." Also... more Works by Jindrich Styrsky at Ubu Gallery - one of our favourites.

Works by Maggie Mailer

Maggie Mailer... The Prey (2006, Mixed Media, Oil on Ceramic 7 x 5.5 in.). From Works by Maggie Mailer at Ferrin Gallery in Lenox, MA.

Sex Machine

The Flying Lizards... Sex Machine (.wma audio 03:25, 1984 Statik Records). A little tribute to JB-TGOS on these his last days above ground.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Film Clip from 'The Written Face'

Film Clip from 'The Written Face' (QuickTime Video, 1995, Daniel Schmid). "...Offers an insight into the Japanese Kabuki star Tamasaburo Bando, one of the last defenders of this ancient and disappearing performing tradition."

John Divola

Vandalism Series 2-C John Divola... Vandalism Series (folder two) / C (1973-75). From the Vandalism Series by John Divola. "...The greater degree to which reality exerts itself and lesser degree to which I exert myself, the better as far as I'm concerned. So when I'm working, I'm not worried about making documents of my marks. I'm just changing things to see what happens. I'm no more interested in my own marks that I am in debris on the floor or the way a curtain flies up because the wind's blowing in. Or if I throw something through the air, I certainly don't know how that's going to look, but it's just moving things around and creating an environment for something to take place. When I make the marks and when I throw things through the air, I try to be kind of spontaneous and not really think about it in a real conscious kind of way. And when I photograph I try to be more conscious and deliberate."

Alex Katz Paints Ada

Alex Katz Paints Ada at the Jewish Museum in New York, NY. "...Alex Katz met Ada Del Moro in 1957 and  Ada in Black Sweaterof that year marks the beginning of their collaboration as artist and model.  
 Katz's paintings of Ada are often captivating because of what they leave out and do not say, and for the way they explore formal aspects of painting while hinting at possible narratives.  Ada has been called Katz's muse, nonetheless she has agency in the creation of her own image and influences how much Katz reveals about her."

Joe Stummer's London Calling

Joe Stummer's London Calling (.mp3 audio 36:04). One of a series of radio shows JS hosted on BBC Radio 6 in 2001. Thank you, DMc.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Koumedayuu performing on Enta no Kamisama (God of Entertainment, Flash Video 02:47).

David Wojnarowicz

David Wojnarowicz... Untitled - Sirloin Steaks (1983, Acrylic on poster, Collection of Hal Bromm, New York). From David Wojnarowicz at Queer Arts. "...David Wojnarowicz was born in Red Bank, New Jersey in 1954. The product of an extremely difficult childhood brought on by an abusive family life and an emerging sense of his own homosexuality, Wojnarowicz dropped out of high school and was living on the streets by the age of sixteen. He turned to hustling in Times Square. After hitchhiking many times across the U.S. and living for several months in San Francisco and Paris, he settled in New York's East Village in 1978. Many of Wojnarowicz' works incorporate outsider experiences drawn from his personal history and from stories he heard from the people he met in bus stations and truck stops while hitchhiking. By the late 1970s he had, in his own words, 'started developing ideas of making and preserving an authentic version of history in the form of images/writings/objects that would contest state-supported forms of history.' In such diverse works as Sounds in the Distance (1982), a collection of monologues from 'people who lived and worked in the streets' and The Weight of the Earth, Part I & II (1988), an arrangement of black-and-white photographs taken during his travels and life in New York, Wojnarowicz continually returned to the personal voices of individuals stigmatized by society." Also... Works by David Wojnarowicz at P.P.O.W and Where Evil Dwells (Flash Video 28:33, 1985) by David Wojnarowicz and Tommy Turner - part of Cinema of Transgression at UbuWeb Film.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Trailer for Spione (Spies, 1928, directed by Fritz Lang, QuickTime Video). One of the better silent films I watched this last year.

Last Ride

The Bambi Molesters... Last Ride (.mp3 audio 03:11).

Max Penson, Retrospective

Max Penson, Retrospective Max Penson, Retrospective at the Moscow House of Photography. "...From 1926 to 1949 Max Penson worked as a photographer for the Newspaper 'Pravda Vostoka' ('Truth of the East'), creating a unique photo-chronicle of Uzbekistan.
All these years his photographs were not only published daily in his newspaper, but, through the TASS (Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union) Agency, appeared in various illustrated editions of the country, including the legendary magazine 'USSR under Construction.' One of its issues (1933, No 10) was based almost entirely on works by Max Penson. With all the numerous publications, however, the photographer, who scarcely ever left Uzbekistan, remained alienated from the intense exhibition activities that in those years were taking place in Leningrad and particularly in Moscow. As a result he was not represented at foreign exhibitions, where people like Alexander Rodchenko and El Lissitzky showed their works. Only in 1937 his photo 'Uzbek Madonna' was awarded a gold medal at the Paris World Fair." Also... Max Penson: The Photographer Between Revolution and Tradition. Excellent!

