Monday, April 16, 2007

Chris Woods: The Magic Hour, Part II

Chris Woods: The Magic Hour, Part II at Diane Farris Gallery. "...Chris continues to query our automotive aspirations in his eagerly-awaited second series of work about car culture, The Magic Hour, Part II.
Woods quickly became well known for posing his Gen-X friends in parodies of consumerism. His McTopia series probed the ubiquity of fast food franchises, including our devotion to corporations like McDonald's and Burger King. In 2004, Woods moved from themes of teenage angst and the "religion" of fast food to the automobile industry.
The Magic Hour, Part I examined the dark side of car advertising and addressed its disconnection from the hard reality of gridlock. The large-scale oil paintings, which mimic advertisements and billboards, are huge achievements both technically and conceptually. In Part II, Woods admits that although car culture has become tyrannical in the Western world, it also represents a chance for personal freedom. Cars may represent the frustrations of gridlock and isolation, but they also symbolize the genuine human desire for liberty."


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