Friday, November 17, 2006

Works by Maureen Gallace

Maureen Gallace... My Brother's House (2006, oil on panel). From Works by Maureen Gallace at 303 Gallery in New York. "...Gallace's accounts take place in and around her hometown of rural Connecticut and family summer vacations on Cape Cod. 'Winter, Easton, CT' 2006, is inhabited by three red barns in a snowy valley. The simple structures stand against dark blue mountains that give way to a rosy dawn sky. Gallace's paintings are rendered in deliberate, considered strokes, each of which is essential to holding the delicate light and space she has constructed. 'Her spare landscapes trigger viewers' thoughts and feelings more successfully through form and color and brushstroke than would a photographic transcription.'" (Alan G. Artner, Chicago Tribune, July 7, 2006)


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