Monday, April 24, 2006

A Guide to Twin Peaks

"...In a characteristically amber morning fog, two ducks swim away from each other in the small inlet of a lake. Inside a nearby house, gazing at herself in a mirror and humming absently, is Josie Packard, owner, by inheritance from her late husband, of the Packard Mill. In the next room, her sister-in-law, Catherine Martell, barely reacts as her husband Pete declares that he has 'gone fishin.' Outside, Pete notes, a 'lonesome foghorn blows,' insistently and irregularly. Walking away from the house, fishing rod in hand, Pete chances to turn around. Washed up on the pebbly shore of the lake is an odd shape. Wrapped in plastic and tape is what appears to be the body of a woman, naked, her hair spilling from one end of the wrapping like smoke from the end of a cigarette." A Guide to Twin Peaks at Not Coming to a Theater Near You.