Thursday, April 30, 2009

Battleship Potemkin Dance Edit (120BPM)

Michael Bell-Smith... Battleship Potemkin Dance Edit (120BPM) (2007, Video w/Sound, 12:29). Yes!

Ruffer Ruff | Ruffer Dub

Ruffer Ruff | Ruffer Dub Horace Smart with The Upsetters... Ruffer Ruff | Ruffer Dub (1976, Upsetters LP 2045 A | LP 2046 B .mp3 audio 06:47). One of our favourite Lee Perry productions.

William Gedney & Paul Kwilecki

William Gedney & Paul Kwilecki at Duke University Libraries. "...The Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library acquired its first documentary photography collection, Paul Kwilecki's Photographs and Papers in 1991. The following year it added the life work of photographer William Gedney, a comprehensive collection of over 50,000 items including negatives, prints, and journals. This exhibition celebrates the work of these two photographers, work that laid the foundation for the Library's Archive of Documentary Arts.
Paul Kwilecki was born in 1928 and Gedney in 1932. Kwilecki was a serious self-taught photographer dedicated to documenting everyday life in Decatur County, Georgia, while Gedney taught photography in New York City but photographed more broadly. Though they both practiced photography during the second half of the twentieth century, each pursued the craft in his own distinctive way."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Check Him Out

The Bleechers... Check Him Out (1969, Upsetter US 317 .mp3 audio 02:30). Produced by Lee Perry. Lead vocals by Leo Graham. An homage to the Upsetter Record Shop - 36 Charles Street, Kingston.

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti Papers

Bologna - Filippo Tommaso Marinetti with Tato (center) and Angelo Caviglioni Bologna - Filippo Tommaso Marinetti with Tato (center) and Angelo Caviglioni (1926, photographic print, b&w, Inscribed on verso: "Tato e Papa." Photo processed in Bologna). From Filippo Tommaso Marinetti Papers. "...Filippo Tommaso Emilio Marinettii (1876-1944), was an Italian idealogue, writer, poet, and the founder and leader of Futurism. Available online are photographic prints and postcard prints, along with a selection of manuscript items from the Filippo Marinettii Papers."

Spider Baby

Spider Baby (aka The Maddest Story Ever Told, 1968, directed by Jack Hill). "...In a dilapidated rural mansion, the last generation of the degenerate, inbred Merrye family lives with the inherited curse of a disease that causes them to mentally regress from the age of 10 or so on as they physically develop. The family chauffeur looks out for them and covers up their indiscretions. Trouble comes when greedy distant relatives and their lawyer arrive to dispossess the family of its home."

Sonic Outlaws

Craig Baldwin... Sonic Outlaws (1995, 28 min). "...Within days after the release of Negativland's clever parody of U2 and Casey Kasem, recording industry giant Island Records descended upon the band with a battery of lawyers intent on erasing the piece from the history of rock music. Craig 'Tribulation 99' Baldwin follows this and other intellectual property controversies across the contemporary arts scene. Playful and ironic, his cut-and-paste collage-essay surveys the prospects for an "electronic folk culture" in the midst of an increasingly commodified corporate media landscape."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bad Weed

Bad Weed Junior Murvin... Bad Weed (1976, Upsetters .mp3 audio 04:02). Produced by Lee 'Scratch' Perry - 'Police And Thieves' rhythm.

Madison People's Poster and Propaganda Collection

Madison People's Poster and Propaganda Collection at the WHS. "...From the late 1960s through the mid-1970s, Madison, Wisconsin, was a hub of dynamic social, political and cultural change. The onset of countercultural ideologies, the Vietnam War, gay liberation and women's rights were among the issues that permeated the social landscape of the city as people formed groups, held meetings, distributed propaganda and organized demonstrations. The posters of the era, which J. Wesley Miller collected from kiosks and bulletin boards around Madison, reflected all of these events and changes."

Stingray Sam

Trailer (QuickTime Video) for Stingray Sam - a film by Cory McAbee.

Tiago Santana: The Blessed Ones

Tiago Santana: The Blessed Ones (30 black & white photographs) at Zone Zero. "...I was born in a very particular region in Brazil. The northeast. The Brazilian semiarid hinterland, the so-called sertão. This dry region is one of the poorest ones in my homeland. Since I was born in this region, my photographic work has always focused the men who face such hard reality.
BENDITOS (Editora Tempo d’Imagem, 2000), addresses the town that is a reference of popular religiosity in northeastern Brazil. Juazeiro do Norte, home town of Father Cícero, a non-official saint of the Catholic church, although revered by people. Every year thousands of pilgrims from all the northeastern states go to Juazeiro to make or pay vows in the hope that they will get a better life, more health, more land, and more water."

