Friday, January 19, 2007

John Isaacs: You Said You Would Always Be There

John Isaacs... What is it that there is something and nothing (2006, archival inkjet photgraphic print). From John Isaacs: You Said You Would Always Be There at Aeroplastics Contemporary. "...Isaacs’s work is filled with dreams of a world in which thought precludes action, in which the theme of protest melts away from the dialectical to form the everyday emotional landscape of the individual elevated to the societal. For Isaacs, art represents not the manifestation of an egotistical creative language or ability, lost in a self-reflective abstraction, but the root of a pre-lingual connection in which all mankind can find itself. Though there are many themes, many forms running through the works presented here, at their centre lies an unwavering exploration and investigation of the human psyche, of the place in which the body meets the mind, and finds in this communication that it is not alone."