Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Model

King Automatic... The Model (.mp3 audio 02:30). Play this very loud. It's one of the best Kraftwerk covers I've ever heard. King Automatic is "...the Transgallactic One-Man Band From France." From King Automatic at Voodoo Rhythm Records.

Ana Mendieta: Cosmetic Facial Variations

Ana Mendieta: Cosmetic Facial Variations. "...In her active, but tragically short life Ana Mendieta built up an exceptional oeuvre. During a period of thirteen years (1972-1985) she produced super-8 films and videos, performances, actions and site-specific installations, drawings, prints, objects and sculptures."

Stop Sneakin' 'Round

Ricky Nelson... Stop Sneakin' 'Round (1962, Imperial Records, .mp3 audio 02:33).

Conceptual Photography

Untitled Action, Summer, 1965 Rudolf Schwarzkogler... Untitled Action, Summer, 1965 (1965, black and white photograph). From the exhibition Conceptual Photography at Zwirner & Wirth Gallery. " exhibition of American and European conceptual photography drawn from a private collection. Spanning the years 1964-1989, the collection, which has been amassed over the last three decades, includes key examples of photo-based conceptual art by artists such as Vito Acconci, Giovanni Anselmo, John Baldessari, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Mel Bochner, Hans Breder, Marcel Broodthaers, Peter Campus, Robert Cumming, Valie Export, Fischli & Weiss, Dan Graham, Birgit Jürgenssen, Barry Le Va, Sol LeWitt, Robert Mapplethorpe, Ana Mendieta, Bruce Nauman, Meret Oppenheim, Hélio Oiticica, Giulio Paolini, Giuseppe Penone, Sigmar Polke, Richard Prince, Charles Ray, Allen Ruppersberg, Lucas Samaras, Laurie Simmons, Andy Warhol, and others."

El Barón del Terror

Trailer (QuickTime Video) for El Barón del Terror (1963, AKA: Brainiac, Director: Chano Urueta). From CasaNegra Entertainment - the best in classic Mexican horror, remastered and presented on DVD.

Haunted Hacienda - Mexican Horror Films

El Monstruo Resucitado (1953, AKA: Doctor Crimen, Director: Chano Urueta). "...Arguably one of the greatest horror films ever made in Mexico and another greatly under-viewed and underappreciated film of 1950s horror. The film begins in the super creepy and disturbing castle of a mad doctor that is built on the edge of a dark and dangerous mountain. It is adorned by a series of realistic classical statues. In the bowels of the castle lies a huge crypt, and within the crypt is a Frankenstein-like lab operated by Doctor Crimen. Strikingly similar yet more contemporary, El Monstruo Resucitado seems straight out of the Universal productions of the ’30s." From Haunted Hacienda - The Best of Mexican Horror Films.

Traveling with Yoshitomo Nara

Trailer (QuickTime Video) for the film Traveling with Yoshitomo Nara. (jp)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Best of gmtPlus9(-15)

Best of gmtPlus9(-15) gmtPlus9(-15) turned 8 the other day.

To mark the occasion I've put together a collection of the best tunes I pointed to in the past year or so - loads of surf, rockabilly, 60's asian pop, and such.

Highlights include The Boss Martians' sharp cover of The Trashmen's 'A-Bone,' GO!GO!7188's fuzzed-up take on the Cutie Honey Theme, and The Rock'n Roll Trio's 'Tear It Up' - our vote for the greatest rockabilly track ever laid down.

Get the Best of gmtPlus9(-15).


1. The Boss Martians -- A-Bone
2. The Surfsiders -- 409
3. Arch Hall Jr. & The Archers -- Konga Joe
4. Bruce Haack -- Electric To Me Turn
5. GO!GO!7188 -- Cutie Honey Theme
6. The Penetrators -- Another Time, Another Place
7. Ronnie Speeks & His Elrods -- What Is Your Technique
8. Los Shains -- El Monstruo
9. Wanda Jackson -- If I Were You
10. Saturn V -- I Wanna Be A Beatle
11. The Spiders -- Mr. Monkey
12. The Feelies -- Now I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms
13. Los Rockin' Devils -- Bule Bule
14. The Nebulas -- It's GO! Time...
15. Nancy Sit -- Shakin' All Over
16. Vivien Goldman -- Launderette
17. The Twang! Marvels -- Phantom of the Highway
18. Ritchie Valens -- Hi-Tone
19. Little Marcy -- Stop And Let Me Tell You
20. Yoko Utsumi -- Neji
21. Liquid Liquid -- Cavern
22. Speedbuggy USA -- Somewhere in America
23. The Manatees -- Mendoza
24. Richard Hell & the Voidoids -- Love Comes in Spurts
25. The Rock'n Roll Trio -- Tear It Up
26. Lara & The Trailers -- Run For Your Life
27. The Cowboy Junkies -- Sweet Jane
28. The Bananas -- Jamie Blond
29. Rita Chao & The Quests -- Love Is Me, Love Is You
30. Shonen Knife -- Banana Fish
31. The Supersonicos -- Freq Perkins
32. The Groovie Ghoulies -- The Beast With Five Hands
33. The Kendalls -- Thank God For The Radio

Monday, May 28, 2007

Takahiko Iimura: On Eye Rape

Takahiko Iimura: On Eye Rape ( 1962, 16mm, b&w/si, 10 min). "...The original film was rescued from a Tokyo trash bin. It is an American sexual education film in which plant and animal sex are explained. I, together with an artist friend, Natsuyuki Nakanishi, punched big holes in almost all of the frames. It was a protest against Japanese censorship of explicit images of sex, particularly pubic hair which the censors would cover with black marks. I inserted a few subliminal frames of pornographic imagery from magazines several times throughout the film. At the end, I even punched holes in these subliminal pictures, thereby 'censoring' the censored image."