Teenage Head

The Flamin' Groovies... Teenage Head (.mp3 audio 02:51). From the album Teenage Head (1971, Kama Sutra KSBS 2031). One of Lux, Ivy's and DMc's favs! Thank you DMc.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Brand New Cadillac

Brand New Cadillac Vince Taylor & His Playboys... Brand New Cadillac (1959, Parlophone R4539 .mp3 audio 02:37).

Olivier Blanckart - Coming Home (pauvre France)

Olivier Blanckart - Coming Home (pauvre France) at Aeroplastics Contemporary. "...Blanckart takes as starting point these images that have become popular icons. Icons whose original content has been lost for the viewer and that the artist then (a)mends, as it were. To accomplish this, he uses recuperated materials: kraft paper, adhesive tape, cardboard, etc. All these worthless materials, generally serving just to wrap and protect things, here are fashioned and sculpted to become themselves the true and valued oeuvre. And it is the very ambivalence of this materials, at once playing the cards of realism and the grotesque, that allows the innate story of the image - now in 3D volumes - to re-emerge." More... Works by Olivier Blanckart.

Li Zhensheng: Red-Color News Soldier

Li Zhensheng: Red-Color News Soldier. "...The project to bring Li Zhensheng’s photographs of the Cultural Revolution to the wider world was first conceived fifteen years ago in Beijing. It was there, at the Chinese Press Association's photography competition in March 1988, that Li first publicly exhibited twenty images from his 'negative' negatives – that is, those which had been deemed counterrevolutionary under the political dictates of Chairman Mao Zedong. The affect of the exhibit, entitled 'Let History Tell the Future' — which included pictures of the former governor of Heilongjiang Province having his hair brutally torn out at a Red Guard rally—was seismic, and Chinese Communist Party-controlled newspapers for the first time were heard to use the term, 'shocked.'"

The Treasures of Ulysses Davis

The Treasures of Ulysses Davis at the American Folk Art Museum in New York, NY. "...Ulysses Davis (1914 - 1990) was a Savannah, Georgia, barber who created a diverse but unified body of highly refined sculpture that reflects his deep faith, humor, and dignity. His carvings were featured in the seminal 1982 exhibition 'Black Folk Art in America, 1930-1980' at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., where they were applauded as important examples of African American vernacular art. Because he wanted his work to stay together after he died, Davis rarely sold his sculptures. He said, 'They're my treasure. If I sold these, I'd be really poor.' As a result, the carvings have had little exposure outside Savannah, particularly since his death, and Davis is little known outside folk art circles."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wrong Emboyo

Wrong Emboyo The Rulers... Wrong Emboyo (1967, RIO R 132, Produced by JJ Johnson for Sir JJ Records .mp3 audio 03:21).

Phil Frost - Paperweight: An Exhibition of Works on Paper

Phil Frost - Paperweight: An Exhibition of Works on Paper at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York, NY. "...Using mediums such as ink, aerosol, gouache and oils, beneath a layer of correction fluid, Frost has been known to paint elaborate installations on found objects such as baseball bats, windowpanes, and old barn doors. Oscillating between modernist design and primitivism, abstraction and representation, Frost’s work is tied together cohesively by his signature top-layer of crisp white patterning—remarkably drawn free-hand with a correction fluid pen, without the use of stencils. This white-out element often appears to form a code or language, composed of letters, hearts, dots and mask-like faces, reminiscent of tribal and indigenous art."

Life in a Block of Flats: Suburban Slovakia

Lens Culture... Life in a Block of Flats: Suburban Slovakia - photography by Andrej Balco. "...Dolphins are leaping across the wall, their leaps frozen against the blue background of the wallpaper. Then there is the reference to Alcatraz, but the floors of the cells are covered with industrial oriental carpets. People, like furniture, sit between furniture, but there is also a touch of glamour in the chipboard ambience, not to mention the varied longings in the interior of the housing blocks. No, the inhabitants of these Slovakian prefabricated buildings probably do not behave as uniformly as might be suggested by the exterior of the omnipresent high-rises filling the suburban landscape."

Synesthesia: Genesis P-Orridge

Tony Oursler... Synesthesia: Genesis P-Orridge (1997-2001, 90:29 min, color, sound) at UBUWEB Film & Video. "...Tony Oursler's Synesthesia project features interviews with twelve legendary figures in the downtown music, performance and art scenes: John Cale, Thurston Moore, Dan Graham, Genesis P-Orridge, Kim Gordon, Glenn Branca, Laurie Anderson, Tony Conrad, David Byrne, Lydia Lunch, Alan Vega, and Arto Lindsay. These works were originally included as one element of Oursler and Mike Kelley's multimedia installation The Poetics Project. These conversations reveal fascinating insights and anecdotes from some of the most influential figures in the experimental rock and art underground of the 1970s and '80s, from pre-punk innovators to post-punk icons, from industrial and avant-garde music to noise bands and No Wave."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Mess With Jill (or Bill)

Burning Spear... Don't Mess With Jill (.mp3 audio 02:20). From the album Studio One Presents Burning Spear (1973, Studio One SOLP-0150). Also... The Marvelettes... Don't Mess With Bill (1965, Tamla T 54126 .mp3 audio 02:50).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Train From Kansas City

The Train From Kansas City The Shangri-Las... The Train From Kansas City (1965, Red Bird RB 10-036 .mp3 audio 03:20).