Henri Cartier-Bresson's Scrapbook: Photographs, 1932-46

Henri Cartier-Bresson's Scrapbook: Photographs, 1932-46 - coming next month to the ICP in New York, NY. "...During WWII, Cartier-Bresson was captured and held in a German prisoner of war camp. Presumed dead, MoMA began preparing a memorial exhibition. When Cartier-Bresson emerged, alive, he joined the efforts to assemble this retrospective. He selected and personally printed 251 prints of his best work, which have been reassembled for this occasion. The exhibition, organized by the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, will have its sole American venue at ICP."

Eye on Europe: Prints, Books & Multiples, 1960 to Now

Eye on Europe: Prints, Books & Multiples, 1960 to Now at MoMA. "...Taking the explosion of the screenprint in London in the early 1960s as its starting point, this major exhibition identifies significant strategies exploited by European artists to extend their aesthetic vision within the mediums of prints, books, and multiples. Seminal figures such as Richard Hamilton, Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers, and Georg Baselitz serve as anchors to sections that explore commercial techniques, serial abstraction, language, confrontational approaches, and the expressionist impulse. Concentrations of prints and books by Hanne Darboven, Mangelos, and Dieter Roth, among others, introduce work rarely shown in the United States and attempt to characterize distinctly European voices. Posters by Martin Kippenberger and Franz West reveal the exuberance of that medium, and wallpaper by Sarah Lucas, Peter Kogler, and Damien Hirst exemplify the recent fascination with this populist printed format."

The Mysteries of Misirlou

Michalis Batrinos... Mousourlou (cir. 1930, .mp3 audio 04:14). From The Mysteries of Misirlou at Dinosaur Gardens - versions of Misirlou from Michalis Batrinos's original to Dick Dale's surf classic.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas Happy Christmas from gmtPlus9(-15).

Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto

James Brown... Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto (.mp3 audio 02:55). RIP: JB.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Larger-Than-Life Images of Wisconsin

Alfred Stanley Johnson Jr... Tall-tale Postcard: We Never Stop (1915). From Larger-Than-Life Images of Wisconsin. "...Photographer Alfred Stanley Johnson Jr. specialized in the tall-tale postcard, extolling Wisconsin's agricultural abundance through images of oversized produce and animals. Staging his friends and family to pantomime story lines, Johnson added enlarged fruits, vegetables and animals to fit the background and included titles that attributed bountiful crops to local communities. Johnson's tall-tale postcards affirmed the American myth of abundance — a myth often at odds with reality."

United Colors of Nepal

Zdenek Lhotak... United Colors of Nepal (series, 2001, details of hindu altars, Nepal, C-prints 40/60, 80/120 and 100/150 cm). From Zdenek Lhotak Photography.

Hermann Försterling

Erleuchteter Hermann Försterling... Erleuchteter (Heliogravüre, 40cm x 50cm). From the series Köpfe by Hermann Försterling. (de)

Foggy Notion

The Velvet Underground... Foggy Notion (.wma audio, 06:49). Our favourite VU tune. Recorded at Record Plant Studios in New York in 1969.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Loretta Bourque: Sex, Dogs and Random Droll

Loretta Bourque... Self As Bride (2006, Oil on canvas). From Loretta Bourque: Sex, Dogs and Random Droll at Linda Warren Fine Art Gallery in Chicago, Il. "...As the title suggests on display are three seemingly separate series of paintings: the self-portraits series, the tutu series, and the dog series. Each, however, serve as interchangeable vehicles for the artist to explore her personal fascination with such subjects as gender, beauty, costume, fashion, fetish and identity. With humor and compassion, Bourque exposes life’s subtle contradictions and oddities and successfully manages to destroy, without killing, the concept of an idealized beauty. A more real and ultimately accessible reality is portrayed, taking into consideration the imperfection and foibles of the human condition."


The Upsetters... Dracula (.mp3 audio 02:53).

Off The Hook

Y Pants... Off The Hook (.mp3 audio 02:18, 99 Records 99-03, 1980). Unique cover of the Rolling Stones tune.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


ESG... Dance (.mp3 audio 04:32, 99-10, 1982). Vintage minimalist funk from the South Bronx and 99 Records. Boost it. Also... The 99 Records Story by JD Twitch (Discopia Issue #3).

