Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sugar Town

Sugar Town
Lara & The Trailer... Sugar Town (1960's, Cosdel CEP 3004 .mp3 audio 02:21).

Chunsoo Kim: Motel

Chunsoo Kim: Motel (21 color photographs) at Zone Zero. "...I have always been interested in the anonymous nature of online-communities. The title of this piece comes from a Korean web site. 'Motel Tour' is a membership only online club for Korean young couples that want to go to a Love hotel for their sexual-relationship. (In Korea, most of young people live with their families.) In the website, users upload information (text and photos) about the love hotels that they've been to.
Traditionally in Korean culture, a prenuptial sexual-relationship is Taboo. But younger generations don't accept this any more. Younger people are much more frank and liberal than older generations. Young people had long been suppressed by Korean-family culture. Today they express their hidden desires through the internet and Love hotels."

Andy Warhol: From the Factory - 1963, 64, 65

Andy Warhol: From the Factory - 1963, 64, 65 - Boxes Jackies Flowers, May 27 - July 24, 2009 at Tony Shafrazi Gallery in New York.

Works by Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore... Edie Sedgwick, Ingrid Superstar (1965-1967, Black and white photograph, edition of 8). From Works by Stephen Shore at 303 Gallery in New York, NY. "...In a series of works from The Velvet Years, Shore spent time at Warhol’s Factory in the mid-1960s, and photographed what he saw. From practice sessions between members of the Velvet Underground, to Edie Sedgwick photo shoots, famous visitors, late-night parties and their aftermaths, Shore captured what was to become art history. The characters in the images are intimate and personable, the artifice of the spotlight shed in service of the utility of the everyday process of creating artwork. The seemingly instant compositions point to Shore’s later work, but aside from their value as archival documents, the images illustrate just how The Factory as a machine went on to inform the comprehensive view Shore would take of life becoming art."

Works by Hiro Kurata

Hiro Kurata... Birth Of A Slugger (2009, Oil, Acrylic, Ink on wood). From Works by Hiro Kurata.

Le Tendon Révolver #2

Le Tendon Révolver #2 at United Dead Artists. "...Avec par ordre d’apparition : Gilles Berquet (facial), Wouter Vanhaelemeesch, Francesco Defourny, Lolmède, Olive, Marie Nöel DöBY, Harukawa Namio, Bruno Richard, Xavier Robel, Stéphane Blanquet, Mïrka Lugosi, Marie-Laure Dagoit, Chris Hipkiss, Ryan Standfest, Fanny Michaëlis, Céline Goergen, Ichiba Daisuke, Nuvish Mircovich, Frédéric Fleury (Dorsal)." (fr)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rockin' In The Congo

Rockin' In The Congo Hank Thompson... Rockin' In The Congo (1957, Capitol F3623 .mp3 audio 02:22).

Works by Marcus Mårtenson

Works by Marcus Mårtenson at Garde Rail Gallery in Seattle, WA. "...Old traditional religious art from medieval churches in Sweden inspires me a lot, particularly the art by the painter Albertus Pictor. It was common that interiors of whole churches where painted in a naive style telling both the stories of the bible and other folktales to farmers and others who where not literate in Latin, the language that the bible was written in at that time. I'm often inspired by these old stories but I try to find a modern expression for them."

Souther Salazar: Last Year's Man

Souther Salazar... King of Mars (Mixed media). From the exhibition Souther Salazar: Last Year's Man at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. "...Returning for his second solo show at the gallery, Salazar has created a new series of original mixed-media paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Last Year’s Man features the largest collection of Salazar’s work to date, assembled into a site-specific installation. Expanding upon his signature aesthetic, Salazar’s dynamic compositions are colorful accumulations of simply drawn characters and their surrounding communities. A single canvas might contain hundreds of narratives and microcosmic worlds within worlds. The depth and complexity of the artist’s large, multi-layered paintings are complimented by the minimalist simplicity of his smaller monochromatic line drawings on paper." More... Works by Souther Salazar at his personal site.

Infected Landscape

Infected Landscape by photographer Shari Kremer.

Works by Kenneth Josephson

Works by Kenneth Josephson at Robert Koch Gallery. "...Kenneth Josephson's conceptual photographs famously layer pictures within pictures, focusing on the act of picture making and offered playful commentary on photographic truth and illusion. His photographic experiments require the viewer to consider the act of picture making and convey the artist's desire to question the medium and refuse the illusion of realism. At times Josephson employs hand-held measuring devices, sizing the experiences he records in a mockery of toursism or pseudoscientific inquiry. His wry visual humor satirizes the use of photography as the ultimate measuring device of 'reality.'"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In The Ghetto

In The Ghetto Big Joe... In The Ghetto (.mp3 audio 03:23). From the album If Deejay Was Your Trade: The Dreads At King Tubby's, 1974-1977 (1994, Blood & Fire BAFLP 001).

Judith Supine's Photostream

Judith Supine's Photostream at Flickr. Great! "...Judith Supine uses materials that are free or at least real cheap. He uses an exacto-knife, glue sticks, cheap ugly paints and real sleazy magazines that make him sexually uncomfortable. Judith Supine gets his magazines out of people's trash, from the public library, from the dentist's offices, from his little sister's magazine collection, from bankrupt porn shops. His work has been exhibited in at the Leonard Street Gallery in London, he also took part in the 11 Spring Spring St. show, curated by Wooster Collective, ABC no Rio Gallery in NYC, and has been talked and blogged about in a profuse number of street art & culture publications." - New Image Art.


Alex Barry... Ugly People Mating #5 (table tennis) (ink on paper). From the exhibition C.H.U.D.Z. at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. "...a 3 person show featuring new paintings, drawings, and collages. The title is a mysterious acronym that likens itself to the cult film C.H.U.D. aka 'Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller,' where toxic waste has mutated people into flesh-eating zombies that come up from the sewers to feed. Certainly B-movie monsters, science fiction, conspiracy theories, secret societies and the arcane knowledge of the underground all play an influential role in each of these artists' work but it also reveals their collective sense of humor as old friends, as a kind of tongue in cheek term for their new works or even a term of endearment for each other."

