Saturday, September 16, 2006

Works by Maura Holden

Tantric Djinni Maura Holden... Tantric Djinni (1995-2005, pencil and blue pencil on paper). From Works by Maura Holden. "...In her meticulously rendered, illusionistic drawings and paintings, Maura Holden creates richly detailed, self-contained worlds, in which fantastic primeval landscapes and cities made up of elaborate multi-tiered buildings emerge from banks of billowing fog or stand out against glowing, turbulent-looking skies.
The human figures and gargoylish creatures populating these realms are most often frontally posed in confrontational stances, to somewhat unnerving effect. These are powerful, visionary images, evoking a deep sense of the uncanny." - Tom Patterson, Raw Vision #56.


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