California Cryptozoic

California Cryptozoic, works by Megan Whitmarsh at New Image Art Gallery. "...In California Cryptozoic, the first solo show in Los Angeles of L.A. based artist Megan Whitmarsh, the artist will be showing hand-embroidered canvasses, drawings & paintings, as well as soft sculpture and a site-specific wall drawing.
The artist uses the idea of Los Angeles as a playful catalyst for creating the work in this show. Her work displays scenes of fantasy characters existing amongst the detritus of the modern world and augmented by a subjective and optimistic iconography. In this invented world, elves wear tiny gold necklaces and yetis visit discos, scenes which are supernatural and precious, yet subverted by accoutrements such as pieces of trash and junky cellphones. Los Angeles can be read as a simulacre of contradiction: a city that contains the zenith of both artifice and Mother Nature. These antithetical characteristics echo the continuous subtext of contradiction the artist perceives in life and finds as a motive for making things. It creates a desire to order the ataxia of modern life, without however, managing to make it discernible." Also... Tiny Industies - Megan Whitmarsh's personal site.

Jordan Bennett Photographs

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A History of Sex Education Films in Japan - Part One: The Pre-War Years

Midnight Eye... A History of Sex Education Films in Japan - Part One: The Pre-War Years by Roland Domenig. "...There are several genres within Japan's large cinematic legacy which - for better or worse -haven't drawn much attention so far. One of these unexplored genres is the sex education film, which despite persistent criticism has at times enjoyed considerable popularity. Osan eiga, junketsu eiga, basukon eiga, seiten eiga, seikyoiku eiga - these and many more names were used at different times for films that were made with the - real or alleged - intention of educating and enlightening spectators about sexual matters."

Le Garde-meuble, ancien et moderne, 1839-1935

Le Garde-meuble, ancien et moderne, 1839-1935. "...Le Garde-meuble, ancien et moderne (Furniture repository, ancient and modern), a bimonthly periodical published in Paris, exerted an enormous influence throughout the world by promoting French styles in furniture, fabrics, and interior decoration for a nearly a century, beginning in 1839 during the reign of Louis Philippe and ceasing in the waning years of the Third Republic around 1935.
Created by furniture designer and publisher Desire Guilmard, the periodical consisted entirely of illustrations of designs for furniture, window treatments and room settings. Its title, Le Garde-meuble, refers back to 1663 when Louis XIV established an office by this name within the royal household to provide for the care of the furnishings in the royal residences. Guilmard added the subtitle, ancien et moderne, to indicate that the periodical would feature both historic revival styles (such as Louis XIV, Louis XV, Gothic, and Renaissance) and current ones (notably the 'moderne' styles) that incorporated new technological innovations and better accommodated the life styles of the nineteenth century."

Miss Kidora's 12 Transformations

Miss Kidora's 12 Transformations Wada Mizna... View or play Miss Kidora's 12 Transformations (Paper doll, print gocco). From Mizna Lens - works by Wada Mizna.


Justin 'Scrappers' Morrison... Freedum (2004, Tree shaped car-freshners, shotgun shells, Captain America, I love freedom). From Scrapperstown - works by Justin 'Scrappers' Morrison.

Woodpecker Rock

Nat Couty & The Braves... Woodpecker Rock (.mp3 audio 01:57, 1958, Fox 101).

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Place in the Sun: Photographs of Los Angeles by John Humble

John Humble... 10425 Venice Boulevard (Los Angeles, 1997). From A Place in the Sun: Photographs of Los Angeles by John Humble at Jan Kesner Gallery. "...John Humble has lived and worked in the Los Angeles area for 30 years. During this time he has created a strong body of photographs inspired by architecture and its surrounding natural environment, often focusing on the incongruities and ironic juxtapositions of the Southern Californian landscape. This two-gallery exhibition features approximately 35 color photographs, many of which were acquired by the Getty Museum in January 2006, with the generous assistance of the Getty Museum Photographs Council, which also underwrote the accompanying publication. Both the exhibition and book celebrate Humble's distinct view of Los Angeles. From the concrete channels of the Los Angeles River to brightly colored commercial buildings, his photographs of the built environment capture that which is instantly recognizable yet very often overlooked." Also... more Works by John Humble at his personal site.