Wooly Bully

Charlie and His Go-Go Boys... Wooly Bully ( SWAN records, Recorded in Singapore circa 1966, .mp3 audio 03:01).

Yan Pei-Ming: You maintain a sense of balance in the midst of great success

Double (Americans) Yan Pei-Ming... Double (Americans) (2007, Watercolor on paper, 154 x 278 cm). From the exhibition Yan Pei-Ming: You maintain a sense of balance in the midst of great success at David Zwirner Gallery.

Works by Sean Landers

Sean Landers... Sonic Youth Day (2007, oil on linen, 60 x 102 inches). From Works by Sean Landers at Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York, NY. "...An appetite for risk lies at the core of Sean Landers' work. Whether in his public use of private experience or his refusal to rely on a single medium or style, Landers continually challenges himself to make works that expose the process of creation and destabilize viewers' expectations. Over the past two decades Landers' videos, photographs, paintings, drawings, and audio works, all in one way or another self-portraits, have depicted a seemingly limitless range of characters in styles ranging from cinema verité to polished bronze." Also... More works by Sean Landers at his personal page at ARG.

Ubu Gallery at Art | 38 | Basel

Claude Cahun... L'Herbe au pauvre homme (The Poor Man's Grass, ca. 1930s, vintage gelatin silver print with gouache). From Ubu Gallery at Art | 38 | Basel. Works by Hans Bellmer, Bob Brown, Claude Cahun, Salvador Dali, Otto Dix, Cesar Domela, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Auguste Herbin, Hannah Höch, Heinrich Hoerle, André Masson, László Moholy-Nagy, Richard Oelze, Francis Picabia, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Man Ray, Franz Roh, Kurt Schwitters, Arthur Segal, Kurt Seligmann, Leon Tutundjian, Wols, and Unica Zürn.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Osamu Kanemura: Spider's Strategy

Osamu Kanemura: Spider's Strategy at Cohen Amador Gallery.

Jill Levine: South of the Border - Recent Sculpture

Jill Levine: South of the Border - Recent Sculpture at P.P.O.W. "...After her extensive travels to ancient Mayan temples and Aztec pyramids for over a dozen years, Jill Levine incorporates the carved reliefs and Pre-Columbian codices on to her dynamic new sculptures. Mounted to the wall, each piece juts out, articulating an abstract sculptural space in forms that are clustered with bulbs, cones, spheres, loops, disks, cylinders, tumescent points and mobius strips twisting into each other. Over these complex geometries Levine paints an inexhaustible profusion of detail and color. The shapes and dense colors of Mexican sculls and death gods stretch like a skin upon the hard surfaces of each form giving them a cartoon-like flatness that is a leap from her previous work of Hindu deities."

Hugh Mangum Photographs, (ca. 1890)-1922

Portrait N180 Hugh Mangum... Portrait N180 (ca. 1900, dry collodion negative). From Hugh Mangum Photographs, (ca. 1890)-1922 at Duke University digital collections. "...Hugh Mangum, an itinerant photographer from a prominent Durham, North Carolina family, traveled a rail circuit through North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. Along this route he took portraits of a remarkable variety of people, rendering a rich and diverse pictorial history of the region at the turn of the 19th century. At the beginning of his photographic career in the early 1890s, Mangum maintained a darkroom in a tobacco pack house on the Mangum farm at West Point on the Eno River in Durham. Over the years, he moved to Virginia and partnered with colleagues to operate photography studios in Roanoke, Pulaski, and East Radford, Virginia. The Hugh Mangum Photographs Collection consists of approximately 688 negatives made from the early 1890s through 1922."

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Artists of Gugging

Heinrich Reisenbauer... Plums (2003, Pencil and colored pencil on paper, 11 3/4" x 8 1/4"). The Artists of Gugging at Galerie St. Etienne in New York, NY.

Paul D'Amato: Barrio

Paul D'Amato: Barrio. "...In 1988, just before leaving Chicago for a teaching job in Maine, Paul D'Amato drove through the Mexican community of Pilsen on his way to visit a friend. Having no preconceived interest in documenting Latino culture, he nonetheless fell in love with the neighborhood, and returned annually for the next 14 years to photograph."

