Friday, May 26, 2006

Zhou Xiaohu: Crowd of Bystanders

Zhou Xiaohu... Clean Off Eroticism (2003-2005, sculpture). From Crowd of Bystanders. "...Crowd of Bystander describes an phenomenon where people, when confronted with an unusual circumstance external to them, do not have any sense of immediate danger for fear. The thematic material of the work comes from the information permeating daily media. The artist uses his own imagination and understanding of our daily lives to develop a narrative, and then transferring it back to screen after screen of 're-presentation.' Through this process of transferal , the work dissolves the ability to judge a certain event, and pushes the event onto a broader scale of relationships to uncover the reality behind these events. 10 scenes are shown: Boxing, clean off eroticism, 9/11, hold a court, assassin, safety instructions, traffic accident, procreate, electrocution, and shrine." Part of the exhibition Building Code Violations at Long March Space.


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