Tobacco Bag Stringing in North Carolina and Virginia

Tobacco Bag Stringing in North Carolina and Virginia Tobacco Bag Stringing in North Carolina and Virginia. "...In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, families throughout the tobacco-growing regions of North Carolina and Virginia earned much-needed income by sewing drawstrings into cotton tobacco bags. Long forgotten today, tobacco bag stringing was a common activity in many communities. Because the labor was not physically demanding and could be done at home, the work attracted many women, children, and others who needed money to supplement their farm incomes, or who could not find work in nearby factories and mills."

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Amy Arbus: On The Street, 1980-1990

Amy Arbus: On The Street, 1980-1990. "...From 1980 to 1990, The Village Voice published over five hundred of Amy Arbus’ street fashion portraits. The exhibition “On the Street 1980 - 1990” contains more than twenty-five of the most arresting images from the original series. The photographs are a testament to style as personality. Roaming the East Village streets, Amy captured many of the era’s most idiosyncratic icons, including John Sex, Ann Magnuson, Joey Arias, Phoebe Légère in a skimpy fur bikini, and Madonna in her stained overcoat carrying a bowling bag. Although Amy’s pictures are posed, they appear deceptively simple and possess a quality that makes them feel oddly spontaneous. Amy Arbus condenses a time of perplexing diversity into a frame in which it can be treasured."

gmtPlus9 (-15)

Dream Baby

Roy Orbison... Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream, .mp3 audio 02:32). Also... Roy Orbison - Dream Baby (Flash Video, 02:37). From Dick Clark's American Bandstand spin-off Where The Action Is (Episode Number: 247, Season Num: 2, First Aired: June 10, 1966).

Original Trailer for 'The Fastest Guitar Alive'

Original Trailer for 'The Fastest Guitar Alive' (.wmv video 02:19). "...Roy Orbison has a guitar that shoots more than hot riffs in the western adventure The Fastest Guitar Alive (1967)."

New Findings on Fate of the Christmas Tree Ship

New Findings on Fate of the Christmas Tree Ship New Findings on Fate of the Christmas Tree Ship at the Wisconsin Historical Society. "...During the 19th century, Chicago was one of the busiest shipping ports in the world. By 1875 nearly 21,000 vessels cleared the port of Chicago annually. A Great Lakes ship carried nearly every commodity that passed through the bustling city, and Christmas trees were no exception. Each year, several sailing ships ended their season by loading evergreens in northern Wisconsin or Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and setting sail for Chicago, where they offloaded their trees to end their shipping season.
Many Christmas tree ships sold their cargo to wholesalers, freeing themselves of the burden of selling off thousands of trees one at a time. Other captains, however, taken with the holiday spirit, turned their ships into floating tree lots along the Chicago River, welcoming customers aboard and taking great pride and pleasure in their business. One of these captains was Herman Schuenemann. Each November, Captain Schuenemann loaded the schooner Rouse Simmons to nearly overflowing with evergreens in Thompson, Michigan."

Friday, December 15, 2006

Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) Photographs

Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) Photographs. "...The Alabama Cooperative Extension Service (ACES) collection contains hundreds of black-and-white photographs depicting the service's programs in the first half of the twentieth century. It offers a unique and evocative glimpse into Alabama agriculture, education, rural life and rural pastimes in the first decades of the last century, including the activities of the African-American Cooperative Extension Service."

Albert Renger-Patzsch Photographs

Albert Renger-Patzsch Photographs Albert Renger-Patzsch... Schubert & Salzer factory, Ingolstadt, Germany (1950s, gelatin silver print). From Albert Renger-Patzsch Photographs at Zabriskie Gallery in New York, NY. "...Breaking new ground in the Bauhaus, Renger-Patzsch’s photographs from the 1920s to 1950s excavate startling beauty and clarity from mundane sights of plants, buildings, and industrial machines. The selected works reflect the common beauty in diverse objects, illustrating the title of his most important volume of works: Die Welt ist schön (The World is Beautiful)."

Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt

Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt... Harmonie and Sympathies (1986-1997, Aluminium foil, cans, plastic wrap, staples, mixed media). From a few Works by Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt at Adam Baumgold Gallery.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Devon Avenue Exotica

Devon Avenue Exotica. New at Interesting Ideas. "...Devon Avenue is another Chicago street where creativity explodes from storefronts."

A Tribute to Mary Woronov

A Tribute to Mary Woronov (QuickTime Video). Also... Mary Woronov at Warhol Stars.

Washington Bullets

The Clash... Washington Bullets (.mp3 audio 03:51).

They Called It Rock

Rockpile... They Called It Rock (Live, .mp3 audio 03:20). "...the drummer is a bookie, the singer is a whore." Thank you, BK.

