Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Silvio Barile's Sculptures and Pizza Restaurant

Silvio Barile's Sculptures and Pizza Restaurant in Detroit, MI (35 Photos). A Flickr set by Joey Harrison.


Blogger Vida Fuleira said...

If you like Mr Barile's restaurant, I think you'll like the " Casa da Flor"...


" The Casa da Flor (House of the Flower), which is considered a masterpiece of spontaneous architecture in Brazil, must be preserved.

It was built, from 1912 on, in São Pedro da Aldeia, state of Rio de Janeiro, by a black, poor man who earned his living at the local salt-works and who hardly had any kind of formal schooling. Between 1923 and 1985, when he died, Gabriel Joaquim dos Santos, guided by his dreams and a fertile imagination, kept embellishing his home with the materials he would pick up at the local domestic refuse heaps and civil construction waste piles. "

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