Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lenke Szilágyi

Lenke Szilágyi: Completely different yet the same pictures. "...Examining the current exhibition by Lenke Szilágyi we may come to the conclusion: she has taken up something completely different from what she had been doing. She has given up black and white photography for colour, she has not taken images of incidental moments reflecting subjective importance for her. With utter discipline she adheres to a single topic. With her camera she lingers around parties to observe people chilling out. She does not focus on saunterers of the slowly dripping time in the backyards of the world. On the contrary, she is looking for figures revolving, rotating, raving in a fast-paced, throbbing, vibrating, flashing atmosphere, the ones who want to chill out in utmost ecstasy through the most intense visual and auditive stimuli there can be. Something less ordinary, more magical than that."


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