Cliff House Project

Cliff House Project Cliff House Project. "...The goal of this website is to preserve the visual imagery of Adolph Sutro’s Victorian Cliff House. It was neither the first structure nor the last to carry the name of Cliff House, but it was certainly the most grand. Sadly, its existence was short-lived. It was constructed in 1896 and, like so many wooden structures of that era, burned completely to the ground in September of 1907.
Over the last few years I’ve collected a number of photographs and such, some from ephemera shows, some from antique shops, and many from ebay. But my personal resources can only go so far. My hope is that others who share an interest in the Cliff House will share their finds on this website as well. There’s an implied obligation of those (myself included) who own these nuggets of history to share them, not squirrel them away in some dusty shoebox only to risk oblivion via flood, fire, or neglect." Via Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Car Salesmen

Mr Toledano... Car Salesmen. "...Sometimes the truth of a stereotype can make it all the more wonderful." From Phillip Toledano Photography.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Beth Yarnelle Edwards

Beth Yarnelle Edwards... Photographs from California, France & Spain at Zone Zero. "...Because I’m fascinated with the relation between people and their places and things, I’m naturally drawn to the documentary. But my purpose has always been to make images that are arresting and can stand on their own, like paintings. I want the viewer to be surprised by instants of sudden recognition, to experience 'Aha!' moments. By inviting the viewer into my game, I would like change the way she sees the world."

Shining Dub

King Tubby... Shining Dub (.mp3 audio 03:25).

Monday, December 11, 2006

Works by Andrew Miksys

Works by Andrew Miksys Girl on Bus (Lithuania, 2001). From Works by Andrew Miksys. "...Andrew Miksys (b.1969) is a native of Seattle. His work has been exhibited internationally and he has been the recipient of both Guggenheim (2000) and Fulbright Fellowships (1998, 2002). He currently divides his time between Vilnius, Lithuania and the US."

Photomedia Center Holga Show 2006

Ramoncito Bucud... Teddy Bears, Mermaids and Rubber Ducks (Brisbane, Austalia; August, 2006). From the Photomedia Center Holga Show 2006. "...Sixty works, all taken with a Holga camera, are represented in this exclusive online exhibit, sponsored in connection with Light Leaks Magazine. In the hands of skilled image-makers, this plastic toy marvel has produced some unexpectedly beautiful results."

Police On My Back

The Equals... Police On My Back (.mp3 audio 02:46). Covered by The Clash on Sandinista - their best album, IMHO. Thank you, DMc.

Poor Jenny

Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds... Poor Jenny (.mp3 audio 02:29). Cover of an Everly Brothers' tune - one of four tracks off a free 45 included with the Rockpile album Seconds of Pleasure. Many thank, BK

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Léonce Durette, maison & jardin


Yoshitoshi - Japanese woodcuts by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England. "...Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892) was the most important Japanese woodcut artist of the Meiji period (1868-1912). He saw his work as the culmination of the Ukiyo-e tradition of the preceding Edo period, but he also developed new elements of western style and depicted contemporary events in a way that heralded the modern era. His use of daring design and expressive colour to turn the screw of violent and cruel situations made him the most vivid and shocking witness of Meiji Japan. Yet he could also conjure a refined poetry to give a new twist to traditional subjects."

Homage to Ferenc Puskás

Károly Hemzô... Homage to Ferenc Puskás, Hungary’s premier football player who passed away last month in Budapest.

Works by Debbie Fleming Caffery

Bernardo Debbie Fleming Caffery... Bernardo (1997, Gelatin silver print, Edition of 25). From Works by Debbie Fleming Caffery, December 15, 2006 - February 24, 2007 at Gitterman Gallery in New York, NY. "...Debbie Fleming Caffery grew up along the Bayou Teche in southwest Louisiana in the heart of the sugarcane country learning much from the Cajun and African American cultures. Her artistic interest originated in high school and she began to document her community and the sugarcane harvesting while in college. After graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute with a degree in Fine Art and an emphasis in Photography, she returned to Louisiana to continue documenting the sugarcane industry, the community, and her three children."

