Thursday, May 04, 2006

Alec Soth: NIAGARA

Alec Soth... Fairway Motor Inn (Chromogenic Print). From Alec Soth: NIAGARA at Weinstein Gallery in Minneapolis, MN. "...In NIAGARA Soth continues exploring with his 8" x 10" camera, this time photographing along the Canadian and American borders of Niagara Falls. The show will include approximately 25 large-scale, color photographs. Once again, Soth creates a body of work that makes the ordinary extraordinary. In NIAGARA, he takes on motifs of relationships and romance, from newlywed bliss to broken-hearts. His subjects include portraits of couples, hand-written love letters, motels, and all the detritus associated with love and love lost. The content is often tough, but the poetic and lyrical quality of Soth’s images is pervasive."


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