Monday, August 28, 2006

Radio First Termer

DJ Dave Rabbit... What's Playing at the Local Theatres (Radio First Termer: Vietnam, Saigon, South Vietnam, January 1971, .mp2 audio 01:05). From Radio First Termer. "...According to legend, Dave Rabbit was a real life U.S. Air Force sergeant who either during or after his single tour of duty in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War rigged up an FM stereo transmitter sometime ca. 1971 to blast 'Hard Acid Rock Music To Blow [People's] Mind[s] With' and to help fuel the Vietnam counterculture that coarsed through the ranks of disenchanted U.S. service men and women in the later years of the Vietnam War. It is believed that someone recorded one of the few shows of Radio First Termer and upon returning to the United States, duplicated the recording, and sold copies of it through a classified advertisement in Rolling Stone magazine in the early 1970s. Although sale of the original copy of the only-surviving recording of Radio First Termer eventually ceased, fans of the charismatic Dave Rabbit apparently duplicated the recording and shared it from friend-to-friend over the years. It is also believed that the one show from 1971 that is featured on this site is the only surviving recording of the original Radio First Termer."


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