Shy Boy

Kippington Lodge... Shy Boy (.mp3 audio 02:38). Their 1967 debut single. Thanks again, DMc.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Charles Jones

Photographs by Charles Jones, 10 November 2006 - 6 January 2007 at Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York, NY. "...Howard Greenberg Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of still life photographs by British born Charles Jones. Viewed as a proto-Modernist and outsider artist, Jones, a humble English gardener and photographer working at the turn of the 20th century, is one of art’s most mysterious and recent discoveries. Jones’ work came to light in 1981, when discovered in a trunk at an antiques market in London.
The only clue to the identity of the photographer were the initials “C.J.” or sometimes the signature “Charles Jones” that was scrawled on the backs of the prints along with fastidious notations giving the precise name of each of the subjects. But the story of the photographer remained unknown until a woman, seeing the photographs on BBC television, identified them as the work of her grandfather, a gardener who worked at several private estates between the years 1894 and 1910."

Eisenbahnen in Pommern

Eisenbahnen in Pommern Eisenbahnen in Pommern. Narrow Gauge Railways of the Pomeranian and East Prussian countryside. (de)

Jerry Dantzic

Jerry Dantzic... East River Raft, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 1958. "...Jerry Dantzic was a photojournalist whose work in the 1950s is a tribute to the city of New York and its people. His pictures can be found in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum, and The Museum of Modern Art." From . Also... Jerry Dantzic: Moving at Foley Gallery. "...This little known group of 1950’s black and white images was recently discovered by his son Grayson by chance in Dantzic’s Brooklyn Brownstone studio. What he found were a staggering amount of black and white photographs and negatives that held an historic record of a city filled with moments of movement and emotion."

Lady On A Bicycle

Kippington Lodge... Lady On A Bicycle (.mp3 audio 03:03). b-side to the 1967 debut single 'Shy Boy.' Kippington Lodge later became the infamous Brinsley Schwarz - Nick Lowe, Ian Gomm, Bob Andrews, Billy Rankin, and Brinsley Schwarz. Big thanks to DMc.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Carnegie Museum of Art Collection of Photographs

Carnegie Museum of Art Collection of Photographs Carnegie Museum of Art Collection of Photographs. "...The collection comprises nearly two thousand prints of Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania from the late nineteenth through the late twentieth century. The images, acquired from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in 1982, are especially rich in scenes of Pittsburgh from the first half of the twentieth century. The series is composed of photographs by internationally regarded photographers such as Margaret Bourke-White and W. Eugene Smith, as well as lesser-known photographers such as Luke Swank, Hugh Torrance, Sol Libsohn, and Frank Bingaman. There are also many striking photographs by unknown photographers." Also... the Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection, 1901-1994.

Claire Holt Collection of Indonesian Dance and Related Arts

Claire Holt Collection of Indonesian Dance and Related Arts. "...Claire Holt's first exposure to Indonesia, in 1930, left her with an enduring impression of a complete integration of art in the spiritual and daily lives of its people. This pervasive interplay held Holt there for ten years, then brought her back twice, and kept her teaching and writing about Indonesia for the remainder of her life. Because Indonesian art and life are so intertwined, Claire Holt knew that just as important as observing dance and the formal study of dance was the understanding of the history and culture of Indonesia as a whole, its music, religion, literature, sculpture and architecture."

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nijinsky: A Dance With Madness

Nijinsky: A Dance With Madness. "...As symptoms of a psychological disturbance became increasingly evident, Nijinsky moved with his family to Switzerland. He kept a diary obsessively, and at one point covered his bedroom walls with drawings including the haunting image of a single staring eye. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1919, and spent the rest of his life in and out of hospitalization. This body of artwork was created during the early years of that tumultuous period.
The body of Nijinsky's artwork includes twenty-one gouache on paper abstractions, as well as a series of compulsive pencil and crayon drawings, approximately thirty in number. Vaslav Nijinsky's artwork has been exhibited at the Musée d'Orsay in paris, and was recently featured in the 'Inner Worlds Outside' exhibition at Whitechapel in London."

Works by Hiroyuki Uchiage

Works by Hiroyuki Uchiage Works by Hiroyuki Uchiage. From Atelier Incurve in Osaka, Japan. (jp)

Braceros in Oregon Photograph Collection

Braceros in Oregon Photograph Collection. "...In the early 1940s, the number of farm workers in the United States noticeably decreased because of armed forces manpower requirements and competition with higher paying jobs in the defense industries. At the same time, farmers were asked to increase production as part of the successful prosecution of World War II. In 1942 the United States government signed a labor agreement with Mexico that allowed its male citizens to work as farm laborers throughout the U.S. It was known as the Braceros Program. In Oregon more than 15,000 Mexican men worked on farms in all parts of the state from 1942 through 1947."

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sleepless Nights

Gram Parsons & The Flying Burrito Brothers... Sleepless Nights (.mp3 audio 03:13).

