Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Have You Seen This Madison? - James T. Potter's Photos

Detail of Orpheum Marquee James T. Potter... Detail of Orpheum Marquee (March 28, 1971). "...A detail of the top of the flashing baroque marquee on the Orpheum Theater at 216 State Street." From Have You Seen This Madison? - James T. Potter's Photos. "...James T. Potter, an architect and native Madisonian, combined his architectural background and his skills as a photographer into a photo feature for the Wisconsin State Journal. His popular column "Have You Seen This Madison?" ran in the Sunday paper from 1969 until 1977. The photographs captured the unusual and the ordinary, concentrating on architectural details that often went unnoticed by the casual observer.
The series originated from a slide lecture Potter gave often in the 1960s to schools, clubs and church groups. According to a quote from him in the Wisconsin State Journal on 2 January 1972, 'The whole point... is to prove to people that they haven't seem the city they live in... Madison has great physical beauty, but many people don't see it.'"


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