Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bohuslav Reynek: Grafika 1920-1967

Bohuslav Reynek: Grafika 1920-1967 at Art Gallery, Svetlana & Lubos Jelinek. "...Bohuslav Reynek, a poet and graphic artist, spent the most of his life in voluntary solitude of his estate in Petrkov. In the 30`s he inspired Czech modern artists as well as he himself was inspired by the trends ot that time. Persecuted by fate and disfavour of German and Communist era, he led a simple life with his wife, sons, poems and graphics, which he was scraping into copper plates by candlelight. From the 60`s he becomes a cult figure of intellectual scene. Without being influenced by his fame he died quietly – as he wrote, drew and lived."