Friday, October 06, 2006

Kogoro Kurata - The Iron Artist

Kogoro Kurata... Heavy Metal Mac. From Monkey Farm - I'll make anything. Works by Kogoro Kurata. (jp) Also... With a warm spirit, I'll make anything. An interview with Kogoro Kurata, The Iron Artist (Stella #2). "...Measuring roughly 4m in length and weighing in at 2t, this overwhelming presence of force astounded fans of the legendary animation, 'Votoms.' Plastic models and small scale figures are understandable. But what kind of person would think of recreating 'Scope Dog,' one of the character robots, at full scale? And not because someone requested it. 'To create is to put your shoulder to the wheel and fulfill something.' 'It had been a while since I made something big, so I decided to show some manly guts.' (Excerpted from the blog, 'I'll make anything') With that show of enthusiasm, Kogoro Kurata single-handedly created an iron robot."


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