Hochbaum: Photo Constructions

David Hochbaum: Photo Constructions. "...David Hochbaum's art is the construction of paintings built on photographs and images that are not only the contemplation of human behavior, but also a reaction to history, astronomy, sex, and iconoclastic symbols. While maintaining dialogue with his own behavior, each picture produces a vision from his private world bound to elements and symbols. An exposition of women and men caged in a world constructed by natural elements and surrounded by foreign symbols. Artistic craftsmanship of the captured image married with the depositions of alienation war with archetypal roles of gender, age, and reason. The figures in David's work seek a balance between the static and kinetic forces of a very surreal and psychosexual environment in which they dwell."

Monday, December 04, 2006

More Nice Time

Peeni Waali... More Nice Time (RealAudio 05:41). From the album The Eve of Peeni Waali. 'More Nice Time' is a re-mix of 'Nice Time,' which appeared on the first Peeni Waali album. Go Upsetter!

What A Wonderful World

Rico Rodriguez... What A Wonderful World (.mp3 audio 04:47). Rico rules our world.

Casa Susanna

SexTV... Casa Susanna. "...While at a Manhattan flea market, antique dealer Robert Swope discovered a collection of intimate snap shots of cross-dressers from the 1950's and 60's. Moved by the mysterious world the photographs revealed, Swope and partner Michael Hurst created a book - Casa Susanna. It was only after the book was published in 2005 that the authors began to learn the story of Casa Susanna and Susanna herself." Also... ZOOZOOM presents Casa Susanna and Walter Rutter: The Girls of Casa Susanna at Laurence Miller Gallery.

100 Girls and 100 Octopuses

Zak Smith... 100 Girls and 100 Octopuses (2005, Acrylic and metallic ink on paper: 98 parts, each 10 x 8 inches, overall 69 x 111 inches). From Works by Zak Smith.

Dr. Lakra

Dr. Lakra Dr. Lakra... Las Armoniosas Líneas (2003, Paint on vintage magazine page). From the exhibition Girls on Film at Zwirner & Worth Gallery last year. Also... Selected Works by Dr. Lakra at the Saatchi Gallery and works by Dr. Lakra exhibited in September and November, 2003 and June and July, 2006 at Kate MacGarry Gallery in London. "...Dr. Lakra is a tattoo artist living and working near Mexico City. In his parallel activities here, however, Dr Lakra transfers his draughtsmanship onto the idealised figures in 50’s Mexican magazines. Pin-up girls, wrestlers, beauties and cuties are tattooed and 'enhanced' in ink with bats, demons, spiders and the faces of pouting vixens. Like pertinent graffiti, the relative innocence of another era is politicised and the images are infused with a relish for the diabolical. Beautification or social identification, the works are a carnival of the grotesque. Kitschy erotica, ancient ritual, and hallucinogenic visions are fused in a collage of ideologies."

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Jeffrey Milstein: Aircraft

Jeffrey Milstein: Aircraft. "...An ongoing project exploring the typology of aircraft." More Works by Jeffrey Milstein at Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. "...His large-scale photographs are not of model airplanes nor are they retouched. His passion for this project has led Mr. Milstein to LAX where the runway meets the edge of the airport. Outside the fenced field, he waits for approaching airplanes and snaps crystal clear shots of the incoming beasts. The planes become portraits as such, all seemingly leaning in for their close-up. In the photograph, the plane stands upright and alone as if in a studio with a backdrop, taking on a new persona."

Seen and Not Seen

FILE Magazine... Seen and Not Seen by Ken Rosenthal. "... Seen and Not Seen is a selection of images by photographer Ken Rosenthal that explore the subject of image and memory."

Fairy Tale, Myth and Fantasy: Approaches to Spirituality in Art

Cat-Headed Blengin Henry Darger... Cat-Headed Blengin (1930s?, Watercolor and pencil on manila paper, Titled and inscribed, lower center). From the exhibition Fairy Tale, Myth and Fantasy: Approaches to Spirituality in Art, December 7, 2006 - February 3, 2007 at Galerie St. Etienne in New York, NY. "...Despite its modern-day secularization and commodification, art-making is still tantamount to a spiritual practice, a way of understanding and giving meaning to one’s existence. To do so, artists reach into the depths of their souls, tapping resources of which they are not always fully conscious. And to express what they find therein, artists develop a pictorial language that will, ideally, arouse kindred feelings in their audience. Now that the hegemony of abstraction and its allied critical discourse has diminished, the spiritual re-emerges—not as something new, but as something that has always been there. Today’s art world is awash in a multiplicity of expressive forms; no single dominant pictorial paradigm has replaced abstraction. And this is all to the good. For one must beware of dogmatic ideologies, whether they be aesthetic, political or religious. Art-making is a spiritual journey to an ambiguous and elusive destination; the magic is lost when the message becomes fixed and finite."

