Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quiet Resistance: Pictorialism in Russian Photography

Quiet Resistance: Pictorialism in Russian Photography Quiet Resistance: Pictorialism in Russian Photography, June 10 - 30, 2008 at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga, Latvia.

Wildwood Flower

The Carter Sisters... Wildwood Flower (1953, Columbia 4-21138 .mp3 audio 02:29).

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Circle Rock

Cowboy Copas (Recording as Lloyd Copas)... Circle Rock (1958, Dot 45-15735 .mp3 audio 02:16).

The Story Rugs of Dale Gottlieb

The Story Rugs of Dale Gottlieb at Garde Rail Gallery in Seattle, WA. "...Dale's great sensitivity towards issues of injustice and inequality were innate from early on, and have paved the way for Dale's philosophy toward life and her work. Primarily a painter, Dale decided to expand her medium by collaborating with a Tibetan carpet maker named Lobsang Tenzing who lives and works with his family in Nepal. She sends her paintings to Nepal and roughly three months later they return as rugs, beautifully hand woven using hand spun and hand dyed wool."

Yola Monakhov: Once Out Of Nature

Yola Monakhov: Once Out Of Nature at Sasha Wolf Gallery in New York.

Collaborations V

Carolyn Burnett... Jessica (2008, Archival Inkjet). From the exhibition Collaborations V at the Houstan Center for Photography. "...Collaborations V is an exhibition collectively planned and executed by high school photography students from the Houston area. Participating schools are The Kinkaid School, HSPVA, St. John's School, Bellaire High School, Jack Yates High School, Lamar High School, Reagan High School, Episcopal High School, and Jersey Village High School."

Michaël Borremans: Painted Fruit

Michaël Borremans: Painted Fruit at Zeno X Gallery, Leopold De Waelplaats 16 - 2000 Antwerpen. Also... More Works by Michaël Borremans at David Zwirner Gallery.

Jim Houser: Mere Inches

Jim Houser: Mere Inches at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Works by Philippe Gronon

Amplis Philippe Gronon... Amplis (Amp, 2003, Technique Photographie N& B virés sélénium, contre collée sur aluminium). From Works by Philippe Gronon. (fr)

La Revolution n'est qu'un Début, Continuons Le Combat

Pierre Clémenti... La Revolution n'est qu'un Début, Continuons Le Combat (1968, 23 minutes, silent). "...Rediscovered in a basement in 1999, the film was shot in Paris during the events of May ’68 and in Rome where the actor was featured in the film Partner by Bertolucci."

Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Fairport Convention... Who Knows Where The Time Goes (.wma audio 05:10). From the album Unhalfbricking (1969, Island ILPS 9102).

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Images of Wisconsin's Holocaust Survivors

Images of Wisconsin's Holocaust Survivors Images of Wisconsin's Holocaust Survivors at the WHS. "...More than 140,000 Holocaust survivors came to the United States after World War II. Many came because the only members of their families still living were those who had come to the U.S. before the war. The number who came to Wisconsin is difficult to determine, although estimates place it between 1,000 and 2,000 people. Two dozen of those who settled in Wisconsin were interviewed by Society staff in the 1970s and 1980s, generating more than 160 hours of tape and a collection of more than 1,600 images."

Tomoyasu Murata and Company

Tomoyasu Murata and Company at Midnight Eye. "...One could easily walk past the non-descript door of the Tomoyasu Murata Company in the Arakawa district of Tokyo without realising it contains the studio of one of the most prolific independent animation artists in Japan. The only glimmer of uniqueness on the outside is that the normally red mailbox has been painted white. Tomoyasu Murata is perhaps most famous for his stop motion work, such as his award winning film Nostalgia (2000), the My Road series, and his video work for J-pop band Mr. Children, but his output encompasses a wide range of other media as well."