Silly Adults

Jeppe Hein... Corner Cubes (2007, PVC, magnets and wire, Each cube 5 x 5 x 5 cm, Edition of 5). From the exhibition Silly Adults at Galleri Nicolai Wallner in Copenhagen. "...The exhibition presents works by: Peter Land, Clare Rojas, David Shrigley, Gitte Villesen, Glenn Sorensen, Jens Haaning, Jeppe Hein, Jonathan Monk, Barry McGee, Chris Johanson, Mari Eastman, Joachim Koester, Christoph Ruckhäberle, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen, Hiroshi Sugito, Daniel Buren, and Yoshitomo Nara."

Ulrike Lienbacher | Künstler der Galerie

Works by Ulrike Lienbacher Works by Ulrike Lienbacher and Künstler der Galerie - works by Günter Brus, Zenita Komad, Hermann Nitsch, Eva Schlegel, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, and Erwin Wurm, May 15 - June 23 at Galerie Krinzinger in Vienna.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Los Angeles

X... Los Angeles (.mp3 audio 02:25).

REBEL REBEL: Remembering Karlheinz Weinberger, 1921–2006

REBEL REBEL: Remembering Karlheinz Weinberger, 1921–2006 at Kustera Tilton Gallery. "...In December 2006, the renowned Swiss photographer, Karlheinz Weinberger passed away in a Zurich hospital after a short grave illness. He was born 1921 in Zurich, where he lived and worked for his entire life. Weinberger leaves behind a photographic legacy which is part of many public and private collections worldwide.
Self-taught and working under the pseudonym of “Jim”, Weinberger began his artistic career taking pictures for a gay underground club, Der Kreis which published a magazine by the same title. In 1958, Weinberger met a member of a small band of teenagers and began photographing them both at his home studio as well as at the public parks and carnivals where they gathered. In post war Switzerland, these self-named “rebels” were comprised of working class boys and girls dissatisfied with the conservative and conformative culture of the day. Inventing their own code of behavior and dress they affected a powerful gang identity expressed by an affinity for like-minded American imports such as James Dean, Elvis, blue jeans and motorbikes. Later, in the mid-60s, the rebels dissipated both physically and in spirit, while others carried on their youthful resistance to the status quo, forming clubs of “rockers” and “bikers” that Weinberger followed with his camera on their outings into the Swiss countryside. Their retreat from the urban setting to a self-imposed isolation in nature embodied a more inward revolt, one of self-destructiveness and self-mutilation."

Mr. at Lehmann Maupin Gallery

Mr. Mr. at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in New York, NY. "...Lehmann Maupin Gallery will present the first New York solo exhibition of the artist Mr., whose work typically examines Otaku culture in Japan with cartoonish, anime-like two- and three-dimensional representations of joyful adolescents. For this exhibition, the gallery will be filled with large-scale, intricate paintings and sculptures, the largest of which will be an imagined environment within the oversized head of one of the artist's euphoric girls.
The Otaku subculture emerged in Japan in the 1970s and consisted mostly of males who were consumed by manga comics, anime animation, sci-fi literature and video games. Mr.'s large-eyed characters and flat color fields are influenced by this movement and its Lolita-esque fascination with adolescents. The cheerful boys with their pants down and girls in short skirts appear sexually provocative, asking the viewer to question whether the work is a comment on Otaku culture or an exploration of Mr.'s fantasy world."

Trailer for Gram Parsons: Fallen Angel

Trailer for Gram Parsons: Fallen Angel (.wmv video 02:24, directed by Gandulf Hennig, 2004, BBC Music Entertainment). Leave it to the Brits to make the first-ever documentary film about GP. Also... Excerpts from the Room 8 Guestbook at the Joshua Tree Inn, Joshua Tree, CA.

Happy Birthday gmtPlus9(-15)

Happy Birthday gmtPlus9(-15) - eight years old today.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Splash of Photo History Comes to Light

A Splash of Photo History Comes to Light A Splash of Photo History Comes to Light (New York Times, May 21, 2007). "...At first glance the two pictures seem to be gorgeous anachronisms, full-color blasts from the black-and-white world of 1908, the year Ford introduced the Model T and Theodore Roosevelt was nearing the end of his second term.
But they are genuine products of their time, rare ones, among the few surviving masterpieces from the earliest days of color photography, made using a process developed by the Lumière brothers in France and imported to the United States by the photographer Edward Steichen a century ago this year. They were taken by Steichen, probably in Buffalo, and are thought to be portraits of Charlotte Spaulding, a friend and student who became his luminous subject for the portraits, which resemble pointillist miniatures on glass.
Almost as intriguing as the pictures themselves, however, is the story of how they recently made their way from a house in Buffalo, where they apparently sat unseen for decades, to the collection of the George Eastman House in Rochester, one of the world’s leading photography museums, where they will be exhibited for the first time this fall."

Eiichi Kudo's Guerrilla Filmmaking

Midnight Eye... Eiichi Kudo's Guerrilla Filmmaking by Robin Gatto. "...In 1985, Assassination director Masahiro Shinoda declared to journalist Judy Stone: 'What characterizes Japan is the imposition upon the people of absolute power and authority without the right to question and debate. The United States, despite its injustices, has seemed to the Japanese a fresh force and inspiration for those burdened with the weight of authoritarianism'. 20 years after WW2, Japan was going through Post-Anpo disillusionment and the whole gamut of political extremism. The time was ripe for searing black and white jidai geki reflecting those times of violence. Great directors like Shinoda, Gosha, Misumi, Okamoto and Kudo all launched themselves into the melee and made sharp jidai geki that were heavily tinged with their new-wave personalities."