Works by Trent Parke

Trent Parke... Coming soon, Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Q.L.D. 2006 (From Coming Soon, c-print). From Works by Trent Parke at Stills Gallery in Paddington NSW. "...Trent Parke, the first Australian to become a Full Member of the renowned photographers' cooperative Magnum Photo Agency, is considered one of the most innovative and challenging young photographers of his generation. Whilst working as a press photojournalist during the first years of his career, he received numerous national and international awards, including five Gold Lenses from the International Olympic Committee, World Press Photo Awards in 1999, 2000 and in 2005."

Jeff Hoflehner: Seeing the Calm

Jeff Hoflehner: Seeing the Calm at Bonni Benrubi Gallery in New York.

Trailer for MAKE

Trailer for MAKE - a documentary by Malcolm Hearn and Scott Ogden at Ricco|Maresca Gallery. "...a window into the lives of four artists, each isolated from the world around them and compelled to create to the point of obsession."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Lips Are Sealed

Our Lips Are Sealed Fun Boy Three... Our Lips Are Sealed (Extended 12" Version, 1983, Chrysalis 4V9 42689 .mp3 audio 06:04). Would really like to get my hands on the Urdu version.

Deena Stryker Photographs, 1963-1964 and undated

Deena Stryker Photographs, 1963-1964 and undated. "...The Deena Stryker Photographs collection dates from July 1963 to July 1964 and contains photographs and related materials from Stryker's two working trips to Cuba. It was during her second trip to the island from December 1963 to July 1964 that she interviewed and photographed Fidel and Raúl Castro as well as other major figures in the Cuban Revolution, including Juan Almeida Bosque, Ernesto "Ché" Guevara, Armando Hart Dávalos, Celia Sánchez Manduley, Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, and others. In addition to images of key members of the Castro government at work and relaxing, the collection documents everyday life in Havana and in rural Cuba, focusing on farms, development projects, and schools. Alberto Korda processed all of Stryker's original 35mm negatives in Cuba creating contact sheets and a few small prints. However only the 35mm negatives have been digitized to date."

Utamaro Books Interactive

Utamaro Books Interactive. "...Here you can turn the pages of three books from the collection of The Fitzwilliam Museum - The Bird Book, The Insect Book, and The Shell Book - with illustrations designed by the Japanese artist Kitagawa Utamaro to accompany poems on natural themes."

Anne Veraldi

Anne Veraldi... Little Farm (2006, c-print). From Anne Veraldi at Lincart. More Works by Anne Veraldi at her personal site.

New Work by John Taylor

New Work by John Taylor at Garde Rail Gallery in Seattle, WA. "...Fresh from his solo exhibition at the Boise Art Museum last spring, John Taylor returns to Garde Rail Gallery with a show of new work. The show will feature several of John's ship sculptures, as well as pieces that see the work moving into exciting new directions." More Works by John Taylor at his personal site.

Michael Velliquette: Cut Paper

Ray K. Metzker: Wanderings

Ray K. Metzker: Wanderings at Laurence Miller Gallery. "... Wanderings emerged as pictures that did not fit into any previously categorized body of work. They represent discoveries that were made or visions that were revisited while Metzker was more focused on a different but singular project. Throughout his career, Ray K. Metzker has maintained a rigorous approach to photography, both in his way of seeing and his way of making pictures. Several 'intentional' bodies of work have made him one of the premier photographic artists of our time."

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Champ

The Champ The Mohawks... The Champ (1968, JJ Records PM 719 .mp3 audio 02:35).

Penny Siopis: Paintings

Penny Siopis... Twins (2009, Oil, ink and glue on canvas). From the exhibition Penny Siopis: Paintings at Michael Stevenson Gallery in Cape Town. "...Siopis' recent work, seen at Michael Stevenson on her solo show Lasso (2007) and the curated exhibitions Disguise (2008) and Afterlife (2007), has been concerned with giving expression to intense emotional states. Key to Siopis' exploration are the associative qualities of both her imagery and her chosen materials, including oils, liquid ink washes and viscous glue. Her new work demonstrates a deeper and wilder surrender to the freedom of this process."

