Monday, September 04, 2006

Roswitha Guillemin

Les panneaux de Nemo Roswitha Guillemin... Les panneaux de Nemo and Et Dieu créa la Miss. A nice collection of photographs of stencil graffiti by Nemo and Misstic by Roswitha Guillemin of Paris, France. From Works by Roswitha Guillemin - Carnets, mail art, photo. (fr)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi !

Nice to see your message about my work ! Yes i love very much street art (stencils, graffiti and so on )
Miss.Tic will do very soon a big exhibition in Paris.

Give me you e.mail adress and I will send you information about it

I love very much too mail art. Do you know ?

Friendly yours


3:39 PM  

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