Thursday, August 25, 2011

Miroslav Tichý: Sun Screen

Miroslav Tichý: Sun Screen Miroslav Tichý: Sun Screen at Horton Gallery in New York, NY. "...a solo exhibition of photographs by Czech artist, Miroslav Tichý. The unashamedly voyeuristic photographs in this exhibition, shot with one of the artist’s homemade cameras, feature the traditional subject matter of women bathers. In the accompanying essay for this exhibition, Allan Doyle writes that Tichý’s photographs of bathing women 'evidence a paradoxical coupling of intention and accident.' Doyle writes on the importance of Tichý’s process as a photographer:
'Tichý’s technique harkens back to the moment of photography’s birth, particularly bringing to mind the early ‘sun pictures’ of the inventor of the medium, Henry Fox Talbot. Marked by the irregularities of an experimental process, each of Talbot’s paper negative prints were a singular result of a technology that had not yet shed its alchemical origins. The preparing, exposing, bathing, washing and rinsing of the prints were as important in the making of a photograph as the opening and closing of the shutter. Tichý’s improvisational darkroom technique recovers this irreducibly material, impure origin of photography itself. Like Talbot’s salted paper prints, each Tichý photograph is a unique entity whose beauty bears witness to the vicissitudes of duration; the temporal register of his work is not that of a perfect, punctual moment but of a palimpsest of circumstance.'" Also... Miroslav Tichý - "Tarzan Retired" (Flash Video 04:54) - the trailer for the documentary.

Adolf Hoeffler's Pencil Sketches of 1852 Wisconsin

Adolf Hoeffler's Pencil Sketches of 1852 Wisconsin at the WHS. "...This compelling collection of 16 pencil sketches depicting the early settlement landscape of southern Wisconsin is the work of German-born artist Adolf Hoeffler, who painted, drew and etched German, Italian and American landscapes. He made these detailed and lovely sketches in 1852. They provide a glimpse of the southern Wisconsin oak savannah that was then the most common landscape but today is nearly nonexistent due to human settlement, agriculture and fire suppression.
Depictions in the drawings include Madison, the Milwaukee harbor, Arena, Cross Plains, Lake Kegonsa, Giles Court House, and Spirit (or Devil's) Lake. There are also depictions of the Mississippi River and Fort Snelling, Minnesota. The detailed pencil drawings usually show a sweeping expanse of landscape with the human-built environment diminutively enfolded within it but they also include closer studies of oak trees in the savannah setting. These vivid and compelling landscapes invite the viewer to imagine stepping into the majestic scenery of the past."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier... Untitled (August 12, 1954, New York, NY). From the gallery New York 1 by Vivian Maier.

Chema Madoz Fotógrafo

Chema Madoz Fotógrafo - Works by Chema Madoz.

T. Enami

T. Enami T. Enami (江南 信國 Enami Nobukuni, 1859–1929) was the trade name of a Meiji period Japanese photographer. The T. of his trade name is thought to have stood for Toshi, though he never spelled it out on any personal or business document. Born in Edo (now Tokyo) during the Bakumatsu Era, Enami was first a student of, and then an assistant to the well known photographer and collotypist, Ogawa Kazumasa. Enami relocated to Yokohama, and opened a studio on Benten-dori in 1892. Just a few doors away from him was the studio of the already well known Tamamura Kozaburo. He and Enami would work together on at least three related projects over the years." Thank you, Bem.

Jill Freedman: Street Cops 1978-1981

Jill Freedman: Street Cops 1978-1981 at Higher Pictures. "...Jill Freedman was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1939. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows and has had her work published in most of the leading newspapers and magazines. Freedman's work is in over fifteen major collections including The Museum of Modern Art, George Eastman House, International Center of Photography, and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston."

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Frank A. Rinehart: Photographs

Chief Sitting Bull Frank A. Rinehart... Chief Sitting Bull (Sioux, n.d., Vintage platinum print). From the exhibition Frank A. Rinehart: Photographs at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art.

The Brothers

Lens Culture... The Brothers - photographs by Elin Høyland. "...Two elderly brothers, Harald and Mathias Ramen, who lived together in Tessanden, a small hamlet in rural Norway, preferred to share their days and years isolated from much of the rest of the world. They chose, instead, to live in a humble, old-fashioned manner, enjoying nature and each other's quiet company. Norwegian photographer, Elin Høyland, befriended the brothers, and with their permission, photographed them in their daily routines over the course of several years." More... Works by Elin Høyland at her personal site.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Films by Ryan Trecartin

Films by Ryan Trecartin at UbuWeb Film & Video. "...Ryan Trecartin's video narratives unfold like futuristic fever dreams. Collaborating with an ensemble cast of family and friends, he merges sophisticated digital manipulations with footage from the Internet and pop culture, animations, and wildly stylized sets and performances. While the astonishing A Family Finds Entertainment (2005) has drawn comparisons to Jack Smith, early John Waters, and Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Trecartin crafts startling visions that are thoroughly unique."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Future Fantasteek! Zines and Sketchbooks by Jackie Batey

Future Fantasteek! Zines and Sketchbooks by Jackie Batey. "...Jackie Batey started creating these sketchbooks on her commute to work—about 5 hours per day by train (just 3 days a week at least!). She writes on her website: 'I noticed that my drawings were generally a visual rant about what had happened that day or week. Over the course of a year I've built up many images; some typographic; others drawn in the form of fake advertisements or patronising advice. When looking at a batch of these sketchbooks together it seemed appropriate to try and re-present them as a serial zine.' In fact you can see that many pages of the zines are copies straight out of the sketchbooks.
She makes two issues of Future Fantasteek! per year - only 50 copies per issue, in February and July. This exhibit celebrates the 10th issue mark of this fanciful publication, and Duke is one stop on a tour that is traveling in the U.S. and U.K. during 2011."