Baroque 1620-1800: Style in the Age of Magnificence

Baroque 1620-1800: Style in the Age of Magnificence at the Victoria and Albert Museum. "...The magnificence and splendour of Baroque, one of the most opulent styles of the 17th and 18th centuries, is the subject of the V&A’s spring exhibition. The exhibition reflects the complexity and grandeur of the Baroque style, from the Rome of Borromini and Bernini to the magnificence of Louis XIV's Versailles and the lavishness of Baroque theatre and performance. On display are religious paintings by Rubens and Tiepolo while silver furniture, portraits, sculpture, a regal bed and court tapestries conjure up the rooms of a Baroque palace. The exhibition is the first to examine all the elements of the Baroque style and to show how, as European power spread, Baroque style reached other parts of the world, captured in objects such as a gilded Mexican altarpiece."

Faith47 - The Cape Of Good Hope

Faith47 - The Cape Of Good Hope (Flash Video 05:47). "...Shot over three days in Cape Town while Faith47 put up her latest work. Quite a heavy place so the video tried to convey what was felt as well as the spirit of the work itself."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

That's The Way You Like It

The Overtakers... That's The Way You Like It (1968, Amalgamated AMG 803 .mp3 audio 02:37).

Patti Smith: Veil

Patti Smith: Veil at Robert Miller Gallery.

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

Trailer (QuickTime Video) for Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo.

Pentti Sammallahti: Selected Photographs

Pentti Sammallahti: Selected Photographs at Nailya Alexander Gallery in New York. "...Pentti Sammallahti was born in 1950 in Helsinki, Finland. His career in photography began in his youth, and from the age 21 he exhibited both abroad and in Finland. Sammallahti taught at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki for 17 years, retiring when he received a 20-year grant (1991 - 2011) from the Finnish government, an unusually long endowment which is no longer awarded. Sammallahti was honored to be included among the 100 favorite photographs in the personal collection of Henri Cartier-Bresson, which was the inagural exhibition for the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson in 2003. His work has been exhibited world wide, and he was given an extensive solo exhibition at both Houston FotoFest in 1998 and in 2005 at the International Festival in Arles, France. As a teacher he has had an enormous influence on a whole generation of documentary photographers in Finland." More Works by Pentti Sammallahti at PhotoEye Gallery.

Interview with Go Shibata

Interview with Go Shibata at Midnight eye. "...When I first met the star of the movie, Sumida-san, one of the first things we talked about was how society has a certain image of handicapped people. The typical film would show a crippled person overcoming great odds. We thought, 'wouldn't it be interesting to see a film about a handicapped killer?' It was an incredibly vague idea at the time, but, it was something that we'd come up with together and it was enough to find a financial sponsor for the film." Trailer for Late Bloomer - recently released on DVD from Tidepoint Pictures.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Train To Vietnam

The Rudies... Train To Vietnam (1968, Nu Beat NB 001, produced by The Palmer Brothers .mp3 audio 02:46).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cover Me | Darling

Cover Me Fitz & The Coozers... Cover Me (.mp3 audio 02:31) b/w Darling (.mp3 audio 03:47). 1968, Nu Beat NB 003, produced by Jeff Palmer.

Gerben_Mulder: New Paintings

Gerben_Mulder... Sisters Of Mercy (2009, oil on canvas). From Gerben_Mulder: New Paintings at Galerie Akinci in Amsterdam. More Works by Gerben Mulder at her personal site.

Toy Giants

Toy Giants - An illustrated journey into a world of toys - by Daniel and Geo Fuchs.

A Chronology of Crime in the Keystone State

A Chronology of Crime in the Keystone State. "...A slideshow of 20 mugshots of hapless criminals from the town of New Castle, PA. from the 1930s through the 1960s. Expect drunks, larcenists, and even a peeping tom!" From Square America.

Works by Matthias Schaller

Matthias Schaller... Disportraits 4 (Disportraits, Milano/Italy, 2008). From Works by Matthias Schaller.

A Midnight Carnival

Chris Raecker... A Midnight Carnival.

Kaye Donachie: To conjure you up and make you fade

Kaye Donachie... Dusk shed by a lamp brightens the tears (2009, Oil on canvas). From Kaye Donachie: To conjure you up and make you fade at Marianne Boesky Gallery. "...Donachie's new paintings focus on five staged portraits drawn from historical biography and archival sources. These portraits depict protagonists in the artist's pictorial world in which she charts a fragmentary narrative. The paintings revisit a place in which poets and performers create a form of theater that often allows strange visions to emerge. In To conjure you up and make you fade Claire Goll, Franziska zu Reventlow and Emmy Hennings are subjects that Donachie has painted before, which simultaneously reveal themselves and disappear through the intensity of color and light across the surfaces of the works."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hang 'Em High

Hang 'Em High Jackie Mittoo... Hang 'Em High (.mp3 audio 03:51). From the album Keep On Dancing (1969, Coxone CSL 8020).


