Friday, March 24, 2006

mozART, bARTók And the thiRd secTor

Mieko Shiomi... Yoshimasa Wada (d, dis, a, ais, h, his - sound installation, .mp3 audio 00:53). From Fluxus Suite - A musical Dictionary of 80 people around FLUXUS. "...For each person, I used only the pitches available from the letter spelling his / her name. If an s, e+s or i+s was included in the name, b or # would be added to certain notes. For instance, Giuseppe Chiari gets eleven pitches, c, cis (c#), es (e b ), e, eis (e#), ges (g b ), g, as (a b ), a, ais (a#) and h." Part of the program mozART, bARTók And the thiRd secTor - Celebrating Mozart and Bartók in the programs of the Budapesti Spring Festival and Artpool Art Research Center.


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