Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Works by Jan Van Oost

Jan Van Oost... Untitled (2003, Mixed media on paper). From Works by Jan Van Oost at Galerie Piece Unique. "...The works of Jan Van Oost, in the attempt to escape from the apocalypse of virtuality and artificiality, cultivates and feeds the idea of an original humanism based on the qualities of singularity, on its virtues, accompanied by the right to the individual freedom and the exercise of this prerogative in the society. The Flemish artist, who finds in the symbolism of Wirtz, Spilliard and Ensor his own linguistic antecedents, lives the pressing presence of Death and represents it, specially in his first works, through conceptually minimal metaphors, so the coffins, covered with mirrors which hold the memory of the past, exhibited with large mourning strips."


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