Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Picturing Madison: Winifred Ford's Watercolors

Elmside Winifred Ford... Elmside (ca 1938, watercolor). "...Elmside was built by Peter Van Bergen, a prominent builder of the 1840's, at 302 South Mills Street. The house was later owned by Dr. J.B. Bowen." From Picturing Madison: Winifred Ford's Watercolors at the Wisconsin Historical Society. "...In 1938-39, Winifred Ford created over 40 watercolors of historic Madison residences (especially those owned by socially prominent people), the old City Hall, and several University of Wisconsin buildings. The paintings in the Society's collections are realistic and detailed representations of these buildings — quite bold in treatment, using bright colors that have held up remarkably well. Since almost half of the buildings she depicted no longer exist, her paintings serve as an important architectural record."