Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We Heart Gocco

Little Love Wizna Wada... Little Love. From the exhibition We Heart Gocco at The Wurst Gallery. "...For over 25 years, the print gocco screen-printing system has been used in Japan. The small plastic device was marketed at families for making greeting cards and sold in toy and hobby stores. Since it's peak during the 1980's, gocco's sales have declined in the Japanese market with the advent of home computers and printers. Outside Japan, however, appreciation for the gocco system has only just begun. For artists who cannot afford to own or don't have the space for a traditional screen-printing set-up, gocco has offered a way to mass produce everything from postcards to wedding invitations to mini-comics to limited edition art prints as you see here. Each print in this show is limited to 50 numbered pieces."