Bernd and Hilla Becher: Basic Forms

Bernd and Hilla Becher: Basic Forms at the Getty Center. "...For nearly 50 years, Bernd and Hilla Becher photographed the industrial architecture of western Europe. Using a large-format camera loaded with five-by-seven-inch sheet film, they created an archive of the basic forms that inform our understanding of the industrial era. Rendered with absolute precision in the palette of cool grays characteristic of medium-contrast gelatin silver prints, each structure is centered against a cloudless sky, filling the picture frame. Their choice to limit decisions, effectively employing a 'nonstyle' — which, ironically, became an immediately recognizable style—demonstrates the role the Bechers' work has played in bridging the gap between photography as document and photography as art in the second half of the 20th century."

Les Krims: Pictures in the Age of the Culture Wars

Les Krims... Nude With Cardboard Lightning Bolt (1970). From Les Krims: Pictures in the Age of the Culture Wars at Zone Zero. "...For a time in the States, growing criticism of liberal culture’s strident agenda offered signs that the left was quivering, getting grayer, loosing its grip, starting to shrink, beginning to molder & leak. For example, Jacques Derrida's death, on October 8, 2004, provoked an astounding revisionist article: 'The Theory of Everything, R.I.P.,' by Emily Eakin, published in The New York Times (October 17, 2004). Several of Derrida’s contemporaries and acolytes admitted to Ms. Eakin, that they had hoped and believed their 'theories' would foster a Marxist revolution in the West (amazing!)." More Works by Les Krims at his personal site.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

gmtPlus9(-15) is 9

Happy birthday to gmtPlus9(-15) - we're 9 years old today.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crazy Lady Blues

Sandy Denny... Crazy Lady Blues (mp3 audio 03:21). From the album The North Star Grassman And The Ravens (1971, Island ILPS 9165).

When I Become A Man

When I Become A Man Jay North... When I Become A Man (.mp3 audio 02:37). From the album Look Who's Singing! (1959, Kem 27). From Probe is Turnin-on the People!

Titi Freak: Vida Apaixonada

Titi Freak: Vida Apaixonada at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. "...For Vida Apaixonada (which is Portuguese for: Passionate Life), Titi Freak has created a new collection of original mixed media paintings, drawings and collages on a variety of alternative surfaces and found objects. He has also begun a new series of hand-carved etchings. Expanding on his signature style—working on canvas, wood panel, fabric, sake packaging and other found materials—the artist uses screens, stencils, spray paint drips, and graphic brush strokes of varying line quality. These elements collectively result in layers of vibrant colors, rich in pattern and texture." More Works by Titi Freak at his personal site.

New Works by Neo Rauch

Neo Rauch... Die Aufnahme (2008, Oil on canvas). From an exhibition of New Works by Neo Rauch at David Zwirner Gallery in New York. "...Educated at the now legendary Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, Germany, Rauch (b. 1960) has become one of his generation’s most influential and virtuoso painters. He continues the rich tradition of Leipzig figurative painting. The artist transforms typical industrious scenes into veritable dreamscapes, transporting viewers to a deeply personal and enigmatic, symbolic universe."

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pharaoh A Go Go

Jackie & The Cedrics - Pharaoh A Go Go (.mp3 audio 01:27).

Works by Gerald Slota

A Dozen Posters from Paris May '68

Non à la bureaucratie Non à la bureaucratie (Atelier Populaire, Paris, 78 x 59 cm). From A Dozen Posters from Paris May '68. "...The posters from the May '68 Paris student movement became immediate collectors' items. An explosion of creativity accompanied the rebellion of the students: new slogans ('Ce nest qu'un début'), new newspapers (l'Enragé), flyers and graffiti. Students from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts were the first to introduce completely democratic poster production. They occupied their own classrooms and renamed them 'Atelier Populaire' [Popular Studio]."

Works by Walton Ford

Works by Walton Ford at Paul Kasmin Gallery. "...With meticulous detail, Ford's work depicts animals embodying degrees of personification in the context of isolated historical events. Transient moments recalled in Ford's work comment on, in his words, 'the cultural history of our relationship with animals.' Ford is especially interested in the perceptions of animals by humans as evidenced by documentation. After researching specific stories, Ford offers his interpretation—sometimes exaggerating the animal's supposed humanness and in other instances, stripping the animal of imposed metaphors, and thereby restoring the candor of the animal's bestial state."

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Black Cab Sessions

The New Pornographers... All The Old Showstoppers (QuickTime Video). From The Black Cab Sessions - One Song, One Take, One Cab.