Brighton Sea Swim Club

File Magazine... Brighton Sea Swim Club. "...a selection of photographs by Kevin Meredith, in which he photographs the members of the Brighton Sea Swimming Club, a group of individuals who swim year round and in all weather. This selection of work is impressive not only for Kevin's ability to capture the frigidity of the sea and the joie de vie of the club's participants, but because he actually is a member of this club who swims in the freezing water and photographs his fellow lunatics."


The Kinks... Victoria (1969, Pye 7N 17865 .mp3 audio 03:40).

Long ago life was clean
Sex was bad and obscene
And the rich were so mean
Stately homes for the Lords
Croquet lawns, village greens
Victoria was my queen

Sunday, May 20, 2007

You Don't Miss Your Water

The Byrds... You Don't Miss Your Water (.mp3 audio 03:51). From the album Sweetheart of the Rodeo (1968, Columbia Records, produced by Gary Usher).

The American Spirit in Architecture

Modern Industrialism in Classic Dress Wurts Brothers... Modern Industrialism in Classic Dress. From The American Spirit in Architecture, Volume 13 of the The Pageant of America Photograph Archive at the NYPL Digital Gallery. "...7,669 original and copy photographs; albumen, platinum and silver gelatin prints; 1860s-1920s. The photographs are presented in original archival order: two series, 'published' and 'unpublished' photographs, exist for each of the fifteen volumes published in the 15-volume series The Pageant of America: A Pictorial History of the United States commemorating the nation's sesquicentennial in 1926."

Andrew Henderson: Reachout Village

Andrew Henderson: Reachout Village. "...Reachout Village Ministries is a Christian ministry for orphans, most of whose parents died of HIV/ AIDS. Located outside Kampala, Uganda Reachout Village Ministries offers housing and schooling for around three hundred children, grade one to seven. The photo essay is a look into this school's life and daily activities." From Andrew Henderson Photography.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Deerhoof... +81 (.mp3 audio 03:03). From Friend Opportunity - their latest album on Kill Rock Stars.

August Sander: Portrait - Architecture - Landscape

August Sander... Boxers (1929 silver print, mounted on cardboard, printed by Gerd Sander 1993, ed. 6/12). From August Sander: Portrait - Architecture - Landscape at Galerie Priska Pasquer in Cologne.

Films by Maya Deren

Films by Maya Deren at UBUWEB, including Meshes of the Afternoon (1943, Dir: Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid. Screenplay: Maya Deren. Cast: Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid. Music: Teiji Ito. B&W). "...Meshes of the Afternoon is one of the most influential works in American experimental cinema. A non-narrative work, it has been identified as a key example of the "trance film," in which a protagonist appears in a dreamlike state, and where the camera conveys his or her subjective focus. The central figure in Meshes of the Afternoon, played by Deren, is attuned to her unconscious mind and caught in a web of dream events that spill over into reality. Symbolic objects, such as a key and a knife, recur throughout the film; events are open-ended and interrupted. Deren explained that she wanted 'to put on film the feeling which a human being experiences about an incident, rather than to record the incident accurately.'"

Pep Bonet: Faith in Chaos

Pep Bonet: Faith in Chaos. "..."I named my photography project about hope in post-war Sierra Leone. For six years already, I have been capturing the lives of Sierra Leonean youngsters whilst they are creating chances for themselves in a land where opportunities are very rare. Even before the war, Sierra Leone was the poorest country on earth (UNDP figures). It still is, and now it's in shambles too."

By Invitation Only

By Invitation Only, May 21 - July 21, 2007 at Kinz, Tillou and Feigen. "...To inaugurate our gallery and acknowledge our history of collaborating with guest curators to present fresh perspectives, we have invited colleagues and assigned them individual walls to, in turn, invite artists and select the artworks to be exhibited. Some of the nominators are old friends with whom we have worked in the past, while others are new acquaintances whose interests and insights we have admired. They were asked to invite artists not exclusively represented, providing them with an exhibition opportunity and giving our audience an opportunity to see new and exciting works."

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Paraiba Dreams

Lost Art... Paraiba Dreams.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rock It

Thumper Jones... Rock It (1956, Starday 45-240 .mp3 audio 02:12). Thumper Jones is, of course, country legend George Jones rockin' out.

Pearl Blauvelt - McDermott & McGough

The White House Pearl Blauvelt... The White House (c. 1940, colored pencil and graphite on notebook paper, 8 x 10.5 inches). From Pearl Blauvelt - McDermott & McGough at KS Art. "...A large group of drawings by the self-taught artist Pearl Blauvelt (1893-1987) will be shown alongside works on paper and paintings by the collaborative team McDermott & McGough. The pairing of artists and the selection of works was made by Bob Nickas." Also... Works by McDermott & McGough at Cheim & Read.

