Wednesday, December 20, 2006

California Cryptozoic

California Cryptozoic, works by Megan Whitmarsh at New Image Art Gallery. "...In California Cryptozoic, the first solo show in Los Angeles of L.A. based artist Megan Whitmarsh, the artist will be showing hand-embroidered canvasses, drawings & paintings, as well as soft sculpture and a site-specific wall drawing.
The artist uses the idea of Los Angeles as a playful catalyst for creating the work in this show. Her work displays scenes of fantasy characters existing amongst the detritus of the modern world and augmented by a subjective and optimistic iconography. In this invented world, elves wear tiny gold necklaces and yetis visit discos, scenes which are supernatural and precious, yet subverted by accoutrements such as pieces of trash and junky cellphones. Los Angeles can be read as a simulacre of contradiction: a city that contains the zenith of both artifice and Mother Nature. These antithetical characteristics echo the continuous subtext of contradiction the artist perceives in life and finds as a motive for making things. It creates a desire to order the ataxia of modern life, without however, managing to make it discernible." Also... Tiny Industies - Megan Whitmarsh's personal site.


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