Monday, October 04, 2010

Chris Ware: The ACME Novelty Library 20

Chris Ware: The ACME Novelty Library 20 at Adam Baumgold Gallery. "...This installment of the 'ACME Novelty Library' chronicles the life of Jordan Wellington Lint (b.1958) from cradle to grave, each year of Lint's life represented by a few representative seconds of consciousness per page. As he grows from child to sullen teen to angry young man to repressed upstanding citizen - and moves towards his inevitable end - Lint adapts to his own social advantages, personal mistakes and the lies he tells himself to somehow end up feeling pretty okay about things. Ware approximates Lint's inner life at every stage through a muddled stream of overlaid thoughts, personal symbols and mislaid memories, providing insight into the mind of a bemused father, ineffectual businessman and aspiring rock musician."