David Seidner: Paris Fashions, 1945

David Seidner: Paris Fashions, 1945 at the ICP. "...In 1944, the war-battered French couture industry decided to revive its international reputation by conceiving a small exhibition entitled Théâtre de la Mode. The exhibition organizer enlisted the major fashion designers of the day, including Jeanne Lanvin, Lucien Lelong, Elsa Schiaparelli, and Pierre Balmain to create outfits for small wire-frame dolls just over two feet tall.
The exhibition of over 230 dolls, displayed in artist-designed sets, opened in Paris on March 27, 1945 at the Museum of Decorative Arts. It was an instant sensation, and traveled to London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Vienna, New York, and San Francisco. With the return of the French fashion industry, the dolls had completed their work and were donated to the Maryhill Museum near Portland, Oregon, where they disappeared from view. Also... the David Seidner Archive in the ICP's Permanent Collection.


Ronny & The Daytonas... G.T.O. (1964, Mala 481 .mp3 audio 02:32).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Walter McClintock Glass Lantern Slides

Walter McClintock Glass Lantern Slides. "...Pittsburgh native Walter McClintock graduated from Yale in 1891. In 1896 he traveled west as a photographer for a federal commission investigating national forests. McClintock became friends with the expedition’s Blackfoot Indian scout, William Jackson or Siksikakoan. When the commission completed its field work, Jackson introduced McClintock to the Blackfoot community of northwestern Montana. Over the next twenty years, supported by the Blackfoot elder Mad Wolf, McClintock made several thousand photographs of the Blackfoot, their homelands, their material culture, and their ceremonies.
Like his contemporary, the photographer Edward Curtis, McClintock believed that Indian communities were undergoing swift, dramatic transformations that might obliterate their traditional culture. He sought to create a record of a life-way that might disappear. He wrote books, mounted photographic exhibitions, and delivered numerous public lectures about the Blackfoot."

The 1913 Teasdale Vice Committee Investigation

Homell Hart... Minors in a Saloon Dance Hall (May 3, 1914). From The 1913 Teasdale Vice Committee Investigation at the WHS. "...The Teasdale Vice Committee collection displayed in this gallery includes some of the photographs used as exhibits in its 1913 vice investigation, including images of dance halls, saloons and wine rooms. Some of these photographs were taken by Homell Hart. The Milwaukee City Club Committee of Public Recreation and Public Parks collected the other images while documenting recreational facilities, recreational opportunities and potential undesirable conditions for children from 1913 through 1917. Images include views of dance halls, carnivals, children playing in the street, swimming pools, penny arcade machines and recreational outings, including hiking and Boy Scout activities. These images supported part of the Committee's final report, which cited improved social and recreation centers for youth as an indirect means of eliminating vice in the state."

Monday, May 25, 2009

Out Of Limits

The Marketts... Out Of Limits (1963, Warner Bros. Records 5391 .mp3 audio 02:04).

Yuichi Hibi: Neco

Yuichi Hibi: Neco Yuichi Hibi: Neco at Gallery 339 in Philadelphia, PA. "...Noted for his photographs that evoke the menace, beauty, and mystery of urban landscapes at night, Yuichi Hibi brings this same ambivalent and at times unsettling vision to his examination of cats. Taking on what initially seems an inauspicious subject, Hibi’s dark view proves to be the ideal one to expose the richness and complexity of these creatures." Also... additonal photographs by Yuichi Hibi at 339 and Works by Yuichi Hibi at Fifty One Fine Art Photography in Antwerp.

Save Walter White

Francis Bacon: The South Bank Show

Francis Bacon: The South Bank Show (1985) at UBUWEB Film & Video. "...Part of The South Bank Show series, David Hinton directs this BBC documentary about British painter Francis Bacon, known for his horrifying portraits of humanity. The program consists of a series of conversations between Bacon and interviewer Melvyn Bragg, starting with commentary during a side-show presentation at the Tate Gallery in London. Later in the evening, Bacon is followed through various bars hanging out, drinking, and gambling. In another segment, Bacon provides a tour of his painting studio and a glimpse at his reference photographs of distorted humans. The artist discusses his theories, influences, and obsessions. This title won an International Emmy Award in 1985." Also... Francis Bacon: A Centenary Retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What Goes Better With Dinner Than Chainsaws? Nothing! It’s The First Trailer For Macabre

Twitch... What Goes Better With Dinner Than Chainsaws? Nothing! It’s The First Trailer For Macabre. "...We’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Indonesian horror film Macabre - the feature length expansion of stellar short project Dara - from the Mo Brothers for a good long time around these parts and now we are finally rewarded with the first teaser for the film. The goal on this one was to wed Eastern and Western horror styles and it looks to me like they’ve done rather well, indeed."

Lopez Walker: Uncovering the Mysterious Reggae Artist

Perfect Sound Forever... Lopez Walker: Uncovering the Mysterious Reggae Artist. "...Lopez Walker is a reggae singer who recorded four tracks for the producer Roy Francis’ Phase One label in the late 1970s and then 'vanished from the scene' (Barrow, liner notes). In an interview with journalist David Katz, Roy Francis explained the cicumstances in which some of these songs were recorded: 'I was at Channel One doing sessions and saw [Walker] standing outside – he say he want to do something for me, start sing a song by the name of 'Jah Jah New Garden.' I take him right in the studio and recorded the rhythm, voice him a week after and put it out'"

Saturday, May 23, 2009

10 Years at gmtPlus9(-15)

10 Years at gmtPlus9(-15) This weblog was born on May 23, 1999 - 10 years ago today.

Let's hear some music...

01 - Lopez Walker... Fly Away (.mp3 audio 06:10). A Phase One extended release produced by the great Roy Francis. From the album Children Of Jah: The Chantells & Friends, 1977 -1979 (Blood and Fire BAFCD028).

02 - Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds... Poor Jenny (.mp3 audio 02:29). Cover of an Everly Brothers' tune - one of four tracks off a free 45 included with the Rockpile album Seconds of Pleasure.

