Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fantasy Island

Radar Magazine... Fantasy Island - Inside Japan's surreal fetish clubs, perversions of every persuasion are indulged for the right price. "...Joan Sinclair, a 22-year-old photographer, was working as an English teacher in Tokyo when a friend dragged her to the city's infamous Kabukicho red-light district, a neon-drenched enclave packed with 5,000 sex shops that cater to an impressively specific array of sexual fantasies and fetishes. She was hooked. Eight years later, she returned with a camera and set out to document Japan's $20 billion sex-services industry, befriending hundreds of budding sex workers and their businessman clients. The results of her project are collected in a lush, vinyl-wrapped new book, Pink Box, published this month by Abrams. It provides a vivid glimpse into a subculture rarely seen by Westerners."


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