PHOTO-BASED at Barbara Archer Gallery. "...features eight local and international artists who manipulate the medium of photography in fresh directions. Though every image begins with a photograph, the similarities end there. Photos are painted, collaged, and transformed digitally and by hand. The result shines new insights on traditional approaches."

Art of the Ketubah: Decorated Jewish Marriage Contracts

Art of the Ketubah: Decorated Jewish Marriage Contracts. "...The ketubah (plural ketubot) is the standard marriage contract that Jewish law requires a groom to provide for his bride on their wedding day. It is intended to protect the woman, primarily by establishing the man's financial obligations to her in case of divorce or widowhood. In addition to the financial clauses, the text of the ketubah outlines other obligations undertaken by the groom, including traditional conjugal rights such as food, clothing and shelter. The exact date when the ketubah became a central part of the Jewish marriage ceremony remains unknown. It is a rabbinic institution, not a biblical one, and goes back to Talmudic times (70-500 C.E.). It has been in the home of every married couple no matter what their social status and no matter what the geographical location."

John C. H. Grabill: Photographs of Wounded Knee and the Dakota Territories, 1886-1892

John C. H. Grabill: Photographs of Wounded Knee and the Dakota Territories, 1886-1892 at Andrew Smith Gallery. "...Very little is known about John C. H. Grabill. His photographs taken in the aftermath of the massacre of Wounded Knee in January 1891, show powerful composition and a mastery of technic equal to the greatest of the frontier photographers.
He opened his first photographic studio in Sturgis, Dakota Territory in 1886, with studios in Hot Springs, Lead and Deadwood, Dakota Territory through 1891. He then moved to Chicago and operated a studio until 1894, at which point no other information about Grabill is available."

Paul Himmel: An Unerring Vision

Paul Himmel: An Unerring Vision at Keith de Lellis Gallery. "...Over a career that began in the late 1940s, Paul Himmel produced several bodies of work, bringing his unique vision to subjects as varied as dance, the circus, New York City, European cities, and the human figure, as well as the beaches where he summered with his family for most of his life."

Monday, April 13, 2009


Poon-Tang! The Treniers... Poon-Tang! (1952, Okeh 6937 .mp3 audio 02:41).

Creature From The Black Lagoon | A Trip To Mars

Lord Melody... Creature From The Black Lagoon (1957, Cook 31852 .mp3 audio 03:34). From Probe is Turning-on the People! Also... Lord Invader With Valentino And His Calypsonians... A Trip To Mars (.mp3 audio 02:53).

I Dimenticati

I Dimenticati (The Forgotten, 1959, directed by Vittorio De Seta, Flash Video 20 min). "...Vittoriio De Seta was born in Palermo, Sicily, to a wealthy family, and studied architecture in Rome, before deciding to become a director. He made ten short documentaries between 1954 and 1959, before directing his first feature length film, Bandits of Orgosolo. I Dimenticati (The Forgotten) is settled in a little village of 1600 inhabitants in Calabria, with no road access. The village wakes up once a yeaar during the spring festival."

Sainkho Namtchylak

Sainkho Namtchylak at UBUWEB Film & Video. "...The remarkable vocalist Sainkho Namtchylak was born in the Republic of Tuva (South Siberia, Russia) in 1957. She received her first training there as a folk singer and later studied music at the Gnesinsky Institute in Moscow where she mastered techniques of traditional Tuvan throat singing (khoomei) and Western overtone theory. In 1989, she began concertizing in collaboration with avant-garde musicians in new music and jazz venues throughout the world. Namtchylak's unique performances explore vocal techniques used in ritualistic and cult-music in Siberian Lamaism and Shamanism, Tuvan and Mongolian throat/overtone singing styles, folk, jazz, and traditional ethnic styles, and are influenced by contemporary Western improvisation, and even electronic music."

Mahalia, I Want Back My Dollar | Brownskin Girl

Mahalia, I Want Back My Dollar Lord Invader & His Calypso Rhythm Boys... Mahalia, I Want Back My Dollar (.mp3 audio 02:10) and... The Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians... Brownskin Girl (.mp3 audio 02:34). From the Trojan Calypso Box Set (2002, Trojan TJETD033).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Barbara Kruger: Pre-Digital, 1980–1992

Barbara Kruger: Pre-Digital, 1980–1992 at Skarstedt Gallery in New York, NY. "...These works, professionally known as 'paste-ups,' share a methodology derived from Kruger's experience as an editorial designer at various magazines. However, the meanings they create are worlds away from the decorative delusions that fill the magazines. Her ability to construct powerful messages using an inherently commercial technique focuses attention on how images and words have the power to make meaning: to construct who we are and who we want to be."