Eddie Adams: Armed With A Camera

Eddie Adams... Marine Crossfire, Vietnam, 1965 (Archival Epson Print). From the exhibition Eddie Adams: Armed With A Camera at the Monroe Gallery of Photography. "...The exhibition of more than 65 photographs spans the entire range of Adams' legendary career, and includes rare vintage work prints from the personal studio collection of Eddie Adams. This year marks with the 40th anniversary of Adam's iconic 'Street Execution of a Vietcong prisoner', taken in 1968 in Saigon during the height of the Vietnam War. The shocking photograph, of the Chief of Police shooting a member of the Vietcong in the head, instantly appeared in newspapers and magazines world-wide and has been widely credited with turning American popular sentiment against the Vietnam War."

Earl Cunningham's America

Earl Cunningham's America at the American Folk Art Museum in New York. "...Cunningham's imaginary landscapes are marvels of the unexpected and the unlikely: Pink flamingos dot the shoreline of the Maine coast, New England cottages sit at the edge of Florida swamps, Viking ships float in harbors with schooners, and Seminole Indians wear feathered headdresses. In this make-believe world, Cunningham presents a nostalgic view of the past in which life is simple and elements of modern life are absent. His fascination with the past was in line with a larger national revival of interest in vernacular culture and American folk art in the 1920s and 1930s."

Works by Ben Gest

Works by Ben Gest at Stephen Daiter Gallery in Chicago, IL. "...Extending and evolving his discourse on the complexities and anxieties of private moments Gest's recent photographs describe the struggle of self-limitation. Expressed in careful constructions of gesture and posture these portraits explore personal conflict from early childhood through late adulthood."

Images Added Within The Last Month

Images Added Within The Last Month at Wisconsin Historical Images.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Claes Oldenburg: Fotodeath

Claes Oldenburg: Fotodeath. "...16mm film of Claes Olderberg's 1961 Happening 'Fotodeath.'"

Daido Moriyama: The 80s, Vintage Prints

Memory of Dog 3 Daido Moriyama... Memory of Dog 3 (1982, Vintage gelatin silver, printed 1982, 10 x 12 inches). From the exhibition Daido Moriyama: The 80s, Vintage Prints at Steven Kasher Gallery in New York. "...The 1980s finds Moriyama at his most lyrical. With the extreme provocations of his 60s and 70s work behind him, he turns to a plainer, more centered investigation of everyday life. His camera and his printing (he makes all his prints himself) are voracious, hungry all the time. He seems to be intent on finding beauty and meaning in every scrap and horizon that the sun reveals to his eye. The vintage prints in this show have an immediacy and rawness not found in the modern prints that are usually on the market."

Don Drummond Requiem

Don Drummond Requiem at Dance Crasher. A 1969 JBC Radio Broadcast by Dermot Hussey on the occasion of DD's death at Bellevue Sanitarium. A proper audio file is HERE. Thank you, DMc.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Want Candy

The Strangeloves... I Want Candy (1965, BANG B-501 wma. audio 02:37).

Masao Mochizuki: Television 1975-1976

Masao Mochizuki... The World of Salvador Dali (1975.12.19, Film documentary - along with an interview, his works, towns where he grew up, etc. are shown. (NHK) Gelatin Silver Print mounted on board). From the exhibition Masao Mochizuki: Television 1975-1976 at Cohen Amador Gallery. "...In the 1970s, recognizing that it was no longer tenable to seek the imagery which defines history outside in the world, Mochizuki turned his focus to the way the external world is no longer experienced, but passively received through television. Using a Mamiya 6 x 6 twin lens camera, Mochizuki sat in front of a television in a darkened room taking multiple exposures of the imagery projecting outwards. In effect, the television comes to function as the lens of the camera, focusing external imagery for private, visual consumption. Through this, Mochizuki attempts to grasp what he calls the 'life-force' of television: its never-ending onslaught of imagery; how no matter whether there is a viewer or not, the television continues to stream images. Regardless of the gravity of the news being reported, or the excitement of a sporting event as it unfolds; the television is unflinching and unchanged by the events it depicts."