Works by Joan Gentry

Joan Gentry... Folding Chairs (1993). From Works by Joan Gentry at Verve Fine Arts. "...Joan Gentry began work in photography as a teenager photographing sites of interest in the Albuquerque, New Mexico, area as she explored every aspect of the local deserts and buildings. She made a commitment to serious photography and attended the University of New Mexico where she received a B.A. in Fine Arts. This grand experience opened doors to many types of processes and mind-expanding opportunities working within the Photography Department. As a result, her work has become eclectic, from using the incredible New Mexico light and working with shapes and shadows to mysterious dwellings once inhabited by the Anasazi. She instructed photography classes, participated in juried art shows, and currently is working in the field as instructor in the Anasazi Workshops." More at Joan Gentry Photography.

Marc Bell: Egypt Buncake

Marc Bell... Stub 4 (Society) (2006, Mixed media on board, 7" x 5"). From the exhibition Marc Bell: Egypt Buncake, May 4 - June 9, 2007 at Adam Baumgold Gallery. "...In his third solo exhibition, Marc Bell seamlessly combines his decade plus comics activities with his lifelong devotion to, as he calls it, "Fine Ahtwerks." The result is over fifty drawings, watercolors, paintings and mixed media constructions of a fully formed visual world of tubular creatures, inexplicable landscapes, and nonsense words that imply narrative as quickly as they distract from it."

Monday, May 14, 2007

Stripper Polaroids

Stripper Polaroids Stripper Polaroids - a Flickr set. "...This photo came from a collection of over 400 Polaroid photos of strippers trying out for dancing jobs at a southern California club. They were taken from the late 1960's thru the early 1970's. I bought the entire collection for $10."


A Certain Ratio... Faceless (.mp3 audio 02:22). From the Factory Records cassette The Graveyard and the Ballroom (1980, Factory FACT 16).

Michał Cała: Śląsk

Michał Cała: Śląsk. "...Zdjęcia przedstawiają przemysłowy krajobraz Górnego Śląska, Zagłębia i Wałbrzycha z lat 1978-1990." (pl)

Trailer for 'Tears of the Black Tiger'

Trailer for 'Tears of the Black Tiger' (.wmv video 02:25) - easily the best color film I've seen in the last ten years. Also... Boxer (Flash Video 00:45) - a Wrangler Jean commericial by 'Tears' director Wisit Sasanatieng featuring 'Tears' star Chartchai Ngamsan.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Vitche: Equilibrium

Vitche: Equilibrium, May 12 - June 9, 2007 at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. "...For Equilibrium, Vitche explores how the relationship between man and nature has been lost in modern society. He incorporates themes of politics, nature, ancient cultures and the human condition to formulate questions of environmental consciousness. 'To me every ancient culture has an intimate connection with the earth’s spirit.' Combining stylistic elements and techniques of graffiti and sculpture, Vitche channels his life experiences and influences of Brazilian culture to revive the primitive energy of forgotten civilizations."

I Can Only Give You Everything

I Can Only Give You Everything Them... I Can Only Give You Everything (1966 Parrot PAR 3006 .mp3 audio 02:36). Also... The Bram Rigg Set doing 'I Can Only Give You Everything' on a local television show (Flash Video 02:49). And... I Can Only Give You Everything ...And More! "...Ever since I first heard The Little Boy Blues' version some 20 years ago, I started collecting every other version I could lay my hands on. Most people think I'm nuts for having such an interest but then again most people wouldn't know a good thing from a hole in the ground. But not you my friend, or you wouldn't be reading this, would you. Meanachem Turchick, who runs a.o. the excellent 'Freakout USA' zine with his brother Efram and runs the 'Searchin' For Shakes' website/database suggested that it would be a great idea to put all information regarding the 101 versions on a website."


Vladmaster. "...Vladmasters are handmade View-Master reels designed, photographed, and hand-assembled by Vladimir. They make use of toys, neglected household objects, and odd ephemera to tell 28-picture tales of train chases, missing steam shovels, disastrous dinner parties, and overly adventurous cockroaches.
Vladmaster performances are simultaneous Vladmaster experiences in which every attendee is given a viewer and set of disks and then led through the story by a soundtrack featuring music, narration, sound effects, and ding noises to cue the change from image to image. Vladimir has given performances across the US and Britain, including shows at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Flaherty Film Seminar in New York, and the Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham UK."

Friday, May 11, 2007

E.O. Hoppé: Photographer

Deutsche Arbeit E.O. Hoppé: Deutsche Arbeit (1930). "...In the mid-to late 1920’s, Hoppé made frequent visits to his home country. He traveled extensively throughout Germany visiting the manufacturing cities where an unprecedented industrial buildup was underway. He photographed major industrial manufacturing complexes including Seimens and Schuckert, the Borsig Locomotive Factory, the Graf Zeppelin factory, the Brunner Mond Chemical Works, the Continental Tire factory, Krupps Stores, coal mines in the Rhur and Essen, aircraft factories in Hanover and Dessau, and all manner of large-scale industry. Man appears small and insignificant next to his massive construction. Clearly German life had entered an entirely new era." From E.O. Hoppé: Photographer - Edwardian Modernist, 1878-1972).

