Friday, October 15, 2010

J. J. Peet: Shadow

J. J. Peet: Shadow J. J. Peet: Shadow at On Stellar Rays. "...While engaging in investigations and activities outside the studio, PEET gathers crushed ceramics and minerals, which are later mixed with pigments and paint and applied to handcrafted panels. The painting surfaces carry a material history that serve a broader narrative constructed by the artist over the past decade, weaving together real world events and social concerns with fictitious forces such as 'The Resistants,' 'Luxury Leader,' and more recently, 'The Sunday Painter.' This narrative is suggested though PEET’s unique visual vocabulary; x-marks, floating heads, doubled forms, horizon lines, curtains, hats, glasses, and other utilitarian objects permeate landscapes, interiors, and ethereal spaces."


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