03 - The Alabama Kid... Rocking Jalopy (1965, Varsity 83 .mp3 audio 01:28). Found on the compilation Desperate Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2 (Flame 002, England, 1987).

04 - Prince Buster All Stars... Rough Rider (1968, FAB 40 .mp3 audio 03:26). Produced by Prince Buster.

05 - The Contortions... Dish It Out (.mp3 audio 03:17). From the album No New York (1978, Antilles Records).

06 - Frank Lee Sprague... Give It All You Can (.mp3 audio 02:15). From the album Cavern (2005, Wichita Falls Records).

07 - Bobby Bare... Down On The Corner Of Love (1956, Capitol F3557 .mp3 audio 01:57). Found on the compilation lp Rock And Roll At The Capitol Tower, Vol. 3 (Capitol (France) 2S 150- 85345/6). Written by Buck Owens.

08 - Mo Ho Baroque Ensemble... Sympathy For Lady Vengeance (Main Theme) (.mp3 audio 02:26). From the original soundtrack of Sympathy For Lady Vengeance (Chinjeolhan geumjassi, 2005, directed by Chan-wook Park).

09 - Joe Higgs with Lyn Taitt & The Jets... You Hurt My Soul (.mp3 audio 01:59). From the album Hold Me Tight: Anthology 65-73 by Lyn Taitt & The Jets (2005, Trojan Records).

10 - Val Bennett... The Russians Are Coming (1968, Trojan 640, Island 3146, Produced by Bunny Lee, aka "Take Five" .mp3 audio 03:40).

11 - Big Star... Femme Fatale (.mp3 audio 03:30). From Third/Sister Lovers, Recorded in 1974 at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN.

12 - The Oil Tasters... Get Out Of The Bathroom (1982, Thermidor Records .mp3 audio 02:19). Play this very loud.

13 - The 13th Floor Elevators... You're Gonna Miss Me (1966, Contact Records 5269 .mp3 audio 02:21).

14 - Baby Huey & the Babysitters... Monkey Man (1965, Satellite 2013 .mp3 audio 02:27).

15 - Françoise Hardy... Suzanne (.mp3 audio 03:19). From the album Alone (1970).

16 - Sandy Denny... Crazy Lady Blues (mp3 audio 03:21). From the album The North Star Grassman And The Ravens (1971, Island ILPS 9165).

17 - Slim Harpo... Shake Your Hips (1966, Excello 2278 .mp3 audio 02:30).

18 - Charlie Feathers... Today And Tomorrow (1961, Memphis M-103 .mp3 audio 02:33).

19 - New Age Steppers... Fade Away (1980, On-U Sound ON-U S 01 .mp3 audio 05:33). Produced by Adrian Sherwood. Cover of the Junior Byles song.

20 - Au Pairs... You (1979, 021 Records OTO 2, .mp3 audio 02:50).

21 - The Box Tops... Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March (1969, Mala 12035 .mp3 audio 02:15).

22 - Leonard Cohen... Winter Lady (.mp3 audio 02:15) and... Sisters Of Mercy (.mp3 audio 03:33). From the album Songs Of Leonard Cohen (1968, Columbia Records) and featured in the Robert Altman film McCabe & Mrs. Miller.

23 - Sakura and The Quests... My Boy Lollipop (.mp3 audio 01:56). From the album Girls In The Garage Volume 9 - Oriental Special (Romulan Records UFOX27).

24 - Dusty Springfield... I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1964, Philips BF 1348 .mp3 audio 03:02).

25 - Vivian Girls... Where Do You Run To (.mp3 audio 03:14). A wonderful wall of lo-fi from their 2008 debut on Mauled by Tigers.

Friday, May 22, 2009

So It Goes | Heart Of The City

So It Goes Nick Lowe... So It Goes (.mp3 audio 02:34) b/w Heart Of The City (.mp3 audio 02:04). 1976, Stiff Records BUY 1. "...Mono Enhanced Stereo. Play Loud."

A Tribute to Don Worth (1924-2009), Influences and the Influenced

A Tribute to Don Worth (1924-2009), Influences and the Influenced - Photographs by Ansel Adams, Ruth Bernhard, Wynn Bullock, Mark Citret, Imogen Cunningham, Lyle Gomes, Leland Rice, Alan Ross, Brett Weston, Edward Weston, Jack Welpott, and Minor White at Scott Nichols Gallery. "...Don Worth was a quiet presence in the bay area for over 60 years, capturing the illusive and ethereal landscape, and tropical plants in his award winning garden. Worth's large format photographs — made, generally, with large format cameras — have an incisive clarity and quiet meditative mood. Many images involve enormous spaces, and often use the transformative power of fog, mist and other atmospheric conditions. He was a master printer, interpreting his negatives like a musician interprets a musical score. His unwavering and painstaking dedication has resulted in some of the most beautiful masterworks of twentieth century photography, securing an honored place among the California photographers, who influenced him, Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock, Edward and Brett Weston, Imogen Cunningham, Ruth Bernhard and Minor White." Works by Don Worth at Photography West Gallery.

Postcards of Algiers - A Virtual Tour

Postcards of Algiers - A Virtual Tour at Flickr. Featured in the exhibition Walls of Algiers: Narratives of the City at the Getty Center. "...Walls of Algiers examines the city's complex history by considering its places and peoples through diverse 19th- and 20th-century visual sources. The exhibition traces, for example, an itinerary of the Casbah and the European quarters through vintage postcards, and juxtaposes the long tradition of staged Orientalist representations of "indigenous" people with photojournalistic coverage from the Algerian War. The visual documents are reconsidered textually with the help of voices drawn from government and military reports, scholarly essays, travel accounts, novels, and poems."

