Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mój Nikifor

My Nikifor Mój Nikifor - nowy film Krzysztofa Krauze. Bio-pic for one of Poland's greatest outsider artists. (pl) See also this Review of My Nikifor at Polish Culture. "...Who was Nikifor? First and foremost he was a fascinating figure of 20th century European art, an illiterate street painter who gained fame of the magnitude enjoyed by the most outstanding of Poland's contemporaneous artists. He produced art in the most adverse conditions, as he lived most his life in acute poverty, homeless, solitary, misunderstood. In spite of adversity, he decided to become a painter and attained this goal. Throughout his life, Nikifor remained a son of Krynica, where he lived and created. He was a colorful figure, setting up his 'portable studio' everyday at various places throughout the resort. He was a familiar sight to all the resort's residents and most visitors. Nevertheless, Nikifor remains a mysterious figure to this day, his life and work a source of many legends."


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