The End is Nigh

The End is Nigh - the inaugural exhibition at Higher Pictures in New York, NY. "...Far ranging in its approach and genre, this salon style photographic exhibition contains subtly divergent notions of ends. War, an individual action, a conversation, life, liberty, culture. Examples include: Harry Callahan, Eleanor, c.1950; Diane Arbus, Boy With a Straw Hat Waiting to March in a Pro-War Parade, 1967; Boogie, Sagrada Familia (Church of the Holy Family), 2007."

Biff Bang Pow

The Creation... Biff Bang Pow (stereo) (.mp3 audio 02:26). Covered by The Times... Biff Bang Pow (.mp3 audio 02:52). Thank you, DMc.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Baroque Bordello... Today (1984, ALG Records ALG1 .mp3 audio 02:19). Produced by Laurence 'Lol' Tolhurst of the Cure.

Jitka Válová: Grafika & Kresby

Jitka Válová: Grafika & Kresby (Graphics & Drawings) at galerie art
svetlana a lubos jelinek. "...The work of Jitka Valova has inherently been connected with that of her twin sister Kveta Valova. Between the years 1946-1950, both Jitka and Kveta studied paiting at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in the studio of Emil Filla. During the 1950s, their paintings and drawings belonged to the sphere of objective work and in the 1960s, their works began to exhibit a wave of new configuration. Since 1954, the founding year of the group Trasa, the sisters have predominantly exhibited with the member artists, and in the 1970s, they were unofficially recognised artists. After a long pause, art historians and their friends Jana and Jiri Sevcikovi put together exhibitions in Cheb, Karlovy Vary, Ostrov nad Ohri, and Roudnice nad Labem. In 1994, Jitka and Kveta Valovy were awarded the prestigious J. G. Herder prize in Austria. Since the early 1990s, their art has been presented in many eminent exhibitions both at home and abroad. The works of Jitka and Kveta Valovy undeniably belong to the context of modern European art."

Remembering McCarthy: A Visual Biography, 1908-1957

Poster for Joseph R. McCarthy Poster for Joseph R. McCarthy - campaign for circuit judge (1939). From Remembering McCarthy: A Visual Biography, 1908-1957 at the Wisconsin Historical Society. "...May 2 marked the 50th anniversary of the death of Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy, who for four years in the early 1950s, held the nation in his grasp with his anti-Communist rhetoric. To his enemies, McCarthy was evil incarnate, but to his supporters, he was an ardent champion of freedom. Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1946, Joseph McCarthy created a sensation in 1950 when he announced during a speech in Wheeling, West Virginia, that communist members of the State Department were influencing American foreign policy. At the time, communist expansion in Eastern Europe and Korea fueled Americans' anxiety that their way of life was under attack. Proclaimed just as Americans were preparing to fight in Korea, McCarthy capitalized on people's fears of encroaching communism to launch a public campaign aimed at eliminating the supposed communist infiltration of government."

That's How Strong My Love Is

The Creation... That's How Strong My Love Is (.mp3 audio 02:32). The moddest of the mods. Live track from the West German television series Beat! Beat! Beat! (aired: September 23, 1966). Many thanks, DMc. Also... The Creation perform Making Time from the same show (Flash Video 02:58).

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Toshio Matsumoto - Experimental Film Works

Toshio Matsumoto... For The Damaged Right Eye (1968, Flash Video 12:09) and Andy Warhol - Re-production (1974, Flash Video 23:02). Also... Toshio Matsumoto: Experimental Film Works, 1961-1987 at UBUWEB. "...Graduated from Tokyo University in 1955. A pioneer of avant-garde documentary, experimental film, multimedia, and video art in Japan. Both at home and abroad, has presented experimental short films ranging from Song of the Stones (1963) to Traces of Memory (1987), video art from Regeneration (1971) to Disguise (1992), and experimental feature films from Funeral of Roses (1969) to Dogra Magra (1988), winning numerous awards. Published numerous books from Eizo no hakken (1963) to Eizo no tankyu ('Pursuit of the Image,' 1992). Currently a professor and dean of the Faculty of Arts at the Kyoto University of Art and Design. President of the Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences."

Reflections from the Heart: Photographs by David Seymour

Reflections from the Heart: Photographs by David Seymour. "...Born in Warsaw, Poland, David Seymour, also known as Chim, applied his skilled hand, warm heart, and perceptive eye to photographing the poignant and dramatic events. Fluent in several languages, with deep affinities for many countries and peoples, Chim was truly international. His photographs were published in leading magazines from 1933 to 1956 and contributed to redefining photojournalism.
Many of Seymour's best-known photos capture the poignant and dramatic events of the 20th century, including postwar Europe. He covered many important political events beginning with the Spanish Civil War. During World War II he served as a photo-interpreter with the U.S. Air Force in Europe. In 1947, he co-founded the international photojournalists cooperative Magnum. In 1956 an Egyptian machine-gunner killed David Seymour four days after the Armistice at Suez. David Seymour, a man of peace, lost his life while trying to promote peace and understanding through his images." Also... Chim: Photographs by David Seymour at the ICP in New York, NY.

