Thursday, October 05, 2006

RIP: Dr. Leo Navratil

RIP: Dr. Leo Navratil. "...Dr Navratil was the founder of the Haus der Kunstler (artists' house) at Gugging. He initially gave his patients cards on which to draw human figures, using the results as an aid to his diagnosis of their condition. Not only did he observe how the depictions varied according to differing mental sates but he also became aware of the power and quality of works produced by some of his patients. He realised that among them there were some who were remarkably talented and they eventually became the nucleus of the little community he was able to establish at the hospital in Gugging. He became a hugely influential figure in the field of Art Brut and psychiatry was the author of a considerable body of authoritative works."

Dr Navratil encouraged his patients to write poetry as well. One such poem...

Die Hoffnung

Die Anmut der Frau.
Der Wille zur Schönheit
Die Schlauheit die Hoffnung.
Die Hoffnung das Glück.
Der Schuh drückt sehr.
Die Hoffnung dr├╝ckt das Herz.
Das Herz tut weh.
Dauernd ist es der Tod.
Die Schönheit zur Hoffnung.


Female the grace.
Iron the will for beauty
Sly wisdom and hope.
That hope that happiness.
Painful small shoes.
Hurt with hope that painful small heart.
How painful that heart.
Lasting that one continual death.
That beauty for hope.

- Alexander


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You might like the Little Box series of poems by Vasko Popa.

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