Friday, April 14, 2006

The Story of an Artist: Daniel Johnston, A Retrospective

The Story of an Artist: Daniel Johnston, A Retrospective at Clementine Gallery. "...For over 30 years, Texas-based artist and musician Johnston has been obsessively recording his thoughts and stories into expressive drawings, super-8 films, and cassette tape compilations. Autobiographical, intensely emotional, and rendered with a raw spontaneity, Johnston's drawings reflect his personal, decades-long struggle with bipolar disorder. The work, primarily notebook-size in scale, features an array of recurring symbols and characters. These characters include well-known comic book icons like Captain America and Casper the Friendly Ghost along side those of his own imagination like 'The Frog of Innocence' and 'Joe the Boxer.' Johnston's heroic figures are often pictured in battles against Satan and a cast of evil demons. As such, they are portraits of his own inner struggles and the precarious balance between brilliance and madness."


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