Bill Sullivan: More Turns

Bill Sullivan: More Turns. "...I developed a situation so that various subjects could be defined by the constraints of exactly the same mechanical apparatus. The scenario consisted of someone passing through a subway turnstile. At the moment that the subjects passed through the turnstile, unknown to them, I took their picture stationed at a distance of eleven feet. I stood there turning pages of a magazine observing subjects out of the corner of my eye, waiting for only the moment when they pushed the turnstile bar to release the shutter." From Bill Sullivan Works.

Down On The Corner Of Love

Bobby Bare... Down On The Corner Of Love (1956, Capitol F3557 .mp3 audio 01:57). Found on the compilation lp Rock And Roll At The Capitol Tower, Vol. 3 (Capitol (France) 2S 150- 85345/6). Written by Buck Owens. Thank you, DMc.

Monday, May 07, 2007


The Fendermen Featuring Dave And Izzy... Popeye (1964, Sassy 00284/5 .mp3 audio 02:06).

Taming the Yellow Dragon: Climate Change in Western China

Taming the Yellow Dragon: Climate Change in Western China Digital Journalist... Taming the Yellow Dragon: Climate Change in Western China by James Whitlow Delano. "...he Chinese call it Taming the Yellow Dragon. It is a battle to halt irresistible yellow Gobi Desert sands that are advancing, filtering into and burying villages.
In the 1950s, during the policies of the Great Leap Forward, Mao Zedong ordered marginal steppe grassland to be ploughed, unleashing massive dust storms reminiscent of America's Dust Bowl years during the 1930s. In spring, sands reach Seoul and sometimes even Tokyo.
Livestock populations in China have tripled to 400 million since 1950. There are 298 million sheep in China versus only 8 million in the United States.
Migrants forced off of desiccated land may eventually number in the tens of millions. Two-and-a-half million 'Okies' fled the American Dust Bowl in a similar-sized country but with a population of only 150 million. With 1.3 billion people, Chinese migrants have far fewer options." More Works by James Whitlow Delano at his personal site.

Takashi Murakami: Tranquility of the Heart, Torment of the Flesh - Open Wide the Eye of the Heart, and Nothing is Invisible

Takashi Murakami: Tranquility of the Heart, Torment of the Flesh - Open Wide the Eye of the Heart, and Nothing is Invisible at Gagosian Gallery in New York. "...Departing from his well-known utopian and dystopian themes – which feature masses of smiling flowers, elaborate scenes of toonish apocalypse, and the ever-morphing cult figures of DOB and Mr. Pointy – Murakami surprises here with a group of monumental portraits of Daruma, the grand patriarch of Zen art. Daruma was an Indian sage who lived during the fifth or sixth century A.D., the founder of Zen Buddhism. Legend has it that he attained enlightenment after sitting in meditation before the wall of the Shaolin monastery for nine years, without blinking his eyes. During this process, his arms and legs atrophied, withered and fell off. In today's Japan, Daruma's continuing popularity as the embodiment of resilience and determination has given rise to an entire industry of good luck charms in the form of armless, legless and eyeless dolls, available in endless variations."

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bad News

The Loafers... Bad News (.mp3 audio 03:32). From the album Contagious (1988, Staccato Records|Link Records).

Jerzy Wierzbicki

"Gdansk Suburbia' is a recent project by Jerzy Wierzbicki. "...Gdańsk has always been a very unique city. It is one of the largest harbors on the Baltic coast and there were always many conflicts concerning to which territory it should belong or who should rule it. This even constituted a pretext for German army to attack Poland and consequently caused the outbreak of the World War II. Later Gdańsk also played a significant role in world history. It is the place where the Solidarity movement originated and where workers of the Gdańsk shipyard, among them the icon of the revolution in 1980 - Lech Wałęsa - the shipyard electrician, and their fight to free Poland triggered political changes in the East-Bloc countries. As a result of the changes the Iron Curtain was torn apart and the Communist regime in Eastern Europe fell. All these events took place twenty-five years ago; Wierzbicki was five years old at that time. Paradoxically, the first day Jerzy Wierzbicki began photographing his hometown was also the last day Lech Wałęsa was the president of Poland."

Frank van der Salm: Bodies of Work

Frank van der Salm: Bodies of Work Frank van der Salm: Bodies of Work at Jan Kesner Gallery. "...Frank van der Salm was born in 1964, in Delft, The Netherlands, and lives and works today in Rotterdam. He holds a degree in geodesic studies from the Delft Polytechnic, and a degree in photography from the Rotterdam Art Academy.
Since his first solo exhibition in 1993, he has shown in Switzerland, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Portugal, across The Netherlands, and in Los Angeles. His various showings in group exhibitions date back to 1992, and also include Milan, Venice, Toulouse, The Hague, São Paulo, Madrid, Frankfurt, and Strasbourg.
Frank van der Salm’s work is a part of collections with Herzog & de Meuron, Rem Koolhaas New York, the Seattle Public Library, Atelier HSL/SKOR, the Amsterdam HSL-Zuid Photography Project , Rijksgebouwendienst, De Leidschen Poort”, the Province of Zuid-Holland, and the Institut Néerlandais in Paris."