Vladimir Ussachevsky: Film Music, 1962-1967

Vladimir Ussachevsky: Film Music, 1962-1967 at UbuWeb Sound. "...On this recording are two of Ussachevsky's most powerful and innovative scores: Suite from No Exit (1962), from the film of Jean-Paul Sartre's play No Exit directed by Orson Welles, and the soundtrack for Lloyd Williams's avant-garde film Line of Apogee (1967). Ussachevsky's score for No Exit is a traditional soundtrack in that the music was meant to be a background to spoken words. Line of Apogee is quite different: There are only a few spoken words, and the images on screen shift quickly and wildly between weird, dreamlike sequences and partial animation. Here, Ussachevsky's music becomes the primary organizing element, as the various sections of music f low into one another smoothly, easing the shocking effect of the visual changes."


10 Years at gmtPlus9(-15) - Tomorrow!

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Rock-A-Bye Boogie

Rock-A-Bye Boogie The Davis Sisters... Rock-A-Bye Boogie (1953, RCA Victor 47-5345 .mp3 audio 02:31).

I.D.: Individual Demographics

Mark Bennett... Home Of Jed 'J.D.' Clampett (The Beverly Hillbillies) (1995, Lithograph on Rives BFK paper). From the exhibition I.D.: Individual Demographics at Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle, WA. Works by Nola Avienne, Louise Bourgeois, Tim Hawkinson, Glenn Ligon, Deborah Oropallo, Roger Shimomura, Marc Quinn, Tom of Finland, Kohei Yoshiyuki, and others.

Works by Yayoi Kusama

Works by Yayoi Kusama at Gagosian Gallery in New York, NY. "...For this two-part exhibition, which has been several years in the making, Kusama has conceived some astonishing new works, such as Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity (2009), a mesmerizing 'infinity room' that operates on a system of simple yet ingenious optical devices. In a dark void, a delicate, shimmering mirage unfolds around the viewer, a myriad of gleaming lights that reproduce and reflect endlessly upon each other in golden silence. Titles of recent figurative paintings, in which worms, eyes, and other more indeterminate biomorphic forms abound, reflect a preoccupation with mortality, as well as with enlightenment, solitude, nothingness, and the mysteries of the physical and metaphysical universe. And, among all these spirited emanations, the sublime Infinity Net paintings -- from austere achromes to vibrant psychedelic contrasts -- continue to depict the undepictable in a steady, insistent pulse."

JeongMee Yoon: The Pink And Blue Project

JeongMee Yoon: The Pink And Blue Project at Jenkins Johnson Gallery in San Francisco, CA. "...This project began with my daughter. My six-year-old daughter loves pink. She wants to wear only pink clothes and only own pink toys and objects. My daughter is not unusual. Most other little girls in the United States and South Korea love pink clothing, accessories and toys. This phenomenon seems widespread among various ethnic groups of children regardless of their cultural backgrounds. This preference is the result of cultural influences and the power of pervasive commercial advertisements such as those for Barbie and Hello Kitty. Through advertising, customers are directed to buy blue items for boys and pink for girls. Blue has become a symbol of strength and masculinity, while pink symbolizes sweetness and femininity." More Pink And Blue Project Photographs and additional Works by JeongMee Yoon at her personal site.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Escapades Of Futura 2000 (version)

The Escapades Of Futura 2000 (version) Futura 2000 featuring The Clash... The Escapades Of Futura 2000 (version) (1983, Charly Records CYZ 104 .mp3 audio 04:05).

La Grande Revue Philips

La Grande Revue Philips (The Great Philips Review, 1938, directed by George Pal, color, 04:58). "...This astonishing advertisement film made in 1938 for Philips radios, is the work of a brilliant forerunner of animation: George Pal. It uses the puppets from his invention called “Puppetoons”, composed of numerous interchangeable wooden parts and filmed image by image. Months of work for a 5-minute dream in Technicolor!"

Lori Nix: Small Dangers

Lori Nix: Small Dangers (31 color photographs) at Zone Zero. "...Lori Nix’s photographs, saturated with color and infused with a dark sense of humor, turn the notion of the traditional landscape on it head. Painstakingly created in miniature, her constructed scenes depict a detailed world where all is not as it seems. Public spaces dedicated to history and science (and a few intimate spaces) lie deteriorating and neglected while nature slowly takes them back.
In her series, 'The City' as well as her previous works, Nix emotes the clash between catastrophe and beauty to depict their co-dependence. She gives the viewer an incidental advantage by offering fenced in tragedies that inherently raise awareness and inspire reflection on our everyday actions and means of survival." Brilliant! Number 9 - "Ice Storm" - just gets better with time. More at Lori Nix Photography.

Interview with Marc Feustel

Japan Exposures... Interview with Marc Feustel. "...On current view at the Setagaya Art Museum is a wonderful photography exhibition entitled Japan: A Self Portrait, that uses the works of 11 photographers† to give us a view onto the incredibly important 20 year period following the end of World War II. The milestone events of this period are well known — the ending of the war via the atomic bombings, the American occupation, and the rapid rebuilding of the country and following economic recovery, including the citizens’ self-esteem, that culminated with the hosting of the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. But while these might form part of the structure of the exhibit, what’s really special about this particular exhibit are the details of how those years were lived — details that have manifested themselves in the 168 photographs that make up the show.
The exhibition is the brainchild of Paris-based curator and writer Marc Feustel, one of the driving forces behind Studio Equis, which has organized several important traveling exhibitions of Japanese photography in recent years."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Big Bounce

The Big Bounce Shirley Caddell and The Aristocrats... The Big Bounce (1962, Lesley AL-1927 .mp3 audio 02:08). Features Floyd Cramer on piano, Henry Sturecky on bass, and Boots Randolph on tenor sax.

Carol Panaro-Smith and James Hajicek: Photogenic Drawings

Carol Panaro-Smith and James Hajicek: Photogenic Drawings at Joseph Bellows Gallery. "...Carol Panaro-Smith and James Hajicek work collaboratively using one of the earliest photographic processes known as photogenic drawing. William Henry Fox Talbot announced the discovery of this camera-less process in 1839 when he found that placing small objects like lace or leaves on light-sensitive paper and exposing them to sunlight produced a light image of the object against a dark background." More Works by Carol Panaro-Smith and James Hajicek at Watermark Fine Art.

