Sunday, February 12, 2006


Robyn Hitchcock... Television (.mp3 audio 06:22). "...You're the Devil's fishbowl, honey."


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Ok, it doesn't have nothing to do with this post. But I really like your blog and I'm taking the liberty in sending you this link:

The favela expresses their vision of the city. Expressed as a visual manifesto, collectively initiated by those who live with in.

In the heart of Rio de Janeiro, we develop a polarizing space, between creative photography and visual documentary. As a photographic investigation, Olhares do Morro* documents from inside the favelas, the richness of social and cultural life, outside the common frame of police brutality and gangs’ fights.

Our "wild workshop" first functioned from 2002 to 2005 in the favela of Santa Marta (Botafogo), and now reopened in the historic center of Rio, in the bairro of Lapa. Thus, gave an easier access to youngsters from all the distant favelas and also to our clients and worldwide collectors.

Among a population that struggles on the edge of society, with sometimes no personal documents, "it made sense to promote a collective project through an affirmative visual process, rather than the individual photographic practice of highlighting the sensitive aspects of shantytowns life" comments Vincent Rosenblatt, photographer, author of the project .

The creative efforts of the young inhabitants from different favelas of Rio de Janeiro have constructed independent gazes.

Our main goal is to empower the participants, creating a net of correspondents inside the communities and producing a quality asset of images, available through our site .

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