BOMB IT! - The global graffiti documentary featuring street artists and top graffiti writers from 5 continents. "...BOMB IT is the explosive new documentary from award-winning director Jon Reiss investigating the most subversive and controversial art form currently shaping international youth culture: graffiti. BOMB IT will be the most comprehensive film project about graffiti and street art done to date and for years to come, featuring original and rare footage from the top graffiti writers of modern times, from Cornbread and Taki 183 to Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, and up-and-coming artists pushing the boundaries of this longstanding artistic and social movement. See the growing list of artists participating in BOMB IT here."

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Factory Showdown

Tetsuo Chema... Factory Showdown (Flash Video 02:51). Music video for Shinya Tsukamoto's Tetsuo - The Iron Man.

Prime Time: Shinique Smith and Mickalene Thomas

Prime Time: Shinique Smith and Mickalene Thomas at Caren Golden Fine Art in New York, NY. "...Caren Golden Fine Art is pleased to present Prime Time, a two-person exhibition featuring the work of Shinique Smith and Mickalene Thomas. Smith and Thomas have shown in numerous exhibitions together including African Queen and Frequency at the Studio Museum in Harlem, Do You Think I'm Disco? at the Longwood Arts Center in the Bronx and My Love is a 187 at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. Prime Time is an opportunity to further explore the nuances of their individual working processes. Addressing different aspects of contemporary culture, both artists layer color, pattern and texture in their use of found objects and imagery. A mutual affinity for accumulation is a common thread that unites their disparate methodologies."

Friday, May 04, 2007

Works by Trent Parke

Works by Trent Parke at iN-PUBLIC ...The home of street photography. "...Born in Newcastle, Australia in 1971, Trent Parke now lives in Adelaide, the only Australian photographer in the celebrated Magnum group. Trent won the prestigious W Eugene Smith Award for humanistic photography in 2003, for his epic road trip around Australia, 'Minutes to Midnight.' He has also won World Press Photo Awards in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2005. He has been awarded five Gold Lenses from the International Olympic Committee (1996, 1997 and 1998) and the Canon Photo Essay Prize in the 2000 Sasakawa World Sports Awards. He was also selected to be part of the World Press Photo Masterclass in 1999. Trent self-published his first two books: Dream/Life in 1999 and The Seventh Wave (with Narelle Autio) in 2000. Both made the top two in the book category at the Picture of the Year International."

Photographs by Claude Cahun

A few Photographs by Claude Cahun at Ubu Gallery in New York.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Kumnyama Endlini

Mahotella Queens... Kumnyama Endlini (RealAudio 04:20).

Portraits from the Edge of Europe

Circus Performers Nelson Hancock... Circus Performers. From Portraits from the Edge of Europe - photographs by Nelson Hancock at Nelson Hancock Gallery
in Brooklyn, NY. "...These portraits were made in the 1990s along the rapidly changing, eastern edges of Europe. In cities such as Crakow, Prague, Moscow, Bratislava, Budapest, Istanbul and in the countryside surrounding them." Also... don't miss the Holga Photographs by Laura Miller.

Ambassador Hotel Project

Whit Wagner... Ambassador Hotel Project. "...My first serious photographic pursuit was an attempt to document the massive (and empty) Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. What followed was a three year quest to gain access to the property culminating in a trip through the hotel's interior on the 'Final Public Tour' in March 2005.
In the interim, the grounds were photographed from various off-property locations and the resort's transformation from forgotten to demoliton-ready in the span of two years is fully documented.
The result of this journey are the images on this site and my book, Late Check-Out. Culled from hundreds of photographs, they cover every accessible inch of the fourteen-acre property...inside and out. Now completely demolished, the Ambassador Hotel lives on only in collections like this. I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I enjoyed taking them."

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

(Don't Roll Those) Bloodshot Eyes (At Me)

Wynonie Harris... (Don't Roll Those) Bloodshot Eyes (At Me) (1951, King 4461 .mp3 audio 02:41). We heard Hank Penny's original 'Bloodshot Eyes' the other day. This is Wynonie Harris' jump jive version (also on King) with smokin' sax fills and break. Thank you, DMc.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tomorrow Never Comes

Johnny Bond and the Red River Valley Boys... Tomorrow Never Comes (.mp3 audio 02:32). A transcription acetate (from the late 40's?) From Bloodshot Revival.

Miriam Cahn: Bellezza

Miriam Cahn... Meine Wilde Mutter (2000, olio su tela). From Miriam Cahn: Bellezza (Beauty) at Paolo Curti - Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co. "...Miriam Cahn was born on 21 July 1949 in Basel, where she lives and works. She began her career at the end of the 1960s, with a series of black and white drawings, a medium in which she continues to work today. Her drawings have never been conceived as a preparatory phase for other works, but as autonomous works of art.
The worlds of silence, women, animals and war, the transfigured body as an object of violence, are constantly reflected in her work. Flaming reds and oranges, spectral blues, luminous greens are the colors chosen by the artist for the representation of her world."