Bohuslav Reynek: Grafika 1920-1967

Bohuslav Reynek: Grafika 1920-1967 at Art Gallery, Svetlana & Lubos Jelinek. "...Bohuslav Reynek, a poet and graphic artist, spent the most of his life in voluntary solitude of his estate in Petrkov. In the 30`s he inspired Czech modern artists as well as he himself was inspired by the trends ot that time. Persecuted by fate and disfavour of German and Communist era, he led a simple life with his wife, sons, poems and graphics, which he was scraping into copper plates by candlelight. From the 60`s he becomes a cult figure of intellectual scene. Without being influenced by his fame he died quietly – as he wrote, drew and lived."

Enluminures en Islam

Enluminures en Islam at the Bibliothèque nationale de France. (fr) "...La figuration est-elle totalement exclue de l'art islamique comme on le pense très souvent ? Fourmillantes de personnages et de vie, les nombreuses miniatures qui ornent certains manuscrits semblent pourtant prouver le contraire. Dans son rapport à l'image, le monde musulman, dont l'unité s'est construite autour d'une religion, déploie une multiplicité souvent méconnue dans les mondes arabe, turc et persan."

Stuff About Stanley Kubrick

Coudal Partners in Chicago have a big, messy "Stuff About Stanley Kubrick" archive.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Happy Birthday to my daughter Amy - 18 years old today.

Friday, August 05, 2011

At The Water's Edge

At The Water's Edge Fred Stein... Lying in Sand, La Baule, Brittany, France, 1937 (vintage silver print). From the exhibition At The Water's Edge at Robert Mann Gallery. "...From baptisms to beach getaways, the water's edge is a site for transformations. With this threshold as its inspiration, Robert Mann Gallery's summer exhibition At the Water's Edge includes both historical and contemporary images engaged with those recurrent summer traditions of flocking to the water, either manmade or natural, for a much needed respite. It is no wonder then that the shoreline and the swimming pool have provided numerous photographers with inspiration."

Lauro Roberto

Lost Art Presents... Lauro Roberto. "...As obras de Lauro Roberto são produzidas em embalagens de leite longa vida (tetrapak). Fomos apresentados ao seu trabalho pelo Lucas Ribeiro, criador/curador da expo Transfer e da Galeria Fitatape. Celebramos o upgrade no Espaço Aberto (há muito tempo sem atualizações), apresentando um artista incrível até então inédito na web. (br)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

George Barnard's Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign

George Barnard's Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign at the WHS. "...This collection comprises 61 black-and-white photographs taken and printed by Civil War-era photographer George N. Barnard. Barnard held the post of official photographer for the United States Army, Division of the Mississippi, and traveled with Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman on his Atlanta Campaign and his March to the Sea in 1864. Sherman started the destruction of the Southern railroads in Chattanooga, but Barnard began his work with the Army in Atlanta. He returned to the South in 1866, after the war ended, to record images of the aftermath of the fighting. Barnard solicited advance sales and then published a book of the photographs that he hand printed and mounted. He produced 100 to 150 copies of the book, approximately 50 of which went to European collectors, and Union generals ordered many of the other copies. The Wisconsin Historical Society holds a copy in the archives, which archivists scanned to create this image gallery."

Selections Two: Recently Acquired Paintings and Photographs

Selections Two: Recently Acquired Paintings and Photographs at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art. "...Selections Two includes new paintings and photographs by gallery artists as well as a number of modern and vintage pieces recently added to the gallery’s extensive inventory of photographic masterworks. Works by gallery artists Hayley Barker, Jason Langer, Daniel Robinson, Camille Solyagua, Eva Speer and Mark Steinmetz are presented alongside classic photographs by Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Frantisek Drtikol, Andre Kertesz, Willy Ronis, Aaron Siskind, Josef Sudek, Brett Weston, Garry Winogrand and others."

Dieter Keller: Photos from the Eastern Front

Dieter Keller: Photos from the Eastern Front at Galerie Berinson. "...Dieter Keller was the publisher of the Kosmos publishing house in Stuttgart. He was a close friend of Willi Baumeister and Oskar Schlemmer, as well as having numerous friendly contacts with famous artists of the day.
Keller left behind him a mixed bag of some 200 photographs, which he took with a 'Russian Leica' when he was a soldier deployed in Russia. As well as portraits of the local population, and landscape and village shots, the pictures focus above all on the destruction wrought by the war – the dead, deformed bodies of fallen soliders, civilians and animal corpses. As far as we know to date, Keller’s detachment in Russia was primarily deployed in the border region between Belarus and the Ukraine."