Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Midnight Eye review for Uzumaki. "...Left stone cold by the deadpan minimalism of Hideo Nakata's ghostly Ring? Baffled by the cold metaphysics of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Cure? Turned off by the tedious Tomie? Were you amongst the droves stampeding from the auditorium during the grisly resolution of Audition? Well, why don't you give Uzumaki a whirl, by far one of the most deliriously entertaining horrors to emerge from Japan over the past few years."


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Bruce Osborn: Oyako - Portraying Japanese Generations

In 1982 American photographer Bruce Osborn began what has become his lifelong work: the Oyako series. For the last 25 years he took pictures of one parent with one child in a white studio setting. Bruce even introduced its own version of the Japanese “Oyako No Hi” (parent and child) day: he organizes a huge photo session every year. After some time, Bruce would even repeat the same parent-child shoot to reveal the significant changes in the relationship between mother and daughter for example, the differing characteristics of fashion changing over the years or simply documenting people getting older.

Bruce Osborn: Oyako - Portraying Japanese Generations

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