Monday, October 02, 2006

Gyula Zaránd: High Step

High Step Gyula Zaránd: High Step at Origo Galéria. "...Gyula Zaránd is a significant and outstanding photographer. Personally he is not an ordinary phenomenon. He excels from the society of photographers with his erudition and intelligence, manners and sensitivity. He differed while living in Budapest, and has been doing so living in Paris. He is characterised by the same set of mind, the same interpretation of things. Paris was especially far away when he left Hungary but unlike the Hungarian photographers becoming famous in France in the 1930s he got to Paris as a mature artist cherishing a fruitful and inspiring relationship with his homeland. Although he has been living abroad for a quarter of a century I still consider him a Hungarian photographer. He is open to anything. He always finds opportunities to seize, pictures to take, things to say. He is the paragon of a photographer, using his third eye all the time, grown together with his camera. Everything is interesting for him, everything can be analysed." Also... Gyula Zaránd: Mongolia.


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