The Neon Sign Boneyard in Las Vegas

The Neon Sign Boneyard in Las Vegas - a flickr set. "...Here you find the old neon signs that were outside casinos that have long since gone. The boneyard is a fantastic commentary on the culture and architecture of Las Vegas from its early days in the 1920's to today." Thank you, SS.


I'm 47 today!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wreck A Buddy

Wreck A Buddy The Soul Sisters... Wreck A Buddy (1969, Amalgamated AMG 839, produced by J. A. Gibson .mp3 audio 02:27). Lead vocals by Nora Dean.

I need a man to wreck 'im buddy
A big, strong man to wreck 'im buddy
And if he's ugly, I don't mind
He has a dick and I want to grind
I want to grind, I want to grind, oh
A wreck, a wreck 'im buddy

My skin is in a terrible state
Oh lord, good lord, give him the fate
I want to lie and whine 'till eight
And if it's big, I do not mind
I want to grind, I want to grind, oh
Me a go crash 'im buddy

Getting drunk will do you good
Use your brush to stiff up your wood
The stiffer the wood, the longer the stay
For when it's big, you can push it my way
Push it my way, and let it stay
I broke, I broke 'im buddy

I need a man to wreck 'im buddy
A big, strong man to wreck 'im buddy
And if he's ugly, I don't mind
He has a dick and I want to grind
I want to grind, I want to grind, oh
I gwaan broke 'im buddy

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wreck A Pum Pum | Short Shorts

Wreck A Pum Pum Lord Creator... Wreck A Pum Pum (.mp3 audio 01:58) and... Short Shorts (.mp3 audio 03:23). From the album Calypso Songs Me Mama Never Taught Me (1964, Port O Jam POJ 109).

John Waters: Rear Projection

John Waters... Study Art Sign (For Breeding or Bounty) (2007, Acrylic urethane on wood and aluminum, series of six, each with unique wording). From the exhibition John Waters: Rear Projection at Marianne Boesky Gallery. "...Glorifying the struggle, the humiliation and the wild excitement of a life in show business, Waters uses an insider's bag of film tricks and trade lingo to celebrate the excess of the movie industry. Rewriting and redirecting existing film imagery snapped off the TV screen, these one time classic, respected, even honored movies are now assaulted, elevated, subtitled and startlingly altered into a new kind of equality; a cult film that only needs one viewer – John Waters himself. Child stars are given bad habits, innocent movies are perverted by editing out just a few frames, even traditionally beautiful movie stars are glamorously deformed by suspiciously over-budgeted charity advertising campaigns. The cult of religion and the religion of cult are the same in Waters's world. He sneaks into other movies like a spy to photograph the very details their original directors didn't notice."

Gary Taxali: Hindi Love Song

Gary Taxali: Hindi Love Song Gary Taxali: Hindi Love Song at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York, NY. "...For his fist solo show in New York, the artist has created a series of mixed-media paintings and sculptures in what will be his largest collection of original work to date, both in quantity and in scale. Highly explorative when it comes to application methods, Taxali combines layers of collaged materials and silk-screening techniques. His images are produced using a variety of mediums—ink, oil, acrylic, enamel, and gouache—applied to a number of different surfaces including: paper, plywood, masonite, steel, aluminum, and vintage book covers."

Gabriels: Toys for Melancholy Kids

Gabriels: Toys for Melancholy Kids at Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Rome. "...In opposition to the rhetoric idea of monumental and celebratory sculpture, Gabriels offers an innovative vision of the sculpture itself, which becomes 'small and manageable' assuming a fully contemporary pop value. Even if made of polished bronze and dominated by a highly controlled geometry that gives them an appearance of great symmetrical rigor, his works are supple and sensual like modern design objects, cold like surgical tools but at the same time ironic like vinyl toys of the latest generation."

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Baby Pay My Money

Dan Satch & his Atomic 8 Band of Aba... Baby Pay My Money (.mp3 audio 03:08). From the album Rusted Highlife Vol. 1 ((Mossiac Music MMCD 1812).

Andrea Diefenbach — Fotografie

"AIDS in Odessa" is the latest at Andrea Diefenbach — Fotografie.

Works by Marcus Mårtenson

Andrew Bush: Vector Portraits, 1989-1997

Andrew Bush: Vector Portraits, 1989-1997 - Photographs made while traveling 50 to 70 mph in Los Angeles and other parts of the Southwestern United States. From Andrew Bush Photography.

