Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Richard Greaves

Mario Del Curto... Richard Greaves. "...After studying theology and hotel administration, Richard Greaves (1952) worked as a chef and graphic designer in the Montreal region. In 1982, he decided to change his life and moved to a small village in the Beauce region of Quebec. On the land and in the forest nearby his house, he created many assemblages with recuperated materials. About the objects he assembles, he has written, 'I very much liked and observed old objects, used objects, objects worn down by the force of time and human history. I am a being that has served, been transformed, an object that wants to be understood and enlightened, and that likes to be used.'" Also... Chez Richard Greaves. A photo album at animula vagula - rives et dérives de l'art brut. (fr)


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