Debbie Fleming Caffery

Debbie Fleming Caffery... Irma (2000, Gelatin silver print). From Debbie Fleming Caffery at Gitterman Gallery. "...Debbie Fleming Caffery has been photographing in Mexico since 1990. This exhibition focuses on the images Caffery made of women working as prostitutes. These photographs explore the complexities of their situation in life, showing their vulnerability and their strength. The exhibition is concurrent with the release of Caffery’s fourth major monograph, The Spirit & The Flesh (Radius Books, 2009), which spans her entire body of work in Mexico and includes an essay by Carrie Springer, Senior Curatorial Assistant at the Whitney Museum of American Art."

The Szathmary Recipe Pamphlet Collection

The Szathmary Recipe Pamphlet Collection at The University of Iowa Libraries. "...Louis Szathmary (1919–1996) was a Hungarian-born chef, restaurateur, and food writer, best known as proprietor of The Bakery restaurant in Chicago. Szathmary amassed one of the largest culinary archives in the United States, a portion of which is housed at the University of Iowa Libraries. The University’s collection includes more than 4,000 promotional recipe pamphlets, published mainly by food and appliance manufacturers and trade associations. Dating from the late 19th century to the present, this advertising ephemera reflects the evolution of the modern American diet."

Songs We Taught The Blasters

Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys... Never No More Blues (.mp3 audio 02:58) | Little Willie John... I'm Shakin' (.mp3 audio 02:28) | Magic Sam... 21 Days In Jail (.mp3 audio 01:58). From Songs We Taught The Blasters - another brilliant one of Debbie's Posts at WFMU's Beware of the Blog.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jesse James Rides Again | Shotgun

Jesse James Rides Again The Pyramids (recording as The Bees)... Jesse James Rides Again (1967, Columbia Blue Beat DB 101 .mp3 audio 02:31). Also... The Pyramids... Shotgun (late 60's, unissued .mp3 audio 02:28).

The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs

The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs at the Milwaukee Art Museum. "...Charles Rohlfs thought of himself as an American original. This charismatic furniture designer from Buffalo, New York, emphatically denied any connection to particular movements or stylistic influences. He claimed that his individual inspiration came from the natural grain of oak and his own creative imagination. He called his work 'Artistic Furniture' or, simply, 'The Rohlfs Style' and, in turn, cultivated an enigmatic persona that has persisted until now." Also... a Charles Rohlfs Mahogany Chair, ca. 1910 appraised on PBS' Antiques Roadshow in 2006.

Trailer for Dara

Trailer for Dara (2007, directed by the Mo Bros., Flash Video 01:26). Roughly 20 minutes long, this Indonesian short is currently being expanded into a full-length picture - 'Macabre' - due for release later this year. Dara is also part of the horror anthology Takut: Faces Of Fear.

Rico Rodriguez - The Legacy

Rico Rodriguez - The Legacy - a documentary by Jep Jorba, Miquel Àngel Arnáiz and Ester Casals. "...The life of Rico Rodriguez and the life of jamaican music are two faces of the same coin. They are like two parallel lines that passed through the time and the place. In the documentary 'Rico Rodriguez – The Legacy' the time is 2006 and the place is Barcelona. The old carribbean melodies of the 60's are performed by young musicians of the millenium, that take with pride the musical and spiritual legacy of this great trombonist. These beautiful melodies become the perfect soundtrack to review the biography of one of the most humble and compromised legends of Jamaican music."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boty proti lásce

Boty proti lásce Yvonne Přenosilová... Boty proti lásce (1966 .mp3 audio 02:34). From the album boots! (Supraphon SUK 33656). Czech cover of 'These Boots Are Made For Walking.'

Zas mi říkal, že má něco pro mne,
a to něco, to prý láska je.
Já však nechci žádnou lásku v domě,
přináší jen žal a výdaje.
Mám proti lásce boty, ty chrání paní svou,
ty boty vždycky jdou a všechno hezké pošlapou.

Jed Fielding: 30 Years on the Street

Jed Fielding: 30 Years on the Street at Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago, IL. "...Some people are comfortable photographing what they know. Other people search among the unknown, convinced every corner will reveal a new discovery. Jed Fielding is one of those photographers who seeks his subjects on the concrete streets and alleyways of Naples and Mexico City, revealing situations and faces that populate urban areas. Along the way, people gesticulate and flirt, showing defiance, playfulness and resilience, revealing glimpses of themselves frozen by Fielding's camera. The resulting images are both humorous and poignant, as adults and children allow us to enter their worlds.....if only for a moment."

Michal Chelbin Photos


Nymphoto Group Show at Sasha Wolf Gallery. More information about Nymphoto - A collective of women photographers.

Trailer fro The Unknown

Trailer for The Unknown (QuickTime Video). "...(1927) Chaney’s 'Alonzo, the Armless Wonder' finds the perfect match in 21-year-old Joan Crawford’s Estrellita, who 'wishes God had taken the arms from all men.' But then, after adjustments, she makes an exception!" From the Tod Browning Series at Film Forum in New York.

Shortnin' Bread Rock

The Collins Kids... Shortnin' Bread Rock (late 50's, unissued .mp3 audio 01:50). From the album The Collins Kids: Hop, Skip & Jump (1991, Bear Family BCD 15537 BI).

Texts From Last Night

"...I introduced my face to asphalt last night. They didn't get along." - Texts From Last Night.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yvonne Přenosilová - Mě se líbí Bob

Yvonne Přenosilová - Mě se líbí Bob (1965, Czech Republic Czech Music Republique Tchéque, Flash Video 01:08). Czech version of 'My Boy Lollipop.'

Mně se líbí Bob a hlavo
moudrá, zlob se, zlob,
ta láska to je síla,
mám jí jak jed v žilách

Blue Rivers & The Maroons - Guns Of Navarone

Guns Of Navarone Blue Rivers & The Maroons... Guns Of Navarone (1967, produced by Siggy Jackson .mp3 audio 03:18). Nice cover of The Skatalites' arrangement - later covered by The Specials.

