Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Le Garde-meuble, ancien et moderne, 1839-1935

Le Garde-meuble, ancien et moderne, 1839-1935. "...Le Garde-meuble, ancien et moderne (Furniture repository, ancient and modern), a bimonthly periodical published in Paris, exerted an enormous influence throughout the world by promoting French styles in furniture, fabrics, and interior decoration for a nearly a century, beginning in 1839 during the reign of Louis Philippe and ceasing in the waning years of the Third Republic around 1935.
Created by furniture designer and publisher Desire Guilmard, the periodical consisted entirely of illustrations of designs for furniture, window treatments and room settings. Its title, Le Garde-meuble, refers back to 1663 when Louis XIV established an office by this name within the royal household to provide for the care of the furnishings in the royal residences. Guilmard added the subtitle, ancien et moderne, to indicate that the periodical would feature both historic revival styles (such as Louis XIV, Louis XV, Gothic, and Renaissance) and current ones (notably the 'moderne' styles) that incorporated new technological innovations and better accommodated the life styles of the nineteenth century."


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