Where We Live: Photographs of America from the Berman Collection

Where We Live: Photographs of America from the Berman Collection. "...The Getty Museum's photographs department was created in 1984 with the acquisition of a number of exceptional American and European private collections. More recently, a new generation of visionary collectors — exemplified by Nancy and Bruce Berman — has left its mark on the Museum.
Since 1998 the Bermans have donated nearly 500 photographs to the Getty, transforming the Museum's collection of contemporary American color photography. Bruce Berman is also a founding member of the Photographs Council, a group that supports the Museum's contemporary photography programs.
This show includes photographs by 24 of the more than 100 photographers whose work the Bermans have acquired over 15 years of collecting. The broad theme they seek in the works they collect is life in the United States."

Catholic High School Girls in Trouble

Catholic High School Girls in Trouble (QuickTime Video). From The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977, directed by John Landis).

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Face of Another

Trailer for The Face of Another Trailer for The Face of Another (Tanin no Kao, 1966, directed by Hiroshi Teshigahara, QuickTime Video). "...Following Woman of the Dunes [Suna no onna] in 1964, Hiroshi Teshigahara continued his collaboration with avant-garde novelist/playwright Kobo Abe and experimental composer Toru Takemitsu for The Face of Another [Tanin no kao]. Starring Tatsuya Nakadai (Yojimbo, Kagemusha) as a man 'buried alive behind eyes without a face,' the film addresses the illusive nature of identity and the agony of its absence." From The Face of Another, part of Eureka Video's Masters of Cinema Series. Also... a Review of The Face of Another by Jasper Sharp at Midnight Eye. ...The Face of Another is the feature film of TCM Imports tomorrow night.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Meanest Guy That Ever Lived

Jack Palance... The Meanest Guy That Ever Lived (.mp3 audio 03:57). From the album Palance (Warner Bros. 1865, 1970).

Sandra Russell Clark: Cut Adrift

Sandra Russell Clark: Cut Adrift at Andrew Smith Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. "...In 1998 Clark and her husband had recently moved from the New Orleans' French Quarter to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Attracted by the lush beauty of the region they had bought a house and separate studio spaces a few blocks from the beach, moved in their possessions and set up their respective studios. Clark was in the habit of keeping the negatives from her most recent work in a briefcase. After Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005 her briefcase of negatives was all that remained of thirty years of work. All her photographs, articles, documents, limited edition books and camera equipment, along with her home and its contents lay under three stories of debris."

Epic India: Paintings by M.F. Husain

Epic India: Paintings by M.F. Husain. "...The Mahabharata is one of India’s oldest and most beloved epics, and the source of stories and teachings that have been part of life in India for two thousand years. M. F. Husain, India’s best-known contemporary artist, first painted a series of works about the epic for the 1971 São Paulo Bienal. For Husain, the central paradox of the epic, and of human nature, is the competition and jealousies that divide members of a family, forcing them to choose sides and moving them all inexorably towards an Armageddon. Drawn primarily from the Peabody Essex Museum’s Herwitz Collection of contemporary Indian art, the exhibition features 20 works inspired by Husain’s vision of the Mahabharata."

Attila Kleb: Muralismo

Attila Kleb: Muralismo Attila Kleb: Muralismo. "...Painted backgrounds and models. It could be a studio, just like the one with frescos in Mai Manó House, the Hungarian House of Photography but apparently it is not. In Sardinia the painted walls face the street and the models depicted by both the artist and the photographer appear in front of the special backgrounds not to have their portrait taken but to say have a drink of good wine in the pub. Or to discuss the recent football match with their buddies at the square, or to set off for harvesting orange in the grove, to go to the shop, the doctor, the school... As this extraordinary gallery is their home. Attila Kleb knows it well, too, as to some extent it is his home as well. When chance and reporter's curiosity took us for the very first time to San Sperate, the Sardinian village famous for its murals, we got tied there for life. We were hosted by the very artists - a sculptor and a painter - who started to don the houses of their home village in frescos in the 1960's. We hoped and felt then, that occasion was not the only one for us. Irrevocally we fell in love with the island of the lean, hard, proud men and tender, happy and fast spoken women."

Bottle Of Smoke

The Pogues... Bottle Of Smoke (.mp3 audio 02:47). A friday .mp3 from BK. The Pogues salute to a 25 to 1 longshot.