Henri Cartier-Bresson: Early Prints

Henri Cartier-Bresson: Early Prints at Edwynn Houk Gallery. "...Originally trained as a painter in the studio of the Cubist artist and sculptor André Lhote, Henri Cartier-Bresson turned to photography out of frustration with his early painting. Inspired by his interaction with young members of the Surrealist movement at the Café Cyrano in Paris, Cartier-Bresson recognized photography’s ability to 'trap life,' and to 'fix eternity in an instant.' In 1932, at the age of twenty-four, Henri Cartier-Bresson acquired a hand-held Leica camera, a tool that would accompany him for the rest of his career. The Leica became an 'extension of his eye' and enabled the artist to combat the 'formal and unnatural behavior' of those who were aware of being photographed. The compact size of the Leica allowed Cartier-Bresson to break down any distinction 'between living and working' and developed into a stealth companion for recording his new photographic experiments."

Trailer for Frankenhooker

Trailer for Frankenhooker (1990, directed by Frank Henenlotter, QuickTime Video) at Unearthed Films. "...A medical school dropout loses his fiancée in a tragic lawnmower incident, and decides to bring her back. Unfortunately, he was only able to save her head, so he goes to the red light district in the city and lures prostitutes into a hotel room so he can get parts for his girlfriend."

Monday, April 06, 2009

Withered And Died | Shoes Without Heels

Withered And Died The Imposter... Withered And Died (.mp3 audio 03:15) and... Elvis Costello and The Confederates... Shoes Without Heels (.mp3 audio 04:16). From the album Out Of Our Idiot (1987, Demon IMP FIEND CD 67).

Susan Skilling: Paintings

Susan Skilling... City Shaped Like A Dagger (2009, Watercolor on Maidstone paper). From the exhibition Susan Skilling: Paintings at Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle, WA. "...Susan Skilling's paintings are spare and elegant meditations on such widely varied subjects as Tibetan mandalas, plant forms, and slices of rocks, geodes and crystal. Often the work is geometrical but, even then, an organic sensitivity pervades the formal choices made by the artist. Along with artists like Morris Graves or Anne Appleby, Skilling's choices of imagery, color and content lead her in the pursuit of the sublime.
Painting with mineral based gouache paint, some of it handmade by the artist, Skilling creates a dense layering of subtly nuanced color over a handmade Thai Thai mulberry paper surface. Her palette is somber and modest, with occasional highlights of brilliant, saturated color."

Class Pictures: Photographs by Dawoud Bey

Class Pictures: Photographs by Dawoud Bey at MAM. "...The forty portraits and writings that make their premiere in Class Pictures provide a poignant, penetrating view into the lives inside today’s American high schools. Bey made the photographs as an artist-in-residence in six schools in the Midwest and on both coasts. Each student was asked to write a one-page self-description at the beginning of his or her 45-minute session with Bey, before getting in front of the camera. Bey gets to know his subjects through the making of each portrait, and only after the student left did he read his or her description. The descriptions appear alongside the portraits as edited text." More Works by Dawoud Bey at his personal site.

Michiko Kon: Platinum Prints

Michiko Kon: Platinum Prints at Michel Soskine Inc. in Madrid.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Withered And Died

Richard and Linda Thompson... Withered And Died (.mp3 audio 03:26). From the album I Want To See the Bright Lights Tonight (1974, Island Records ILPS-9266).

The Long Arm of Coincidence: Selections from the Rosalind and Melvin Jacobs Collection

The Long Arm of Coincidence: Selections from the Rosalind and Melvin Jacobs Collection at Pace/MacGill Gallery. "...The exhibition features over 30 photographs, paintings, works on paper, and sculpture by renowned Surrealist and Dada artists including Joseph Cornell, Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, René Magritte, Lee Miller, Francis Picabia, Man Ray, Yves Tanguy, and Dorothea Tanning.
Characterized by inventive visual explorations into the irrational and subconscious, Dada and Surrealism captured the art world’s attention in the early twentieth century. In the decades immediately following World War II, however, interest in these artistic movements waned. Despite their relative obscurity in the 1950s and early 1960s, the predominantly European artists comprising these groups continued to pursue their aesthetic ideals. It was during this time that Rosalind Jacobs née Gersten became acquainted with these creative communities. As a fashion buyer for the Little Shop boutique at Macy’s department store in Manhattan, Jacobs frequently traveled to Paris. A chance invitation in 1954 to meet William and Noma Copley, ardent supporters of the Surrealists, resulted in lifelong friendships with some of the twentieth-century avant-garde’s most notable members."

A Full Hour with Cindy Crawford and Her Mole: Recent Drawings by George Lowe

A Full Hour with Cindy Crawford and Her Mole: Recent Drawings by George Lowe at Barbara Archer Gallery. "...Lowe’s map-like drawings are not planned; each evolves on its own terms. 'They tell me where we are going on each trip, and I just take us there.' Though the series of aerial landscapes has preoccupied the artist for over ten years, the medium has recently changed from colored pencil to watercolor and the scale has shifted from grand to miniature."

