Monday, July 26, 2010

Works by Emma Wilcox

Emma Wilcox... Eminent Domain No. 1 (2006). From Works by Emma Wilcox at Gitterman Gallery. "...This exhibition is comprised of work from Wilcox’s Eminent Domain and Forensic Landscapes series. Wilcox is interested in the various ways that land is marked, be it chemically, visually or textually. Taken primarily within a 5-mile radius of Newark, NJ, these haunting, enigmatic images suggest multiple narratives, hinting at crime, destruction and violence. Artist and critic Tim Maul writes: 'progress' has rendered these landscapes ancient, and Wilcox is both a cartographer and guerrilla, staging interventions embedded within photographs that like maps themselves, never succeed as precise conveyors of 'truth'. The images bear no obvious time stamp; they serve as a subjective document and challenge the notion of evidence. Though often dark, both visually and conceptually, the work has an underlying note of resilience and perseverance." More... Photographs by Emma Wilcox at her personal site.