Stuart Semple: Everlasting Nothing Less

Stuart Semple... Everybody Sees You're Blown Apart (2009, Acrylic, vinyl, charcoal, chalk and paintmarker on canvas). From the exhibition Stuart Semple: Everlasting Nothing Less at Anna Kustera Gallery in New York, NY. "...The breadth of Semple's frame of reference is a constant adventure; the title for his new series of works ‘Everlasting Nothing Less’ derives from a lyric in UK indie rock act Manic Street Preachers’ seminal anthem ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’. In Semple’s center piece, ‘Angelus’, the motorbike in question is the black Ducati from the iconic Puff Daddy music video 'Missing You' dedicated to the memory of his dearly departed friend the Notorious B.I.G. Also in ‘Angelus’ we see the artist assume the poses from Jean-Francois Millet’s original work. To the artist, this is the ultimate reproduced mimetic image and profoundly emotionally resonant as he personally prayed most days for the first 13 years of his life in front of it."

Leonard Freed: Black In White America

Leonard Freed: Black In White America at Bruce Silverstein Gallery. "...In 1962 Leonard Freed went to Berlin to shoot the wall being erected. There he saw an African American soldier standing in front of the wall and it struck him; that at home in the US, African Americans were struggling for civil rights, and here in Germany an African American soldier was ready to defend the USA.
This prompted a lengthy examination by Freed of the plight of the African Americans at home in the United States. Freed traveled to New York, Washington, D.C. and all throughout the South, capturing images of a segregated and racially-entrenched society. The photos taken at that time were then published in 1968 in 'Black in White America'.
'Black in White America' is a moving collection of photos and telling captions that document the African American struggle for self-definition in mid-20th century America. Freed's sensitive and informative black-and-white photographs, reproduced in gravure, of 1960s African American living throughout America investigates the politics of the country, and articulates the anxiety of an under-represented and discriminated people."

Trailer for The Green Slime

Trailer for The Green Slime (1968, directed by Kinji Fukasaku, Flash Video 02:13). From Trailer Club 70 - Trailers of strange films from the seventies and beyond.

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold by Gay Talese. "...In the winter of 1965, writer Gay Talese arrived in Los Angeles with an assignment from Esquire to profile Frank Sinatra. The legendary singer was approaching fifty, under the weather, out of sorts, and unwilling to be interviewed. So Talese remained in L.A., hoping Sinatra might recover and reconsider, and he began talking to many of the people around Sinatra - his friends, his associates, his family, his countless hangers-on - and observing the man himself wherever he could. The result, 'Frank Sinatra Has a Cold,' ran in April 1966 and became one of the most celebrated magazine stories ever published, a pioneering example of what came to be called New Journalism - a work of rigorously faithful fact enlivened with the kind of vivid storytelling that had previously been reserved for fiction. The piece conjures a deeply rich portrait of one of the era's most guarded figures and tells a larger story about entertainment, celebrity, and America itself."

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rude Boy Gone To Jail

Rude Boy Gone To Jail Desmond Baker and The Clarendonians... Rude Boy Gone To Jail (1966, Studio One ST 14 .mp3 audio 02:47).

Works by Richard Colman

Fiona Ackerman: A Harlequin Escapade

Fiona Ackerman: A Harlequin Escapade at Diane Farris Gallery. "...Ackerman’s acrylic and oil paintings on canvas and paper stretch the limits of visual language. She borrows from the language of popular culture with such stylistic idioms as graffiti, spatters, airbrush and collage, and fearlessly mixes the sensibility of contemporary décor with a personal and idiosyncratic approach. The paradox, for Ackerman, is to meet her free-fall invention with a mindful but seemingly tumultuous skirmish of shapes, forms and patterns. In her studio, she is driven by a process of trial and error as she spontaneously combines the narrative with the conceptual, the abstract with the stylized, and random gestures with purposeful intent."

Cory Arcangel: I Shot Andy Warhol

Cory Arcangel: I Shot Andy Warhol (2002, Reprogrammed Nintendo Entertainment System videogame cartridge, Nintendo Entertainment System, Light gun). "...Cory Arcangel is one of a group of artists who work within the strict limitations and visual styles imposed by early digital technologies and media. For I Shot Andy Warhol, Arcangel reprogrammed a 1980s Nintendo videogame, Hogan's Alley, and populated the game with mass-culture icons. The artist chose the iconic personalities based on their ability to be readily recognizable even at the extremely small pixel size in which they are rendered." From the new UbuWeb Blog.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

That Man Is Forward

Easy Snappin' Rico Rodriguez... Easy Snappin' (.mp3 audio 03:56) and... That Man Is Forward (.mp3 audio 03:47). From the album That Man Is Forward (1981, 2 Tone CHR TT 5005).

The Mexican Suitcase | Capa, Taro, Chim

The Mexican Suitcase at the ICP. "...In late December 2007, three small cardboard boxes arrived at the International Center of Photography from Mexico City after a long and mysterious journey. These tattered boxes - the so-called Mexican Suitcase - contained the legendary Spanish Civil War negatives of Robert Capa. Rumors had circulated for years of the survival of the negatives, which had disappeared from Capa's Paris studio at the beginning of World War II. Cornell Capa, Robert's brother and the founder of ICP, had diligently tracked down each tale and vigorously sought out the negatives, but to no avail. When, at last, the boxes were opened for the 89-year-old Cornell Capa, they revealed 126 rolls of film—not only by Robert Capa, but also by Gerda Taro and David Seymour (known as 'Chim'), three of the major photographers of the Spanish Civil War. Together, these roles of film constitute an inestimable record of photographic innovation and war photography, but also of the great political struggle to determine the course of Spanish history and to turn back the expansion of global fascism."

Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung: In GOD We Trust

Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung... Obamacita! (Guadalupe) (2009, de la série In GOD We Trust, 5 ex. Tirage numérique couleur sur toile, 102 x 185 cm). From the exhibition Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung: In GOD We Trust at Galerie Guy Bärtschi in Geneva. More... Works by Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung at his personal site.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sock It To 'Em J.B. - Part 1

Sock It To 'Em J.B. - Part 1 Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers... Sock It To 'Em J.B. - Part 1 (1966, Like 45-301 .mp3 audio 02:42).