Heavy Light: Recent Photography and Video from Japan

Heavy Light: Recent Photography and Video from Japan at the ICP in New York. "...For the last several years, China has been the focus of attention for contemporary Asian art, while the remarkable and distinctive younger generation of Japanese artists who are working today has been largely ignored. This ICP exhibition will be the first major U.S. presentation of contemporary photo-based artwork from Japan in over ten years. Heavy Light will present the work of thirteen artists and will fill most of the ICP gallery space. The exhibition will include both photographs and video, many of which are large and dramatic pieces."

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Boom Boom

John Lee Hooker... Boom Boom (1962 .mp3 audio 04:17). Don't forget Japan's The Spiders doing the same, previously listed Here.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jeannette Montgomery Barron: Vintage Portraits From The 1980s

Cindy Sherman Jeannette Montgomery Barron... Cindy Sherman (New York, 1986, Gelatin silver print). From the exhibition Jeannette Montgomery Barron: Vintage Portraits From The 1980s at ClampArt.

Neal Tait: The Dressmaker Who Lived on the Outskirts

Neal Tait: The Dressmaker Who Lived on the Outskirts at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. "...Diverse in palette and composition, the paintings and drawings that make up the exhibition all result from a process that the artist describes as beginning quite openly; figures and characters come and go, and possible scenes begin to describe themselves through a dialogue. Each work presents its own set of problems and possible solutions, and different types of stories evolve through this engagement."

Works by Edwina White

Edwina White... She Left a Trail (2008, pencil, ink, gouache, and collage on paper). From Works by Edwina White at Kinz, Tillou + Feigen. "...White engages the patina of aged papers from an old ruled composition book, a lost family recipe, a menu, or a musical score in a songbook from the past-each already invested with meaning and memory. Her sparse drawings are enhanced with a painterly touch and at times augmented with delicate details of cut paper and collage, such as a lace collar or butterfly wing. White's escapades are infused with a gentle and wry humor, and imply some hidden allegory. Her subjects are distinctive, melding classical elements of expression with a modern sensibility."

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Works by acbe

acbe / Anne-Catherine Becker-Échivard... Sartre (2001, Cibachrome Plexiglas). From Works by acbe at Galerie Kyra Maralt in Berlin.


Heroin Maureen 'Moe' Tucker... Heroin (.mp3 audio 08:48). From the album Playin' Possum (1981, Trash TLP 1001).

More Works by Scott Teplin

More Works by Scott Teplin. Thank you, Future Trash (aka Scott Teplin).

Monday, May 05, 2008

Ice Cold Baby

Marlon "Madman" Mitchell And The Rocketeers... Ice Cold Baby (1957, Vena HC-100 .mp3 audio 02:06).


JAPAN, February 22 - September 28, 2008 at the Collection de l’Art Brut in Lausanne. "...The exhibition brings together twelve self-taught Japanese artists. Their productions – paintings, drawings, and sculptures – are evidence of astonishing richness and diversity. Each of these pieces bears the stamp of the refinement and delicacy. Thus these artists are going against tradition, creating unique worlds of which they are the sole masters. Shown in the exhibition: Shinichi Sawada – Satoshi Nishikawa – Mitsuteru Ishino – Hidenori Motooka – Masao Obata – Yuji Tsuji – Takashi Shuji – Takanori Herai – Yoshimitsu Tomizuka – Eijiro Miyama – Toshiaki Yoshikawa – Moriya Kishaba."

British Outsider Art

Farouq Molloy. "...Sean Molloy was born in Plymouth and started drawing while he was working the night shift as a telephone operator in a London hospital. Molloy’s early drawings on his preferred medium of graph paper were in black biro, but colour was soon introduced to his work. Islamic and North African decorative elements have always been present in his densely patterned drawings, and the imagery bears a resemblance, albeit unconscious, to prayer mats." From the exhibition British Outsider Art at Halle Saint Pierre, Paris.

You Stinked

FILE Magazine... You Stinked. "...You Stinked is a series of haunting black and white images of pigs in an abattoir by photographers Andrea L. Casiraghi, Christian Lunghi, Gianni Romano, Cristina Scalabrini, and Domenico Scorsetti, who are represented by Studio Fahrenheit."

