Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tim Bobbin

Plate 2: The Statesmen Tim Bobbin... Plate 2: The Statesmen (Printed and Published by John Heywood, 170 Deansmate, Manchester, June 1772). From the Book of Heads entitled Human Passions Delineated, "...These oppressing Dignitaries should blush, instead of complaining, that libertinism and freethinking drive like Jehu, whilst they court simony in public advertisements, make use of bribery to procure Dispensations, Pluralists, and Nonresidencies. The common people are not so hoodwinked now as in the time of yore: — They cannot but have some doubts of that religion which is only made a stalking-horse of by those who should be their honest and holy guides." From Great Caricatures.


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