Sunday, December 17, 2006

Amy Arbus: On The Street, 1980-1990

Amy Arbus: On The Street, 1980-1990. "...From 1980 to 1990, The Village Voice published over five hundred of Amy Arbus’ street fashion portraits. The exhibition “On the Street 1980 - 1990” contains more than twenty-five of the most arresting images from the original series. The photographs are a testament to style as personality. Roaming the East Village streets, Amy captured many of the era’s most idiosyncratic icons, including John Sex, Ann Magnuson, Joey Arias, Phoebe Légère in a skimpy fur bikini, and Madonna in her stained overcoat carrying a bowling bag. Although Amy’s pictures are posed, they appear deceptively simple and possess a quality that makes them feel oddly spontaneous. Amy Arbus condenses a time of perplexing diversity into a frame in which it can be treasured."


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