2 Tone Records - Cover Versions

2 Tone Records - Cover Versions. "...We take an in-depth look at the tunes behind the tunes, the stories behind the tracks that were dusted down and polished up to be covered on the 2 Tone label."

They Called Me Mayer July: Painted Memories of a Jewish Childhood in Poland Before the Holocaust

They Called Me Mayer July: Painted Memories of a Jewish Childhood in Poland Before the Holocaust at The Jewish Museum in New York, NY. "...Mayer Kirshenblatt has made it his mission to remember the world of his childhood in living color, lest future generations know more about how Jews died than how they lived. This unique project is a blend of memoir, oral history, and visual interpretation. Intimate, humorous, and refreshingly candid, the project is a remarkable record - in both words and images - of Jewish life in a Polish town before World War II, as seen through the eyes of an inquisitive boy."

Michael Velliquette: Abundant Creatures

Michael Velliquette: Abundant Creatures at DCKT Contemporary. "...Velliquette hand cuts and glues paper cardstock into complex dimensional assemblages reminiscent of the interiors of large-scale pop-up books or mosaics in high relief. In his current body of work Velliquette returns once again to garden and jungle settings where humorous and visually dense paper tableaux are populated with animistic spirits, beasts, goons and gods."

Helen Levitt: A Memorial Tribute

Helen Levitt: A Memorial Tribute at Laurence Miller Gallery. "...Helen Levitt passed away in her Greenwich Village home on March 29, at the age of 95. Ironically, or perhaps fittingly, a show of her work entitled Passages, which Helen had approved, was already in the works, and her death caused a momentary pause in how to proceed. It was decided that Helen would not have wanted her passing to intrude upon best laid plans. Hence, guided by her spirit, we celebrate her legacy with this exhibition, her twelfth at Laurence Miller Gallery."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On My Radio

On My Radio The Selecter... On My Radio (1979, 2 Tone CHS TT4 .mp3 audio 03:07).

European & Russian Photomontage, 1920–1940

European & Russian Photomontage, 1920–1940, Selections from the Merrill C. Berman Collection, Selections from the Merrill C. Berman Collection, May 15 - July 31, 2009 at Ubu Gallery in New York, NY. Works by Francis Bernard, Max Burchartz, Johannis Canis, Fre Cohen, Walter Dexel, Nikolai Andreevich Dolgorukov, Aleksander Dortmann, Vassily Nikolaevich Elkin, Max Gerbhard, John Heartfield, Boris Ignatovitch, Gustav Klutsis, El Lissitzky, Joszef Pecsi, Enrico Prampolini, Mikhail Razulevich, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Jan Rot, Xanti Schawinsky, Paul Schuitema, Nikolai Sidelnikov, Otto Steinert, Solomon Telingater, Boris Titov, Konstantin Vialov, Jo Voskuil, and Piet Zwart.

Rifle Sport

Rifle Sport... Complex | Bedroom Full Of Ice | Box Of Dirt. From the EP Complex (1985, Ruthless Records). Via One Base on an Overthrow. Thank you DMc.

19th-Century Japanese Pregnant Dolls

19th-Century Japanese Pregnant Dolls at Pink Tentacle. "...In the 18th and 19th centuries, sideshow carnivals known as misemono were a popular form of entertainment for the sophisticated residents of Edo (present-day Tokyo). The sideshows featured a myriad of educational and entertaining attractions designed to evoke a sense of wonder and satisfy a deep curiosity for the mysteries of life. One popular attraction was the pregnant doll."

Hiroh Kikai: Persona

Hiroh Kikai: Persona at Yancey Richardson Gallery. "...Trained as a philosopher, Kikai turned to photography after discovering the work of Diane Arbus and Walker Evans. Since then, Kikai has focused on two parallel bodies of work: the Asakusa Portraits, a series on individuals encountered in the Asakusa district, an urban backwater of Tokyo historically known as a center for popular entertainment; and Tokyo Labyrinth, a dreamlike protagonist-free portrait of the city itself. Both series are made in black and white with the same handheld square format Hasselblad given to Kikai by his university philosophy professor at the outset of his career. As Kikai explains, he sees his portraits and cityscapes as two sides of the same coin."

Picnic | Binran

Picnic and Binran - two photography series by Masato Seto. (jp)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Starlight Version | Middle East Dub

Starlight Version The Skatalites & King Tubby... Starlight Version (.mp3 audio 03:00) and... Middle East Dub (.mp3 audio 03:26). From the album The Legendary Skatalites In Dub (2002, Motion FASTLP 009).

Dreams Of Dub

King Tubby... Dreams Of Dub (.mp3 audio 03:23). From the album King Tubby's Dancehall Style Dub (1974, Clocktower CTLP 0098). KT has his way with the Ali Baba rhythm. Thank you DMc.

Unica Zürn: Dark Spring

Unica Zürn: Dark Spring at the Drawing Center in New York, NY. "...approximately 50 ink and watercolor works on paper by the late German artist and writer Unica Zürn, spanning from the early 1950s until her tragic suicide in 1970. A noted poet and novelist, Zürn produced numerous expressionistic short stories that were published in German newspapers throughout the 1950s before moving to Paris with German Surrealist artist, Hans Bellmer, who would be her partner and collaborator until her death. Zürn began producing paintings and drawings related to her Surrealist-influenced literary work while living in Paris, becoming acquainted with many artists in the Surrealist circle, including André Breton, Max Ernst, Man Ray, and Marcel Duchamp. Part whimsical cartoons, part intricate portraits, Zürn’s chimerical fantasies make for drawings that are deeply revelatory yet playfully imaginative."

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Melodica Melodies

Melodica Melodies Augustus Pablo & The Crystalites with Big Youth... Bass & Drum Version (.mp3 audio 03:10) | Glen Brown, Joe White & God Sons... Merry Up (.mp3 audio 03:32) | Rue Lloyd... Cheer Up (.mp3 audio 02:46). From the album Melodica Melodies (1981, Trojan Records TRLS 200).

