Friday, May 12, 2006

Canada - A Collector's Passion: The Peter Winkworth Collection

Nova Scotia Brewery (Halifax, Nova Scotia, ca. 1865-1870, Colour lithograph, Maritime Steam Lithography Company). From Canada - A Collector's Passion: The Peter Winkworth Collection. "...The Peter Winkworth Collection at Library and Archives Canada is a nationally significant, rare, and valuable art collection that documents more than four centuries of Canadian history. This comprehensive collection is the culmination of one person’s passion for early Canadian art and is a testament to his commitment to preserving Canada’s heritage. A Canadian-born collector now residing in Britain, Peter Winkworth began collecting some 45 years ago during which time he amassed one of the largest private collections of Canadiana art. Collecting on this scale requires knowledge and a keen eye, resources, and above all a sustained passion. Mr. Winkworth has all these qualities and attributes, as well as a desire to share his collection with Canadians. Over the years, he has loaned works from his collection to several important exhibitions and contributed to research on early Canadian art."


Anonymous CCBC said...

That brewery, incidentally, is Alexander Keith's. Keith's still brews beer and had a string of interesting commercials featuring a kilted, muttonchopped, aggressive fan who would harangue bar patrons about Keith's beer. These were taken off the air when their star was arrested for child porn.

8:02 PM  
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