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Scott Teplin: Alphaville

Scott Teplin: Alphaville at Adam Baumgold Gallery. "...The visitor to this exhibition becomes a present-day undercover detective Lemmy Caution, the protagonist of Jean-Luc Godard’s 1965 film, ALPHAVILLE, for which the show is titled after. Teplin has filtered the city of Alphaville through his own imagination and drawn a world devoid of people - only evidence of their domestic and work environments remain for exploration."

Works by Howard Fonda

Works by Howard Fonda. "...Howard Fonda received his MFA in Painting and Drawing from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2001. His work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, among others."

Joni Sternbach: Surfers

Bettina & Toby Joni Sternbach... 07.05.27 #4 Bettina & Toby (unique tintype. Ditch Plains). From Surfers by photographer Joni Sternbach. "...Working with a large-format camera and historic process (wet-plate collodion), I have concentrated on locations that are close to or directly on the water. At this juncture between land and sea, I explore subject matter in a constant state of transition. .
For the last year I have been drawn to the people present at these locations, specifically the surfers in Montauk's Ditch Plains, at the eastern end of Long Island. Their avocation is on the water; they are persistent elements in a shifting scene. We overlap on the periphery of two powerful elements; the land and the sea. The singular, primitive act of surfing on the water is eclipsed by the social and negotiated state of human interaction on the shore. The surfers act as a bridge between the sea as an unbridled force of nature and the shore line, a place of leisure and cultural phenomena."

Dinh Q. Lê: The Penal Colony

Dinh Q. Lê: The Penal Colony at P.P.O.W. "...Dinh Q. Lê has been working for over a decade with issues of politics, memory and history, and he continues this exploration with The Penal Colony. Inspired by recent events in America, in particular the inhumane treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba, this installation highlights the injustices and hidden aspects of war and the secrets behind prison walls. The Penal Colony consists of a four - channel video installation entitled The Penal Colony and a new photo-tapestry series, The Hill of Poisonous Trees."

Works by Joachim Brohm

Works by Joachim Brohm at Galerie Michael Wiesehöfer in Köln, Germany.

Carson Gulley Cookbook Collection

Carson Gulley Cookbook Collection at the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections. "...Carson Gulley was head chef of the Housing Division's Food Service for 27 years and gained such legendary status as a chef on the UW-Madison campus that both a building and a pie were named for him. His reputation as culinary master and authority on herbs and spices led to his development of the University's program to train U. S. Navy cooks and bakers for service during World War and while on leave from the UW Madison, he set up a very successful commercial dietetics training course at Tuskegee Institute. Carson Gulley's publications are presented here in the Carson Gulley Cookbook digital collection."

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man

Gram Parsons And The Fallen Angels... Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man (.mp3 audio 04:39). From the album Live, 1973 (Sierra Records 35565 6002 2).

Let The Right One In

Trailer (Flash Video) and Review of Tomas Alfredson’s Swedish Vampire film "Let The Right One In" - Låt den rätte komma in.

Tseng Kwong Chi: Self Portraits, 1979-1989

Pisa, Italy, 1989 Tseng Kwong Chi... Pisa, Italy, 1989 (silver gelatin print, edition of 9). From the exhibition Tseng Kwong Chi: Self Portraits, 1979-1989 at Paul Kasim Gallery in New York. "...The son of exiled Chinese nationalists, Tseng Kwong Chi was part of an intimate circle of artists, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, and Cindy Sherman among them, who took the center stage of the New York art world during the nineteen-eighties. As a Hong-Kong born, Paris-trained artist, Tseng viewed himself as a citizen of the world and eschewed labeling himself or his art as 'Chinese.' However, his ironic self-portraits posed in a Mao suit in front of American landmarks found their way to Communist China and were profoundly influential for China's avant-garde, including conceptual artists Song Dong and Zhang Huan, who were exposed to Tseng's images through western magazines smuggled into the country in the 1980's. Tseng's photographs not only satirized relations between the United States and its emerging rival, China, but also broadcasted his freedom of movement - a privilege denied most Chinese artists at the time."