Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Snowball in Hell

A Snowball in Hell A Snowball in Hell - Art Inspired by the music of They Might Be Giants at Garde Rail Gallery; Guest Curator: Kevin Titzer. "...I have been a fan of They Might Be Giants ever since I was first introduced to their music in high school. I immediately enjoyed the bands music, but it was the open ended narratives in their lyrics that truly hooked me. The songs were chocked full with a huge cast of bizarre characters and their misadventures. To me, the shy kid sitting in the back of class doodling, they were a godsend. Listening to those tunes informed my own sense of storytelling and was a big influence on my work very early on. From gig posters, to album covers, to their videos, the band has always had a wonderful visual style. They would utilize underground artists that I would not have been exposed to any other way. In a sense, this show is a bit of a thank you letter to the band."


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