Eleventh Finger

Lens Culture... Eleventh Finger - Photographs by Yuki Onodera. "...For this series of surreptitious snapshots of strangers in the streets of modern metropolises, she created elaborate cut-out lace-like patterns of enigmatic shapes and symbols, which she then superimposed on the photographic paper before she exposed the enlarged prints. These flat photograms both shield and reveal the faces of the anonymous subjects, much like a mask, or a fan, or a lampshade. The quirky results could also be interpreted as cartoon-like thought bubbles that represent the visual thought patterns of the strangers in the photographs."

Emma Livingston: Tree Portraits

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What Am I To Do

What Am I To Do Tony Scott... What Am I To Do (1969, Escort ES 805 .mp3 audio 03:14). Produced by Harry J over the Liquidator rhythm.

Banksy's Coming For Dinner

Japanese Lantern Slides From The E. Raymond Wilson Collection Swarthmore College Peace Collection

Interior of Sanjusangendo, Kyoto (ca. 1926-1927, Hand-tinted lantern slide). From Japanese Lantern Slides From The E. Raymond Wilson Collection Swarthmore College Peace Collection. "...The lantern slides in this collection were gathered by E. Raymond Wilson while he was in Japan from Sept. 1926 to Sept. 1927, having been awarded the Japanese Brotherhood Scholarship for study and the building of friendships. Wilson's fascination with the people and places of Japan led to detailed letters home to America, in which he included observations about his trips around the country and to Formosa. The 257 lantern slides that he brought back with him reflect his interests, having to do with beautiful sites and scenery, daily life, agricultural practices, schools and universities, and the tribes of Formosa. Most of the slides were created by professional photographers (including T. Takagi and Futaba) and were hand-tinted by artists; a few of the slides were made from photographs taken by Wilson himself."

Record Envelope

Record Envelope - a little library of factory sleeves. "...A reference for vinyl geeks and graphic artists. Ms Kavel Rafferty's collection of company sleeves. Site designed and managed by illustrator Kavel Rafferty."

Monday, May 04, 2009

Birth Control

Bith Control Lloyd Tyrell... Birth Control (.mp3 audio 03:21) | Bim, Bam & Clover... The Pill (.mp3 audio 03:14) | John Lennon... Ram You Hard (.mp3 audio 02:55). From the album Birth Control (1969, Pama SECO 32). John Lennon is actually Leo Graham and The Bleechers.

Kamrooz Aram: Of Flame and Splendour

Kamrooz Aram... Rally At the Gates (2008, oil on canvas). From the exhibition Kamrooz Aram: Of Flame and Splendour at Perry Rubenstein Gallery in New York. "...Aram's paintings explore iconography used in the Islamic and the Western worlds, questioning convenient definitions and categorizations. His compositions are populated with scrolling foliage referencing Persian miniatures and carpet patterns, angels from Shiite religious posters and Giotto paintings, as well as the pictorial language of popular culture. Images and symbols are introduced and re-contextualized so that their very signifier changes; the work becomes an expansion and abstraction of the iconography he uses." More... Works by Kamrooz Aram at his personal site.

Paul Villinski: Beer Can Butterflies

Paul Villinski: Beer Can Butterflies. "...These pieces explore themes of transformation and recovery through the metamorphosis of crushed beer cans from the streets of New York into flocks of realistically crafted butterflies." From Works by Paul Villinski.

John Salvest: Not Myself Lately

John Salvest... .22 Caliber Flag (Detail) (Lead and copper-tipped bullets). From the exhibition John Salvest: Not Myself Lately at Morgan Lehman Contemporary. "...Salvest continues to challenge pre-conceived notions of the purpose and value of common objects in everyday life. Taking various artifacts (matches, coins, pills, cigarette butts, magnets, etc.), Salvest refashions them to be viewed from an entirely different perspective. This re-contextualizing gives an emotional power and saturated purpose to the ordinary and ephemeral."

Works by Simon Evans

Works by Simon Evans at James Cohan Gallery in New York, NY.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mister Cop | Version

Mister Cop Gregory Isaacs... Mister Cop (.mp3 audio 03:46) b/w Version (.mp3 audio 03:48). 1976, Micron DSR 2839 A | DSR 2840 B. More Perry.

Postcards from Manhattan: The Portrait Photography of Carl Van Vechten

Postcards from Manhattan: The Portrait Photography of Carl Van Vechten, "...From 1946-1956, the celebrated photographer Carl Van Vechten mailed thousands of portrait postcards to his friend, Karl Priebe, a Wisconsin artist whose personal papers reside in Marquette University’s Department of Special Collections & Archives.
To commemorate the centennial of the founding of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Marquette is pleased to publish over 700 postcards depicting notable African Americans from the first half of the twentieth century.
Photographed between 1932 and 1956, Van Vechten’s subjects included authors, artists, entertainers, and intellectuals, many of whom had been associated with the Harlem Renaissance."

At Home in Brooklyn: The Nooney Brooklyn Photographs, 1978-1979

At Home in Brooklyn: The Nooney Brooklyn Photographs, 1978-1979 at the NYPL Digital Gallery. "...Hundreds of black and white photographs by Dinanda H. Nooney (d. 2004) documenting almost 200 families or individuals in their Brooklyn homes in the late 1970s."

Wil Murray: This Haunted House Is Not A Haunted Home

Wil Murray: This Haunted House Is Not A Haunted Home at Diane Farris Gallery. "...Murray is known for pithy-titled abstract assemblages consisting of built-up sculptural elements created in neon hues and jarring textures. In this exhibition, the artist successfully attempts to seduce the viewer with his large, jutting, three-dimensional paintings and explodes the surface with a dripping, over-stimulating, blending of colour and form." More... Works by Wil Murray at his personal site.

Mario Movie

Cory Arcangel... Mario Movie (2005). "...Mario Movie was made by Cory Arcangel with Paper Rad. It is a 15 minute movie made on a Super Mario Brothers cartridge."