Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Phyllis Bramson: The so-called progress of love (even after)

Phyllis Bramson: The so-called progress of love (even after) - A collaboration between Phyllis Bramson and Lady Ying-Ying, the retired perfumed companion at Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago, IL. "...Narratives that negotiate between private subjective values, social concerns and self subscribed metaphors; for it is the philosophical as well as visual aspects of making art that enlightens me. Provoking and inviting speculation, the pieces promote notions about 'complicity' and 'good' behavior, while projecting a capricious irritability. The visual concoctions and interjections become phantasmagoric shifts about desire, success, failure, faith and willful seduction. The work presented at the Carl Hammer Gallery allows for a new direction: figurines acting as props that hold or support large mixed media scrolled drawings. The motives for this work are not entirely clear, but certainly relate to obsessions, a craving for beauty and a certain love of theatrical eclecticism where art and d├ęcor are interchangeable."


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