Susan Bank: Cuba, Campo Adentro

Susan Bank: Cuba, Campo Adentro (48 black & white photographs) at Zone Zero. "...The 'Campo Adentro' project began in March 2002 as an accident. What I intended to be a weekend retreat from the hustle of Havana became a deeply intense personal journey, returning again and again for the next five years to barrio Cuajaní, in the Valley of Viñales, Pinar del Río Province.
Landing in Havana, that illusive, mythical citadel of contradictions and juxtapositions, one feels catapulted back in time to the 1950’s. To know Pinar del Río, is to feel gently pulled back another fifty years."

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fattie Boom Boom | Bom Dub

Fattie Boom Boom Ranking Dread... Fattie Boom Boom (1981, Greensleeves, FATTIE 1. Produced by Ranking Dread, mixed by Scientist at Tubbys .mp3 audio 03:46) and... Bom Dub (.mp3 audio 05:15). From the album Ranking Dread In Dub (1982, Silver Camel SCLP 002). Turn up the bass.

Jonathan Santlofer: Scrapbook

Jonathan Santlofer: Scrapbook at Pavel Zoubok Gallery. "...Scrapbook centers on Jonathan Santlofer's seamless montages of both popular and art historical images and on the importance of drawing. The exhibition reflects a varied approach to mark making and the documenting of images, inviting new ways of seeing. Santlofer’s restrained palette of blacks, whites, grays and sepia tones allows us to focus on his decidedly graphic language. In these works he returns to his signature use of trompe l’oeil and montage and the expanded relationship between perceived reality and illusion. The cumulative experience is like a 'scrapbook': a collection of pictures, images put together in ways that seem random while being highly considered."

Hans Bellmer: Octopus Time

Hans Bellmer: Octopus Time at Ubu Gallery in New York, NY. "...Ubu Gallery is pleased to announce the release of a new book, Octopus Time: Bellmer Painting, by Herbert Lust, accompanied by an exhibition highlighting a number of works reproduced in the book. The exhibition presents paintings, works on paper, sketchbooks, various manuscripts, sculpture and photography, including Bellmer’s controversial work, I Am God, which appears on the cover of Lust’s book."

Izima Kaoru: New Work

Izima Kaoru: New Work at Von Lintel Gallery in New York. "...In his most recent body of work, the premise remains the same. Kaoru asks famous Japanese models and actresses to describe fantasies of their own deaths and then stages them for the camera. Working in multiple panel sequences, his photos allude to film: wide-angle shots set the scene before giving way to medium and close-up views, details of the women's fantasies revealed along the way. The models are perfectly coiffed, hair and makeup flawlessly in place, outfitted in couture by Alexander McQueen, Jil Sander and Jean Paul Gaultier." More Works by Izima Kaoru at Galerie Andreas Binder in Munich.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Billie Jean | Mama Used To Say

Billie Jean Shinehead... Billie Jean (1984, ALM 7005 .mp3 audio 03:02) and... Mama Used To Say (1984, ALM 7009 .mp3 audio 02:50).

Rural Civil Defense TV Spots, 1965

Rural Civil Defense TV Spots, 1965. "...Public service announcements by the U.S. Deptartment of Civil Defense inform farmers what to do in case of nuclear attack using marionettes."

Paul Hornschemeier: Cloistered in Crowds

Paul Hornschemeier: Cloistered in Crowds at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art. "...Well-known for his work as an illustrator and graphic novelist, this is the first time that Hornschemeier’s original artwork will be shared in a gallery context. The exhibition reflects a versatile selection amongst Hornschemeier's career achievements thus far, allowing viewers the rare opportunity to see the immediacy of his line drawings, and to experience the suspended depth of single works that are typically compiled as part of an elliptical narrative sequence."

Images Of Mainline Protestant Children And Families In The U.S.

She's Married, She's Happy, She Drives a Mercury (1950, Ladies Home Journal). From Images Of Mainline Protestant Children And Families In The U.S. "...The collection includes digitized article and advertising images of Protestant children and families in the U.S., within Protestant-supported or targeted magazines. This project follows two strains. First, we note the depiction of family size and health, article-related images and advertisements on scientific nutrition, and other images directly related to scientific progress and domesticity. The second strain is currently less fully developed, on the depiction of families in mission settings, in particular depictions of family life in the two-thirds world. These images are of interest for those teaching in North American religious history, gender and religion, health and religion, and bioethics."

Tanyth Berkeley: Grace

Tanyth Berkeley: Grace at Danziger Projects. "...Tanyth Berkeley first came to the attention of the art world with her 2002 - 2004 series 'Orchidaceae' – a series of 16 color portraits of different young women she had met on the subway and persuaded to pose for her in city parks. Photographed in relative close-up, eyes averting the camera, Berkeley's subjects, all of whom could be described as unusual or atypical looking, invited the viewer to create their own narrative or explanation while questioning traditional notions of beauty."