Thursday, September 21, 2006

RIP: Al Casey

RIP: Al Casey. "...Born on October 26, 1936 in Long Beach, California and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Al Casey ws already a veteran of the local music scene by age seventeen. As a member of The Sunset Riders, he was featured on radio and television as well as playing on the first Viv sessions for Lee Hazlewood. It was Casey who first introduced Hazlewood to Sanford Clark in 1956. Together they made 'The Fool' the first of many national hits from Phoenix, Arizona. Casey took Duane Eddy under his wing while Duane finished up high school in Coolidge. All the while playing on dozens of sessions, from country to rock, square dance to jazz. Casey thrived in the confines of the several small studios at the time. He played most stringed instruments, including the piano, as well as arranging many of the charts for the dates. Casey gained loads of experience while backing many of the national country acts in Phoenix and the smaller clubs all over the state." Also... Listen to Surfin' Hootenanny by Al Casey with The K-C-Ettes (1963, RealAudio 02:08) and check out the Al Casey Discography at Rockin' Country Style.


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