Sunday, July 25, 2010

Recent Acquisitions (And Some Thoughts on the Current Art Market)

Egon Schiele... Pregnant Woman (1910, Watercolor, gouache and black crayon on tan wove paper, Initialed, lower left). From the exhibition Recent Acquisitions (And Some Thoughts on the Current Art Market) at Galerie St. Etienne in New York. "...As is traditional, our summer exhibition draws from the past season’s offerings, augmenting them with new acquisitions. Accordingly, our present inventories of works by Schiele, Grandma Moses and Kollwitz provide an especially rich array of choices. Highlights include Schiele's strong triple self-portrait, Seers, from 1913, a stunning 1917 watercolor portrait of his patron, Heinrich Benesch, and two spectacular 'red' nudes from the artist's breakthrough Expressionist period in early 1910. Such top-quality works by Schiele have been scarce at auction recently, and the same is true of paintings by Grandma Moses. Our new Moses acquisitions include a pair of unusually large works, Cambridge Valley and Cambridge Valley in Winter, as well as several high-quality smaller paintings (sought-after by collectors because good, reasonably priced Moseses are hard to come by): March 3, See the Kite, Better Going Over the Hill and June. Our recent Kollwitz show focused on self-portraits, leaving us with a good selection of these, which we have supplemented with rare prints, such as March Cemetery, and drawings."


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