Monday, October 30, 2006

NeckFace: The Night After Halloween

NeckFace: The Night After Halloween NeckFace: The Night After Halloween at New Image Art Gallery in West Hollywood, CA. "...Neckface makes New Image Art his latest victim with a new solo show entitled 'The Night after Halloween' - featuring an installation of life-sized sculptures and watercolors. The ghoulish themes and iconography Neckface is known for, such as witches, death metal, blood, dead babies, bats, monsters, will be abundant in this multimedia exhibition. 'The Night after Halloween' differs from Neckface's past shows in that it relies heavily on three-dimensional work rather than solely on his paintings. Guests can interact with Neckface's characters, presented as life-sized beings through the use of paper-mache and sculptural constructions, in a haunted house installation. A film created by Ty Evans will be shown as well; it features Neckface caught in the act of painting and a brief look at the street art of New York City in 2006. Enlarged pages of Weirdo Dave's zine 'Fuck This Life' are also used by Neckface in a collaborative installation."


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